Paragon Software Offers SMBs Easy-to-Use Storage and Backup Solutions for Constant Data Security and Availability
Updated: 7.20.17 Software

Paragon Software Offers SMBs Easy-to-Use Storage and Backup Solutions for Constant Data Security and Availability

By: Jessica Sommerfield

The Crunch: With the rise of sophisticated cyber threats capable of bringing large operations to a halt, retailers have more reason than ever to be concerned about protecting their data. Even in the face of such threats, many fail to create a disaster recovery plan that incorporates data backup. For 23 years, Paragon Software has provided both SMBs and enterprises with the security of fast, easy-to-use data backup software. Through products that meet the support, management capability, and storage needs of businesses with a range of experience levels, Paragon Software has earned the trust of OEMs like Microsoft and continues to offer retailers greater peace of mind in the face of cyber threats.

Few things make retailers more apprehensive than threats of a fresh wave of ransomware. Widespread attacks like Petya and WannaCry are capable of bringing the data operations of large companies to a halt, and their ability to adapt to frequent defenses, like kill switches, can make recovering from them both difficult and costly — especially for small businesses in the early stages of growth.

Photo of Tom Fedro President at Paragon Software Group

Tom Fedro, President at Paragon Software Group, talked to us about the importance of data backup.

The very technological sophistication that has made it easier for retailers to do business on a mobile and global scale has also made it easier for hackers to distribute various types of malicious software.

“It’s become so easy because the risk of getting caught is so low, and the penalties when caught are so negligible, that it’s just exploded,” said Tom Fedro, President of Paragon Software Group USA. “There were 3.8 million attacks in 2015 and 638 million in 2016. It is something retailers need to take seriously, and that’s where our software can help.”

For the past 23 years, Paragon’s data life cycle maintenance and security products have been helping small to medium-sized businesses, enterprises, and even major corporations like Microsoft manage and protect their and their customers’ data more securely and efficiently.

With many data backup service providers to choose from, Microsoft chose to partner with Paragon Software to integrate with its equipment, providing its customers with quicker data resolutions.

“You see Microsoft trusting us for very intimate procedures with their customer base in a retail environment. They went through a lot of testing and had nothing in their own arsenal to do that, so they came to Paragon,” said Jim Thomas, Paragon Software’s IT Director.

Helping Retailers Avoid the Most Common Data Recovery Pitfalls

The best way for retailers to prepare for cyber threats is to have a backup system in place to protect data and get systems up and running again as quickly as possible following any worst-case scenario.

“Organizations need to plan for their data protection; it’s not a time to skimp and open yourself up to opportunities for a data breach, so invest in your infrastructure accordingly,” said Jim. “When you’re talking about backup and disaster recovery, you may not see a return on that investment very quickly. But when the time does come, and there’s a problem, it’s important you’ve chosen a solution that can quickly get you back up and running without having to go through too many hurdles.”

Photo of Jim Thomas Paragon Software's IT Director

We also spoke with Jim Thomas, Paragon Software’s IT Director, about how ransomware threats target businesses.

Failing to invest in a data disaster recovery plan that determines mission-critical assets — what needs to be up and running first, and how long the business can afford to be down — is one of the most common pitfalls Paragon sees among small businesses and retailers.

“These are key areas that need to be covered before you can be successful with a business continuity plan, so that’s what we look for when we go into an account — what they’re doing now, and what we can do to help them,” Tom said.

Other common pitfalls Paragon sees among small businesses are failing to test a backup system to make sure it can get them up and running quickly, and not having multiple forms of backup.

“With the risk of ransomware and encryption, it’s always good to keep a copy offline. If you have rotating media you can utilize, that’s great,” Jim said. “The backup data should be protected both in-flight and at rest, so the industry-standard 256-bit encryption algorithm should be used, and we accommodate that.”

Paragon works with small businesses to address these pitfalls so they can be prepared, regardless of internal or external system threats.

System Backup Solutions for Both Small Business and Enterprise

The backup needs of small businesses with only one or two stores versus enterprises with a vast network are vastly different. Paragon meets the system backup and storage needs for businesses of all sizes and levels of IT experience with products and packages that are easy to select and use.

