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Did You Know?
The retail industry employs more people than any other industry, with over 28 million retail jobs in the U.S. — (Source: National Retail Federation)
Total retail sales now top $22 trillion globally, with that number growing more than 4.5% annually — (Source:
Almost 20% of U.S. retail sales come during the period between the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays — (Source: eMarketer)
76 of the 100 largest retailing companies in the world are based in the United States — (Source: Global Powers of Retailing Report)
About two-thirds of the total U.S. gross national product (GDP) comes from retail consumption — (Source:

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Weighing Personalization with Privacy: How the DAA's AdChoices Program Brings Transparency to Interest-Based Digital Advertising
11.1.17 Consumer Awareness

DAA AdChoices Brings Transparency to Interest-Based Advertising

Spending on digital advertising is predicted to increase 16% in 2017 to a staggering $83 billion, underscoring its importance to commercial marketing efforts. And as the...

BuiltWith Helps Businesses Generate B2B Leads By Tracking the Technology That Drives E-Commerce
11.1.17 Business Solutions

BuiltWith Helps Businesses Track the Technology That Drives E-Commerce

Ten years ago, Gary Brewer was intrigued by startup companies — their origins, how they operated, and what kind of tech they were using. But as he researched the...

iBuyPower Earns Our Editor’s Retail Choice Award™ for Customized, High-Performance Gaming Hardware
10.31.17 Innovative Technologies

iBuyPower: Customized, High-Performance Hardware for Gamers

In the world’s most popular spectator sports, the right equipment is vital to success. The players move with such precision and speed that a slowdown of a fraction of a...

How Firefox Protects Browsing Data and Privacy in the Age of Advanced Digital Tracking
10.30.17 Consumer Awareness

How Firefox Protects Browsing Data & Privacy in the Digital Age

Facebook IQ: Audience-Building Tools and Insights That Help Retailers Leverage Social Shopping Trends to Improve Brand Reach
10.27.17 Marketing

Facebook IQ: Social Media Tools and Insights to Help Retailers Grow

Oracle Retail — Offering 55+ On-Premise and 30+ Cloud Services to Optimize Operations and Provide Seamless Experiences
10.27.17 Business Solutions

Oracle Retail Optimizes Operations for Seamless Experiences

InMotion Hosting Provides Businesses with the Quality Tools and Support They Need to Build a Strong Web Presence
10.27.17 Ecommerce

InMotion Hosting Helps Businesses Grow Their Web Presence

For the modern entrepreneur, setting up a website is an essential step to gaining visibility in the online marketplace and building a customer base. But, for those who... Earns Our Editor’s Retail Choice Award™ for Providing a User-Friendly, One-Stop Shop for Business Resources
10.26.17 Online A User-Friendly, One-Stop Shop for Online Business Resources

From scenic Acadia National Park to the small-town charm of Kennebunkport, Maine has a lot to offer tourists, which is why 38.5 million visitors brought $6 billion into...