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Our Review: ShopKeep’s Retail POS System is Affordable, Easy-to-Use, and Grows Retail Businesses

By: Lindsey Carman

The Crunch: After experiencing a PC POS (point-of-sale) system malfunction, Jason Richelson had to shut down his grocery store in Brooklyn for the day. He was fed up with his store’s glitchy software and decided to build his own. In 2008, he created ShopKeep, a cloud-based iPad POS system, that today helps more than 20,000 business owners across the U.S. Built for small- to mid-sized retail businesses, the Retail POS System comes with features — like inventory management, real-time sales data, and purchasing behavior analytics — that help owners reduce the time doing tedious tasks and efficiently manage their stores.

I remember the stressful mornings when I worked at a coffee shop during my college days. Around 8 a.m., people who needed their morning fix of java would pile in and place their orders. I’d make lattes, pour coffee, and cut up quiche as quickly as I could. Having an iPad POS system, instead of a traditional cash register, made the checkout process more convenient and wowed customers. They’d comment on how easy it was to use the interface and preferred it over archaic checkout methods. After I swiped their credit cards, they’d enter their information and a tip, then be out the door within minutes. If the coffee shop hadn’t used an iPad POS register, we would’ve been backed up with customers. It was amazing that an iPad made such a difference for a small coffee shop like ours.

One of the most popular cloud-based POS systems on the market is ShopKeep, a company that builds cloud-based iPad POS systems. Since 2008, ShopKeep has helped businesses reduce the time they spend on tedious tasks, and streamline the in-store shopping experience for customers with shorter waiting times. The Retail POS system, one of ShopKeep’s POS software solutions, allows you to ditch the traditional electronic cash register and takes your retail business to a whole new level. You’ll not only be able to manage minute details of your store’s inventory, but also view how your store is doing on an incremental level.

In this review, we’ll break down the different features of ShopKeep’s Retail POS system to show you why your retail business should upgrade to a cloud-based iPad register.

So, Who Should Use the Retail POS System?

ShopKeep’s Retail POS system provides all the software and tools businesses need to efficiently run their stores at an affordable price. If you run any of the following businesses, consider adopting the Retail POS system:

  • Clothing stores
  • Jewelry boutiques
  • Coffee shops
  • Breweries
  • Bakeries
  • Restaurants
  • Mobile businesses

Even if your business doesn’t fit neatly into any of these categories, it may still benefit from using the Retail POS system from ShopKeep. Its myriad features can streamline your business, helping you compete with big-box competitors.

4 Benefits of ShopKeep’s Retail POS System

If you’re like most retail business owners, you’d rather spend your time interacting with customers than wasting time completing tedious tasks. ShopKeep’s POS systems are excellent all-in-one tools to run your business efficiently while freeing up valuable time — something traditional cash registers can’t do for you. Using a Retail POS System opens up a variety of benefits that’ll impact your business in the long run. Let’s explore those features below.

1. Easy Payments, Easy Checkout

We’ve all experienced a long wait at the checkout. You can almost hear a collective groan from customers stuck in a long checkout line, not to mention the ones who decide to skip your business altogether rather than stand in line. Competing against online shopping’s fast-shipping options, brick-and-mortar stores face the challenge of making checkout lines shorter. Retail owners can now check out shoppers faster (even when the register is offline) by tapping, searching, or scanning products with ShopKeep’s customizable transactions feature. Gone are the days when you had to turn away mobile payments. The Retail POS system allows retail business owners to accept cash, credit cards, mobile payments, and even a combination, as well as split, merge or transfer checks. Customers can even leave tip via the register if they’ve forgotten cash at home.

2. Manage Inventory & Staff

Let’s face it — taking inventory is the bane of running a business. It’s difficult to determine whether there are enough coffee cups or slices of cheddar cheese when your customer base fluctuates. The Retail POS System takes care of tracking inventory, and even alerts you when certain items and supplies are running low. Have a lot of products in your store? You can manage thousands of SKUs right from your iPad POS register. Not only can you cut the time spent on managing inventory, but managing your staff members becomes more efficient as well. With features like checking staff shift reports, you can assign levels of security access, know who your top sales people are, and view who’s clocked in and out.

3. View Real-Time Reports & Analytics

Imagine being able to view hourly updates on the flow of sales. You could make smarter decisions for your business like knowing when to send a staff member home or which days you should reorder supplies. The Retail POS system allows you to view sales by the hour to prepare staff members for ‘rush hours’ or break down individual transactions to see the average amount of money spent per purchase. With traditional cash registers, you’d have to wait until the end of the day to count how much you made With the Retail POS System, you can track each sale to stay on top of your daily revenue profit.

4. Using Integrations & Add-Ons

In addition to keeping track of inventory and viewing reports, retail business owners can integrate powerful software platforms into their POS systems, such as the following add-ons:

  • MailChimp
  • AppCard, and
  • QuickBooks Online

Using these resources allows you to boost your customer base and automate accounting with email-marketing campaigns and easy-to-use payroll — all from one centralized location.

Imagine how much more efficiently you could run your business with a Retail POS system.

ShopKeep even offers its own payments processor (called ShopKeep Payments) that allows you to get transparent pricing compared to third-party credit card processors. This lets businesses like yours afford to have a full-featured POS system, helping you do business better.

POS Hardware & Software: Customizable & Reliable

Most people enjoy using touch-screen devices, and ShopKeep’s iPad POS systems are nothing short of engaging and simple to use. Each Retail POS system comes with the following features:

  • An iPad enclosure
  • Cash drawers
  • Printers, and
  • Readers

ShopKeep offers a 1-year warranty that covers defects and malfunctions (and will even overnight you a replacement) to make sure you’re always getting business done. Using an iPad POS register is sleek, modern, and durable for constant use. Retail business owners will be impressed with how well ShopKeep’s hardware and software works.

POS Systems Start at $69 a Month: Pricing that Works for You

ShopKeep operates on a no-contract model starting at $69 a month per register. With this price, you’ll get 60 days of free support from a ShopKeep Expert, the ShopKeep iOS app for free, and 24/7 access to ShopKeep customer service representatives. Here’s a quick rundown of how much it’ll cost you to switch to a Retail POS system:

  • Initial Software/Service Cost: $69/month
  • Credit Card Processing Fees: 0.75% (Debit Cards) and 2.1% (Credit Cards)
  • Hardware Cost (Per Register): $1,100 to $1,700

You can also try ShopKeep for a free 14-day trial if you’re not sure if it’s the right fit for your business. Other companies require you to sign a contract to use their POS systems, but with ShopKeep, you aren’t tied down.

Try Out a Retail POS System for Free Today

Retail business owners can make their day run more smoothly with an iPad POS system, just like it did when I worked at a coffee shop. All in all, we recommend owners switch to ShopKeep’s Retail POS system, especially when competing with big-box chains. Having traditional electronic cash registers doesn’t provide beneficial analytics and data reports that are almost essential to run a profitable business in today’s market. ShopKeep has yet to provide integration with e-commerce sites, but we think that’ll be an added in the future. Overall, ShopKeep’s POS systems give retail business owners the tools they need to increase profit, enhance customer satisfaction, and cut down time spent on management.

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