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PriceGrabber: Leaders in Distributed Data

By: Lindsey Carman

The CrunchPriceGrabber connects 700+ publishers to over 2,000 retailers, generating $1 billion in sales every year in the retail space. This innovative online shopping site not only helps publishers engage audiences and accelerate revenue growth, but also boosts retailers’ sales with an extensive product catalog.

Fun Fact: You probably use PriceGrabber to shop online and don’t even know it. PriceGrabber is best-known to customers as the handy price-comparison website and app, but did you know that it also powers shopping data and commerce integrations for its network of 700+ publishing partners all over the web? PriceGrabber, one of the best shopping data platforms on the web, offers over 100 million products from 2,000 retailers across 26 categories.

The shopping data platform is one of the best B2B companies that connects retailers to consumers and compiles a plethora of products into one site. Instead of hunting down consumers or trying to find retailers, PriceGrabber combines both into one easy-to-use platform. The site and app does all the work for you.

“The difference we bring to the table for publishers is easy-to-integrate shopping content that monetizes extremely well for them,” said Ben Jones, the Vice President of Sales and Business Development at PriceGrabber. “For retailers, we bring vast reach across our network driving sales through their websites. It’s evolved quite a bit.”

PriceGrabber’s Expertise Covers Retailer Reviews to Shopping Data

One of the reasons PriceGrabber is so successful is because of the website’s 17 years of expertise. Since March 1999, PriceGrabber has grown from publishing reviews of retailers to comparing prices on specific products.

Ben Jones, VP of sales and business development at PriceGrabber

Over time, the company realized that retail partners needed content, and consumers did too, so PriceGrabber switched its focus to tailor to the needs of clients.

“Our mission is to take the shopping content we get from retailers, then organize it in a way that saves consumers time,” Jones said. The company achieves this by comparing prices from different retailers and bringing consumer reviews on products and retailers, he said.

PriceGrabber drives high-quality traffic to its partners while keeping consumers interested and updated on the latest prices and products, whereas other sites and companies only cater to the retailer’s or customer’s needs. PriceGrabber delivers some of the best content to both worlds.

Finding Relevant Content for Publishers 

Finding content can sometimes be difficult for publishers who want to offer shopping content to their readers. When thousands of new products are surfacing the web for the first time every day, gathering all the necessary data is extremely time-consuming. That’s where PriceGrabber comes in. The site simplifies all the data for its clients so they can focus on gaining new consumers.

“We’re taking these offers and data to other sites to build their shopping platform,” Jones said.

PriceGrabber’s syndication helps retailers connect to customers and makes the shopping experience more convenient for shoppers and more successful for retailers. Without PriceGrabber, retailers would have a difficult time finding the right customers.

Helping Consumers Shop Smarter and Better

When shopping or browsing on the Internet, the process can be overwhelming. There’s just too much content for consumers to sift through. PriceGrabber has created an app for that.

On the PriceGrabber app, shoppers can quickly find and view millions of different products, click on a specific item, and compare prices and retailers for the best deals. The innovators in bottom-line price calculations, PriceGrabber provides shoppers with the information they need to take advantage of the best buys online. It’s a shopper’s dream.

“Consumers can come to our site and view who has the hottest prices this season,” Jones said.

PriceGrabber is your go-to shopping guru.

In the future, PriceGrabber hopes to add more features to the app to make the information even more accessible. For now, shoppers can compare and shop away, knowing that they are finding the best deals.

“We’re really a shopping tool where consumers can check the price,” Jones said. “We have the ability to update pricing quicker than anyone else.”

A B2B Helper With 32 Million Unique Shoppers — and Counting

If an app, website, or blog developer is looking for shopping content, PriceGrabber is the place to go. And even if you’re just a shopper, PriceGrabber can help you out, too. With nearly two decades of expertise, the website can take care of your data needs, whether it’s selling or buying a product.

“Our goal is to take our highly refined shopping catalog to audiences consuming product-centric content that will then drive qualified leads to our retailer base,” Jones said.

For more information on PriceGrabber, visit the company’s website at www.pricegrabber.com.

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