Retail Feedback Group: The Ultimate Customer Advocates
Updated: 5.3.16 Consumer Surveys

Retail Feedback Group: The Ultimate Customer Advocates

By: Lindsey Carman

The Crunch: With more than 40 years of experience, Retail Feedback Group provides innovative, unique feedback systems for big-box clients — such as grocery stores — to help them satisfy customers’ needs.

Retail Feedback Group (also known as RFG) doesn’t just provide general trends or industry information for retailers to understand their customers’ behavior. The company creates platforms that enable customers to provide trip-specific feedback via an invitation printed out on their receipt. Once they receive the invitation, they can complete the survey on the Internet or by phone.

Helping Retailers Create Long-Lasting Relationships With Customers

Experts From the Start

Brian Numainville, one of RFG’s leaders, works closely with clients of all sizes.

Doug Madenberg and Brian Numainville, the leadership team at Retail Feedback Group, work closely with retail clients to help them listen to their stakeholders. In addition, RFG partners with industry trade associations, such as the National Grocers Association and the Food Marketing Institute, compiling and analyzing data to disseminate to their members. In short, Doug and Brian are two experts who know the grocery industry extremely well and want to help retailers create lasting relationships with customers.

RFG started off providing site location analysis for clients. Over the years, the innovative company began combining retail expertise and sophisticated feedback systems tailored to each client, as well as a proven track record of customized consumer research, company-wide employee surveys, business-to-business research and online surveys to its offerings.

“Our business has evolved over the years,” Doug stated. “We look at ourselves as customer advocates.”

As technology improved, RFG created innovative ways for retailers to better understand their customers’ experiences, purchasing behaviors, complaints and suggestions. Since so many factors — including check-out speed, variety, service, pricing, and the quality of departments — influence a customer’s experience, RFG gathers vital information that helps retailers understand customer’s wants and needs to boost sales and customer loyalty.

RFG’s Feedback Platform Builds Satisfied Customers

Experts From the Start

Doug Madenberg, another leader for RFG, is passionate about helping the retailer understand their customers.

RFG provides an easily accessible, online platform for customers to provide feedback directly to the retailer, whether it’s a negative experience or a suggestion for improvement.

For example, if a customer complains about a poor check-out experience, the retailer receives the complaint instantaneously on a PC computer, smartphone or tablet and actually hears the customer’s complaint. This helps retailers identify and resolve issues very quickly and effectively.

“We have an extensive library of questions from literally decades of experience,” Brian indicated. “There’s really very little that the retailer needs to do to get started. If you can program your register, then you can be on our program.”

After using RFG’s feedback system, managers often notice customers form better relationships with their stores. Some customers who complained about the retailer’s service have since become loyal customers thanks to the retailer’s response through the feedback system.

RFG: a Research Company Rich With Retail Industry Experts

RFG’s success derives from the company’s overarching goal: to form a bond creating a positive relationship between the customer and retailer.

Not Just a Research Company, but Industry Experts

Customer Constant Feedback is RFG’s “Secret Sauce.”

As a second-generation family-owned business, RFG focuses its services on grocery stores because the company believes extensive food industry experience is essential to providing the best advice and service for clients. RFG knows the grocery business and will continue to help stores prosper. That’s the “secret sauce.”

Rebuilding Excellent Customer Service Step By Step

As customer service continues to suffer in retail stores, RFG stands ready to help. In a retail world where customers expect the best treatment, RFG’s feedback system will continue to foster a positive, lasting relationship between customer and retailer.

“We’re not just a research company,” Brian concluded. “We want to help retailers listen to all their stakeholders using the right tools for their unique situation.”

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