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The retail industry employs more people than any other industry, with over 28 million retail jobs in the U.S. — (Source: National Retail Federation)
Total retail sales now top $22 trillion globally, with that number growing more than 4.5% annually — (Source:
Almost 20% of U.S. retail sales come during the period between the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays — (Source: eMarketer)
76 of the 100 largest retailing companies in the world are based in the United States — (Source: Global Powers of Retailing Report)
About two-thirds of the total U.S. gross national product (GDP) comes from retail consumption — (Source:

Featured This Week (Page 31) Grows From Small Dutch Startup to Top Destination For Global Travelers With 1+ Million Accommodation Options
6.7.17 Travel Has Grown Into a Top Destination For Global Travelers

After graduating from college in the Netherlands in 1996, Geert-Jan Bruinsma decided to start a business. While he didn’t know what he would be selling, he knew he...

Charity Navigator: Evaluating the Impact of Causes to Help Businesses Make the Most of Their Giving
6.6.17 Social Responsibility

Charity Navigator Helps Businesses Make the Most Impact with Their Giving

In 2009, Red, a pit bull terrier, saw his life change dramatically in a flash. When an intruder attacked his owner in their Chicago home, Red jumped to his owner’s...

50 Years of Picture-Perfect Products: How Lowepro® Built a Successful Brand by Innovating Camera Bag Durability
6.6.17 Entrepreneurial Success

Lowepro® Built a Brand by Helping Photographers Carry Their Gear

Most of us have seen the stunning photographs of endangered species and remote locations displayed on the glossy pages of National Geographic or in its digital photo...

Yelp Empowers Local Retailers to Capitalize on Community Feedback with Tools that Boost Engagement and Revenue
6.2.17 Business Solutions

Yelp Empowers Local Retailers to Capitalize on Community Feedback

From Customer Communities to Intranets: Jive Earns Our Editor’s Retail Choice Award™ for Collaborative Software Solutions
6.1.17 Software

Jive: Collaborative Software for Customer Communities & Intranets

Verisign — Domain Name Optimization and Security to Help Entrepreneurs Build an Online Presence
5.30.17 Online

Verisign Domain Names and Security Help Retailers Build an Online Presence

How Oracle Marketing Cloud Helps Fashion Retailer ModCloth Drive Engagement Through Personalized Messaging
5.26.17 Marketing

How Oracle Marketing Cloud™ Helps ModCloth Drive Engagement

From email and e-commerce to in-store and mobile, modern retail customers have numerous opportunities to interact with their favorite brands. As a result, marketers must...

PromGirl: A Global Formalwear E-Commerce Pioneer Helping Bring Trends to Life Since 1998
5.26.17 Ecommerce

PromGirl: A Formalwear E-Commerce Pioneer Bringing Trends to Life

Prom is such an entrenched rite of passage for high schoolers that it has supported an entire subset of the retail industry for decades. Brick-and-mortar businesses have...