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Did You Know?
The retail industry employs more people than any other industry, with over 28 million retail jobs in the U.S. — (Source: National Retail Federation)
Total retail sales now top $22 trillion globally, with that number growing more than 4.5% annually — (Source:
Almost 20% of U.S. retail sales come during the period between the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays — (Source: eMarketer)
76 of the 100 largest retailing companies in the world are based in the United States — (Source: Global Powers of Retailing Report)
About two-thirds of the total U.S. gross national product (GDP) comes from retail consumption — (Source:

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How Blue Nile Disrupted the Jewelry Industry by Selling Online and Giving Consumers More Control Over the Buying Experience
3.29.17 Online Shopping

Blue Nile is Disrupting the Jewelry Industry by Giving Customers Control

When a disruptive idea hits any industry, it challenges the established way of doing things and can be a turning point in an industry’s history. Tivo changed the way...

How eMarketer's In-Depth Research & Accurate Data Forecasts Became a Driving Force Behind Companies’ Marketing Decisions
3.28.17 Marketing

How eMarketer Became a Driving Force Behind Marketing Decisions

The world of digital marketing can be tricky for retailers of all sizes to navigate because of the foresight it takes to prepare and implement strategies. Much of the...

Polycom: Remote Customer Service & Communications Solutions to Help Retailers Streamline Operations & Consumer Experiences
3.28.17 Customer Service

Polycom Optimizes Customer Engagement & Supply Management

In a recent talk to business students at the University of Houston-Victoria, Exclusive Furniture CEO Sam Zavary noted communication is integral to a company’s success....

StatCounter Delivers Actionable Insights By Making Website Analytics Easy and the User Experience Intuitive
3.24.17 Online

StatCounter Delivers Actionable Insights By Simplifying Analytics

Aruba Provides Wireless Networking Solutions that Enable Mobile Engagement Through Beacon Technology
3.22.17 Innovative Technologies

Aruba Provides Networking Solutions that Enable Mobile Engagement

WebpageFX Earns Our Editor’s Retail Choice Award™ for Performance-Based Web Marketing Services
3.21.17 Marketing

WebpageFX Earns Our Award for Performance-Based Web Marketing

International Gemological Institute Certification Ensures Authenticity & Adds Rock-Solid Confidence to Jewelry Purchases
3.20.17 Consumer Awareness

IGI Certification Adds Rock-Solid Confidence to Any Jewelry Purchase

Buying a diamond engagement ring is one of the most important purchases in someone’s lifetime. It’s a choice everybody wants to get right the first time...

Zero to Cloud in 100 Days: How NetSuite Enables Retailers to Embrace Omnichannel by Consolidating Data Into a Single Platform
3.17.17 Business Solutions

NetSuite Enables Retailers to Embrace Omnichannel by Unifying Data First

The Duck Store has been serving University of Oregon students, faculty, and alumni for nearly a century, selling everything from food to apparel to course materials. It...