Paragon also makes data backup solutions accessible for businesses with its all-inclusive pricing models that provide the ultimate flexibility and inspire confidence.

Intuitive Software with Multiple Levels of Storage and Service

Many clients come to Paragon with a list of their system requirements and preferences, but some need more guidance in selecting a suite of products that meet their data protection demands. Paragon provides various levels of assistance, management capability, and storage options based on a retailer’s size and expertise.

“The smaller the business, the closer we get to working directly with the owners or managers. They might not have as much insight upfront, haven’t worked with IT service providers, or are looking to save some money,” Jim said. “We work very closely with that customer to make sure they understand we’re delivering a solution that meets their specific requirements, and to educate them when necessary and help them move down the line as swiftly as possible.”

Regardless of a business’s IT knowledge, Paragon licenses and packages its products in a way that makes it easy for them to find the right solution.

“With us, you can tell us how many servers and workstations you have, and we give you a site license,” Tom said. “You pay one price, and everything’s covered. There’s nobody else that does that in the marketplace. We’re cost-efficient, simple, and easy to do business with.”

Hard Disk Manager Provides Simple Data Protection

Small businesses with only a few shops might not need an extensive data management plan — or have the IT department to implement it. Paragon’s Hard Disk Manager 15 provides standalone backup and recovery that’s easy for SMB managers to set up and schedule with little hands-on maintenance.

Screenshot of Hard Disk Manager 15 suite

The Hard Disk Manager 15 Suite comes with a robust set of backup, recovery, and customization tools.

“This is for the small to midsize businesses that just need something that’s going to work day in and day out. It’s cost-effective for the stand-alone community, and it’s been a very successful product for us,” Tom said.

Scalable Solutions for Enterprise via Protect and Restore Product

Although it caters to less experienced SMBs, Paragon also has products for enterprises with multiple locations and a wider IT infrastructure that need more data storage and management capabilities. Paragon Protect and Restore (PPR) allows an enterprise-level IT manager to utilize one screen to deploy the backup system to different sites, virtual or physical servers, or anything else on the network.

“It’s scalable to thousands of servers if necessary, but our sweet spot has been 250 or less,” Tom said. “That’s where we’ve honed our skills with this product, and it has every feature and function to be successful in a multi-site environment.”

Designed to Get Retailers Back in Business with Fast Resolutions

In a perfect world, retailers won’t have to put their backup system through the real-life test of a ransomware attack, but if they do, Paragon’s products are designed to get them back up and running as quickly as possible. Knowing retailers can’t afford to spend time troubleshooting or waiting for answers from remote tech support teams, Paragon prides itself on its US-based client service that delivers swift resolutions.

“Paragon is a company that centers on getting customers back up and running quickly, so we focus on recovery time objectives and the service level our customers might require,” Jim said.

Screenshot of Paragon Software offerings

Paragon Software offers backup options for any use case, from an individual at home to enterprise business.

Paragon’s 23 years of experience has helped the company design backup software that reacts swiftly to restore its customers’ systems. For retailers that can’t afford to wait for standard backup, there’s the additional advantage of a Paragon Software feature known as disc cloning that provides an immediate recovery solution for the interim period.

“When you’re an SMB, you can’t afford and don’t have time to be worrying about backup — it just needs to work. And that’s what we do,” Tom said.

Trusted by Microsoft and Other OEMs to Deliver Effective Solutions

As ransomware and other cyber threats continue to make headlines and impact both small and large companies on a global scale, retailers need to create a disaster recovery plan that accounts for the operational requirements of their business and invest in a backup solution that can provide them with peace of mind.

Paragon Software sets itself apart as a company that has the products and support to meet the data backup, and storage needs of both fledgling SMBs and larger enterprises. That dedication is why the company has clients that range from small retailers to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) like Microsoft.

With years of experience and trusted by businesses for delivering effective data solutions, Paragon Software continues to focus on its passions: data protection and peace of mind.

“At Paragon, our passion is protecting data for our clients – that’s all we think about day in and day out so that our client has the peace of mind that their data is going to be there regardless of their environment. That’s the genesis of our company,” said Tom.