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Did You Know?
The retail industry employs more people than any other industry, with over 28 million retail jobs in the U.S. — (Source: National Retail Federation)
Total retail sales now top $22 trillion globally, with that number growing more than 4.5% annually — (Source:
Almost 20% of U.S. retail sales come during the period between the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays — (Source: eMarketer)
76 of the 100 largest retailing companies in the world are based in the United States — (Source: Global Powers of Retailing Report)
About two-thirds of the total U.S. gross national product (GDP) comes from retail consumption — (Source:

Featured This Week (Page 2)

NYU’s New MS Degree in Computing, Entrepreneurship & Innovation Equips Graduates to Shape the Future of Business
1.11.18 Personal Development

NYU Offers Computing, Entrepreneurship & Innovation MS Program

The employment market of the future will be saturated with jobs in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields. In 2016 alone, US jobs in tech industries...

Colocation America Gives Businesses the Reliable IT Foundation They Need to Compete in the Modern E-Commerce Landscape
1.9.18 Business Solutions

Colocation America Builds an IT Foundation for Retailers

In the late 1990s, a group of senior engineers at an online marketing firm grew frustrated after the server that hosted the company’s most critical business data would...

Crossville: How A Commitment to American Manufacturing, Product Availability, and Sustainable Practices Has Led to 30+ Years of Success
1.5.18 Entrepreneurial Success

Crossville: American Tile Company That Leads in Innovation & Sustainability

As retailers look for ways to keep customers coming into their stores, creative merchandising and mobile integration — not the aesthetics of walls and flooring —...

Know Your Normal — Tripwire Helps Protect Retail Data by Monitoring and Detecting the Changes that Signal an Attack
1.4.18 Cyber Security

Tripwire Helps Protect Retail Data by Monitoring for Attacks

Fisher College of Business Introduces New Specialized Master Program to Teach Students Necessary Business Analytics Skills
1.3.18 Personal Development

Fisher College of Business Teaches Business Analytics Skills

Feature-Rich & Flexible: Switchvox by Digium Earns Our Retailer's Choice Award™ for Affordable SMB Communication Solutions
1.3.18 Business Solutions

Digium Earns Our Award for Affordable SMB Communication Solutions

Arena Solutions: A Leading Product Lifecycle Management Software That Helps Brands Bring Products From Idea to Market
1.2.18 Software

Arena Solutions: A Leading PLM That Brings Products to Market

Steve Chalgren, EVP of Product Management and Chief Strategy Officer at Arena Solutions, recognizes that the company’s success comes from helping others succeed. Arena...

Actual Tools: Simplifying Multiple-Monitor Windows Environments for Businesses to Boost Employee Productivity
1.1.18 Software

Actual Tools: Simplifying Multiple-Monitor Windows Environments

Business owners go to great lengths to boost productivity. They buy high-level infrastructure that can analyze data at lightning speed. They create workplace applications...