Quantcast Empowers Retailers with Deep Demographic Data, Uncovering New Customers & Delivering Relevant Ads
Posted: 4.5.17 Marketing

Quantcast Empowers Retailers with Deep Demographic Data, Uncovering New Customers & Delivering Relevant Ads

By: Adam West

The Crunch: By plugging detailed demographic data and browsing behavior into intelligent algorithms, Quantcast helps companies discover untapped markets of potential clients. Founded in 2006, Quantcast processes roughly 40 petabytes of information per day to add to a deep data set that helps brands identify unique characteristics of their top-converting customers. The company’s programmatic system leverages these insights to position relevant advertising in front of the online users most likely to respond to it. New and existing customers benefit from real-time digital advertising, and brands see higher conversion rates — and get more bang for their advertising bucks — as a result.

The months preceding the arrival of a newborn is a pivotal period for a couple, but it’s also crucial for retail companies that distribute baby products.

The Land of Nod, a subsidiary of Crate & Barrel that sells children’s furniture, bedding, and accessories, realized the latter months of a pregnancy were a critical time to reach out and initiate what could become lifelong brand relationships with first-time parents. During these months, expectant mothers embark on the process of planning a nursery to accommodate their bundles of joy and need exactly the type of products The Land of Nod is selling.

First, the retailer needed to scour the digital abyss and identify these soon-to-be mothers, which isn’t as straightforward as it would seem. After all, there’s no online method for measuring an expanding waistline and a newfound aversion to certain scents.

Recognizing the value of big data in advertising, The Land of Nod turned to Quantcast for solutions to track down these high-value customers, deliver relevant marketing, and convert them into long-lasting brand advocates.

Portrait of Lainie Mulvey, Senior Communications Manager for Quantcast

Lainie Mulvey, Senior Communications Manager for Quantcast, told us how the platform helps companies deliver relevant ads and acquire customers.

“Retailers come to Quantcast to get a better understanding of their customers and also to find unexpected ones that they might not yet know about,” said Lainie Mulvey, Senior Communications Manager for Quantcast.

Quantcast helped The Land of Nod maximize its advertising dollars by measuring marketing performance across all of its partnerships to find the highest concentration of conversions and targeting consumers that displayed similar browsing behavior to those who were buying its products.

Using Quantcast, The Land of Nod doubled its ROAS (return on advertising spending) goals, experienced a tenfold increase in ad engagement, and saw a 99% incremental reach, translating to a brand-new audience for its products.

“There was absolutely no guesswork involved when working with Quantcast,” said Ashley Jones, Campaign Manager for The Land of Nod. “Its solutions perfectly identified and targeted those who not only were in-market but were most likely to purchase nursery items, and brought them to our site.”

Advertising Dollars are Best Spent on Highly Convertible Consumers

The world of digital marketing is becoming increasingly reliant on algorithms and big data, and Quantcast is in prime position for this emerging technology with Quantcast Measure. The platform is responsible for generating a vast data set that the company equates to having coffee with every U.S. online user each hour.

“Quantcast’s real-time, highly accurate data set is what sets it apart from competitors,” Lainie said. “We’re able to help our clients serve ads to consumers at the exact right place at the exact right time.”

While publishers like The Onion, Fandango, and Yelp understand the value Quantcast Measure provides in generating ad revenue, marketers rely on Quantcast Advertise for its ability to automate prospecting and retargeting to tell their brand stories.

Programmatic, or automated, advertising has steadily grown in popularity in recent years. Essentially, intelligent software platforms buy and sell online ad space based on detailed demographic insights, ensuring advertising dollars are well spent and ads reach users that are most likely to be converted.

In an automated marketing environment, it’s crucial that companies be assured that their ads are only appearing on sites that protect the integrity of their brands. Quantcast’s platform identifies non-human traffic patterns and prevents ads from appearing on sites with content that doesn’t mesh with a brand’s standards. Quantcast also partners with third-party verification vendors to ensure that ad money is only being spent on quality sites.

Quantcast serves as an intermediary, providing brands with detailed information on users’ interests and browsing behaviors that can be used to deliver more relevant advertising while keeping individual users’ information anonymous. It’s a big-picture approach that gives brands demographic breakdowns based on gender, age, education level, occupation, ethnicity, geography, device, and even specific interests such as which cars they drive and which television shows they watch.

By using tagged digital assets, Quantcast identifies a company’s best customers and identifies what makes them different. After these attributes are deciphered through algorithms, the platform identifies consumers with similar browsing habits and gets that company’s ads in front of them. This creates a new set of prospective customers who are much more likely to buy than the average consumer.

“Marketers utilize our understanding of online behavior and our predictive advertising capabilities to reach the customers most likely to engage with their ads online,” Lainie said. “Consumers see the results of our work in relevant stories and advertisements that create a personalized experience across all of their devices.”

A Mission to Harness Digital Data for Relevant Online Experiences

Before he was Quantcast CEO, Konrad Feldman worked on analyzing data to detect financial fraud. He and co-founder Paul Sutter thought this process could be invaluable in the realm of online advertising and set out to learn more about the field and how analytics could benefit marketers.

The duo placed a classified ad on Craigslist and hosted several informal get-togethers with advertising experts to gain perspective on digital marketing and how data could be used to make the process more efficient.

“After a few rounds of meetings over beers at a local pub in San Francisco, they had their answer,” Lainie said. “Advertising executives were extremely interested in understanding how consumers came across the ads that they were placing across the internet, and they wanted to know what consumers were actually doing in their spare time online.

“From there, an idea was born — Quantcast was going to collect and analyze online data so that it could be useful to advertisers and publishers.”

In the years since, the Quantcast team has grown exponentially, housing more than 900 employees in 23 offices within 11 countries. Among the company’s global workforce are well-trained and highly experienced sales teams that focus on a variety of verticals, including retail, telecom, B2B, healthcare, entertainment, and many others. Quantcast also keeps day-to-day business running smoothly with customer success teams.

“Quantcast works every single day to help publishers, marketers, and brands create a more relevant digital world,” Lainie said. “Quantcast built one of the world’s most sophisticated data-intelligence platforms to solve the biggest challenges in marketing and create more rewarding experiences for consumers online.”

Quantcast Moves Marketing Forward Through Innovation & Education

Modern online advertising is not about blindly throwing money into large-scale campaigns and hoping for the best. In the era of machine learning, it’s wiser to spend less and get more out of a campaign by using customer insights to ultimately increase conversions. The Land of Nod saw this firsthand when it acquired a new set of high-value customers using Quantcast’s effective algorithms to learn more about its clients.

“Quantcast went above and beyond to deliver advertising that works,” said Matthew Ebbert, Customer Analytics Manager for The Land of Nod. “Their methodology helped us measure the effectiveness of our campaign and make smarter decisions about how we approach advertising across all channels.”

Although its platform is already generating ad success for retailers and companies in other verticals, including media powerhouses like Buzzfeed, Slate, Rolling Stone, and NBC, Quantcast isn’t content to rest on its laurels.

“We are constantly innovating on our products and hold hackathons on a regular basis to develop new ways of making advertising even more efficient for our clients and the end consumer,” Lainie said.

“In fact, one offering that was a result of a Quantcast hackathon is our Real-Time Advertising Academy, which offers programmatic training to anyone in the advertising industry who would like to learn more about how programmatic technology works and why it is quite possibly the most important advancement in advertising since the creation of TV ads.”