Passion For Savings Founder Heather Schisler Strives to Help Consumers Save Time, Money, and Sanity When Shopping
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Passion For Savings Founder Heather Schisler Strives to Help Consumers Save Time, Money, and Sanity When Shopping

By: Lauren Keys

The Crunch: Money, time, and sanity are three things that Heather Schisler wants everyone to save when they shop. Couponing is a common practice for budget-minded consumers in the 21st century and Heather — coupon connoisseur, strategic shopping expert, and founder of Passion For Savings — has dedicated her life to educating people on how to save as much as possible. Heather’s business began by sharing regular couponing and budget advice emails to family and friends. The practice soon expanded with Heather later launching her site, which now has more than 1 million dedicated readers. On Passion For Savings, Heather features digital coupons, tutorials, budgeting and shopping tips, and she partners with some of the most prominent businesses in the country to bring the best deals to her audience.

The consumer’s quest for a deal is not a modern invention, in fact, the coupon was first introduced to the shopping public in the late 19th century by the Founder of Coca-Cola, Asa Candler. To promote his still little-known drink, Asa issued handwritten tickets promising consumers a free glass of Coca-Cola, which at the time cost five cents. Within seven years of starting the promotion strategy, Coca-Cola was being served in every state. Over the next 20 years, an estimated 1 in 9 Americans had received a free Coca-Cola.

Just as retailers set strategies, run calculations, and take ROI into account when offering coupons, consumers on tight family budgets must know what they’re doing to get the most out of couponing. Heather Schisler, a stay-at-home mother of three who became a self-taught couponing connoisseur and shopping budget expert, can help because she’s been there.

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Passion For Savings was founded by Heather Schisler to help families gain control of their household budgets.

Heather wanted to stretch her home budget to provide her family with what they needed — as well as what they wanted — so, she had to teach herself how to save. She launched Passion For Savings as a way to share what she was learning with like-minded consumers on family budgets.

For those who only occasionally redeem coupons at the supermarket, the concept of couponing can be intimidating. Heather, through her Passion For Savings blog, strives to remove the anxiety from the process and empower her readers with prudent shopping tips, advice, and knowledge. Heather’s mission is to help consumers maximize both convenience and savings.

After all, consumers are as much a part of the couponing process as manufacturers and retailers. About a decade ago, Heather herself was just an average shopper unaware of how much she could save by couponing. Today, Heather shares the lessons she’s learned during her transformation from a stay-at-home mom struggling to stretch her home budget into a couponing expert.

From Email Guidance to Prominent Shopping Resource

In 2008, in the midst of the global financial crisis, Heather and her husband had their first child. When Heather left her job to focus on her home life, her family suddenly had to get by on a single income. As the family grew by two more children, the household budget was stretched even further. Heather and her husband realized that being a single-income family was an untenable situation considering their ever-tightening budget.

Photo of Heather Schisler and family

Heather Schisler began couponing to accommodate both the needs and wants of her growing family.

The Schisler family was faced with potentially siphoning funds from other accounts to stabilize their home and shopping needs. Instead, Heather decided to figure out a way to satisfy her family’s needs as well as their wants. On her blog, Heather notes that she decided to become more intentional with her financial transactions and more strategically creative with purchases.

Rather than buying multiple daily newspapers to scour circulars and free-standing inserts for coupons, Heather relied on apps and websites to hunt down the best digital coupons and rebates. Heather made it her mission to explore every avenue to complete a transaction with coupons. Her couponing skills, strategic budgeting, and online deal hunting improved over time, and her family closed the gap between their needs and their budget.

1M+ Shoppers Turn to Passion For Savings for Advice

Heather began sharing her shopping techniques, advice, and tips in regular emails with family and friends. When she came across desirable deals or coupon savings, she would share them via email. As her email list grew, Heather decided to share her knowledge with a broader audience.

Her family email alerts slowly evolved into the blog Passion For Savings, which Heather officially launched in 2009. Heather’s primary mission remains helping consumers — especially those with tight family budgets — to readjust their shopping and saving habits.

Passion For Savings’ mobile app features instant deal alerts for a multitude of retailers like Amazon, Beats by Dre, Carhartt, CVS, Dyson, Huggies, North Face, Target, and Under Armour, among others. The blog also provides visitors with access to a cache of hundreds of digital and printable coupons for staples like toothpaste, apparel, appliances, electronics, and food — just to name a few.

The site also offers articles, tutorials, and videos presenting consumers with advice and ideas on efficient couponing practices, and Heather regularly updates her site with personal posts on shopping, couponing, child rearing, recipes, and budgeting tips.

One such blog post, entitled “How to Shop for Free,” features advice on how to combine coupons for significant savings at stores like CVS, Target, Rite-Aid, and Walgreens, among others. She is regularly consulted for advice on how to efficiently stock up on diapers, get the best retailer credit cards, maximize morning routines, prepare holiday recipes, and a host of other home budget and shopping queries. Heather’s web audience of more than 1 million visitors is mainly composed of a female demographic between the ages of 25 and 45.

While most consumers still use paper coupons, Heather encourages her readers to use maximize the convenience of digital coupons whenever possible. Heather has also secured multiple advertising sponsorships to connect retailers and online consumers via special advertisements, free samples, Black Friday deals, and, of course, targeted coupons. The site offers daily and weekly deals featuring well-known brand sponsors, including Aldi, CVS, Dollar General, Kmart, Safeway, Staples, and Winn-Dixie.

What started out as a personal mission to balance her own family’s budget turned into an ambition to help other like-minded consumers save as much of their money, time, and sanity as possible when trying to balance their own budgets.

Heather Works to Change the Way Her Readers Shop

Since the early days of couponing, retailers and manufacturers have used deals to encourage and strengthen patronage. Heather’s Passion For Savings blog helps consumers take advantage of these corporate marketing strategies so they make the most of couponing — for themselves, their budgets, and their families.

A self-described frugal fashionista, Heather’s blog posts show people how to efficiently search for online deals, save money with coupons, and live on their own terms, even while on a budget. After seeing how her own family benefited from her couponing strategies, she’s made it her mission to help readers change the way they shop, using her own life as an example.

Heather has set her sights on a new goal for her family: to pay down their mortgage and become completely debt-free. And she wants every visitor to her site, Passion For Savings, to realize their own ambitions — with the aid of her couponing and budgeting expertise.