How QuestionPro Helps You Improve Customer Experience With Its Comprehensive Survey and Analytics Platform
4.24.17 Consumer Surveys

How QuestionPro Helps You Improve Customer Experience With Its Comprehensive Survey and Analytics Platform

By: Adam West

The Crunch: Gaining insight into customer satisfaction and shopping trends through experience tracking is a vital aspect of a business’s efforts to stand out in its market. Through its suite of software tools, QuestionPro makes this task easier and more efficient with customizable survey creation, online and offline distribution, deep analytical tools, and robust reporting. Access to a built-in panel of 20 million respondents and the ability to make meaningful engagements through QuestionPro’s Communities can help businesses of any size effectively reach their target audiences. With the insights they gain from QuestionPro’s platform and products, businesses are empowered to improve their customers’ experiences and satisfaction and make more informed business decisions.

Business owners know satisfied clients are the driving force behind profitability and growth. After all, without customers, there is no business.

Gathering quality customer feedback through multimedia surveys and using this input to improve customers’ shopping experiences builds brand loyalty and keeps businesses one step ahead of the competition. Retailers grasp the importance of customer feedback, but creating surveys that reach their customers in a timely, efficient, and effective manner can prove challenging.

This was especially true for Kohler. A manufacturer of residential and commercial building products since 1873, Kohler later branched into hospitality and event-hosting services through Destination Kohler. As a large company with diverse audiences, Kohler was looking for a cost-efficient, flexible survey tool to track its customers’ satisfaction across multiple divisions of its business. The solution it found was QuestionPro.

QuestionPro’s customer experience software helped the company create more than 300 surveys that met the needs of multiple departments, including human resources. Using QuestionPro’s tools, Kohler was also able to integrate its website analytics with survey data, enhancing its ability to analyze this information and use it in ways that have positively impacted its business.

QuestionPro equips companies, like Kohler, with high-tech solutions to efficiently learn more about their target audiences. With the help of its survey creation and distribution software, more than 2.5 million users worldwide are keeping a better pulse on their customers and putting that data to work to improve their products, services, and business practices.

Simple Survey Creation with Solutions for Collection and Analysis

Creating surveys is an important first step for businesses to gather customer feedback, and QuestionPro makes this process simple and customizable. As a user, you can either upload your own designs or choose a design from the template library to personalize with your company branding. While creating surveys, you can choose from more than 30 question types and designate the settings and security protocols you want to include. The basic survey creation program is free, but QuestionPro also offers subscription-based professional, corporate, and team editions with advanced features.

If the time commitment or scope of your survey needs exceed your abilities, QuestionPro also has a professional survey design team that can do the legwork. The team can help you design an entire survey, customize its logic and scripting, import data from other survey platforms, and even train you and your employees on how to use QuestionPro software.

Once you’ve created a QuestionPro survey, there are options for distributing it to your customers both online and offline. Online, you can integrate clickable survey links with company websites and social media accounts, create pop-ups and exit surveys, or distribute them through company email networks. Offline, QuestionPro Mobile accounts allow retailers to collect survey data anywhere in the field using handheld devices or company kiosks.

After gathering customer feedback, analyzing the data can be overwhelming without the right tools. QuestionPro’s reporting and analysis resources enable you to organize survey information in ways that help you draw conclusions and make informed decisions about your business.

The Real-Time Summary Report is standard, but other report options allow you to view survey results individually or organized by groups such as age or gender. The trend analysis report makes it easy to track long-running survey results over time. All of these reports can be easily exported into multiple formats such as Excel or PowerPoint for adaptable presentations.

Foster a Community of Customers to Drive Business Decisions

Customers want to know their voice counts and want to connect with the products and services they use in fun ways. QuestionPro’s Communities is a platform where customers can interact with your business, usually in the social media hotspots where they spend the most time online. Creating a custom-designed community instantly boosts your business’s visibility; and, as more people join and spread the word, it boosts your customer base, as well.

“QuestionPro Communities has an Ideation module where ideas can be crowdsourced. Companies can get the answers to questions they never thought to ask,” says Dan Fleetwood, President of QuestionPro Communities.

Built on the survey platform, Communities allows businesses to multi-task by making meaningful connections with their audiences while collecting valuable feedback. Through surveys and polls, live chats, and forums, businesses can build customer loyalty and gain direct insights into their customers’ habits and preferences that would be difficult to come by any other way.

QuestionPro Communities also has gamification and customizable reward options so you can thank your audience for taking time to provide their feedback. As you design your community, you can choose to include fun options like points systems, game badges, and cash payouts or gift cards in return for customers’ feedback.

Act on CSAT and NPS Feedback to Improve Customer Experience

Customer expectations are at its highest and it is now critical more than ever before to exceed them. QuestionPro’s Customer Experience line helps businesses automate, analyze, and act on customer feedback to drive growth. The first step is by listening to your customers, but it doesn’t stop there. QuestionPro Customer Experience (CX) helps you succeed by letting you manage the entire customer journey with features such as real-time dashboards, closed-loop ticketing and feedback, NPS driver analysis, and text sentiment analysis.

QuestionPro CX empowers companies from the airline industry to e-commerce to act on customer insights to improve the customer experience and loyalty.

Target Your Market with a Built-in Audience of 20 Million Respondents

If your market reach is small, even well-designed surveys will yield limited data from the type of customers and potential customers you want to hear from. Through QuestionPro Audience, businesses can reach a wider pool of up to 20 million people from their target B2B or B2C audiences.

These respondents are part of QuestionPro’s fully vetted, custom-profiled panel and include individuals from all walks of life — contractors, professionals, students, and homeowners, among others. Since the needs of each business are so unique, Audience plans are customized by QuestionPro’s team and quoted on an individual basis. As with the survey creation software, Audience is compatible with mobile devices, with a separate mobile panel of more than 1 million respondents.

By taking advantage of QuestionPro Audience, business owners can target their markets more precisely than they could within their own limited networks and gain faster access to the insights that can take them to the next level.

Supercharge Your Organization with QuestionPro’s Employee Engagement Platform

QuestionPro has revolutionized workplace intelligence with a full-service employee engagement software platform – Workforce. Its software allows organizational leaders to explore employee engagement through multiple modules which include: 360ºs, Employee Ideaboard, Cultural Surveys, and Pulse.

By using QuestionPro Workforce, companies are now able to automatically send employee surveys, benchmark results, and recognize key strengths or areas for improvement using real-time data. Business leaders can instantly identify strengths and deficiencies by business function, geography, and tasks through tools such as Workforce Heatmaps.

As an active contributor to its growing user base and community, QuestionPro recently released a free 360º Leadership Assessment, which is the only freely available multi-directional feedback tool on the market. The assessment measures five leadership components — Teamwork, Motivation, Communication, Customer Centricity, and Strategy — and solicits feedback from peers, direct reports, supervisors and external reviewers.

QuestionPro software can help extend the reach of smaller businesses looking for the insights they need to grow. Whether distributing QuestionPro-created surveys online and offline in the places their audience spends the most time; connecting in fun ways with customers in QuestionPro Communities; or extending surveys to a pool of 20 million respondents, businesses can use the feedback they gather to improve their products and services and build a stronger customer base.

By helping with the vital task of listening and taking cues from the customer, QuestionPro is helping businesses improve their customers’ experience and, in turn, accelerating its own growth.