Enterprise-Level Protection for SMBs: MozyPro® is Our Editor’s Retail Choice Award™ for Cloud Backup & Recovery Solutions
Updated: 8.4.17 Business Solutions

Enterprise-Level Protection for SMBs: MozyPro® is Our Editor’s Retail Choice Award™ for Cloud Backup & Recovery Solutions

By: Jon McDonald

The Crunch: When cyber attacks make a big splash across headlines, businesses re-examine their security strategies. But data loss can hit retailers at any time, not just through a security breach, which is why data backup and recovery are also vital. Mozy by Dell provides cloud backup solutions and offers MozyPro for Business to backup a company’s data in real time from endpoints to servers. Because MozyPro works in the cloud, data can be quickly recovered and restored to devices anywhere. The company is backed by Dell Technologies, a collection of technology leaders that innovate in industries like IT, cloud computing, and security. For the reliability and peace of mind the platform provides, MozyPro has earned our Editor’s Retail Choice Award™ for Cloud Backup and Recovery Solutions.

Baseball players have used Louisville Slugger bats for over 130 years, and the company’s name has become synonymous with its product, vaulting it to an iconic status in the sport. The bats it produces — from durable composite to classic wood — are used at every level from little league to the pros.

With that status, though, comes plenty of challenges from competitors. In today’s bat market, Louisville Slugger still has to work hard to keep and grow its market share. That means having many employees in the field and valuable sales data spread out across the United States — which also means fragmentation and vulnerability.

“We are in a highly competitive business. We cannot afford to lose a single minute, much less an hour or a day from data loss,” said Rick Redman, VP of Corporate Communications for Louisville Slugger.

Louisville Slugger needed a solution that could support and manage their data remotely to back up a sales force that was on the road 365 days a year. The company turned to Mozy by Dell, which was able to solve those fragmentation problems with cloud backup and an intuitive management interface that saves time for both salespeople and IT.

“Even with the increasingly dangerous cybersecurity environment, data backup is one of the least discussed aspects of business security. But it should be first,” said Alex Almeida, a Senior Advisor in Product Marketing for Dell EMC, Mozy’s parent company. “We are bringing data backup to the forefront of important items to invest in for IT because protection isn’t just about defense, it is about how you are going to be able to recover from it.”

Protection, responsiveness, and ease-of-use are all built into the company’s most popular product, MozyPro for Business. It offers comprehensive backup solutions to keep businesses from suffering any data loss, and even scales with them for the future.

And for its ability to cost-effectively secure data remotely — from endpoint all the way back to server — MozyPro has earned our Editor’s Retail Choice Award™ for Cloud Backup and Recovery Solutions.

MozyPro for Business Provides Protection From Endpoint to Server

MozyPro backs up data from any endpoint — like a laptop, workstation, or POS device — and securely stores it in the cloud, so all of that information is quickly available again in the event of a malicious breach or complete hardware failure.

“If a business has endpoints that a global workforce is using or has POS systems that need to be protected,” Alex told us. “MozyPro is a flexible solution that can start out at endpoints but then also can be applied to enterprise servers.”

Screenshot of MozyPro dashboard

MozyPro is easy to set up for automatic backups and has an intuitive interface for a wide administration of the platform.

Because MozyPro is scalable, an SMB that needs to protect two workstations and a laptop now will have options as it grows to protect a server in the future.

And it is engineered to be easy to use allowing businesses to set backups to initiate automatically when a file is changed. For companies that have employees who use multiple devices — including mobile — MozyPro includes Mozy Sync, which updates files and makes them available to all linked devices. That means work can continue seamlessly across technologies while still staying safe and secure.

That backup is the ultimate backstop for companies like Louisville Slugger, as its salespeople work directly with business owners in stores around the country through updated cost analysis documents and spreadsheets. That data can be synced and backed up in real time, giving those associates more time to think about sales — and less about data security.

Backing From Dell EMC Gives Retailers Enterprise Scalability

Dell and EMC merged in 2016 and immediately became a dominant force in IT solutions because it married Dell’s server, computer, and mobile expertise with EMC’s enterprise storage solutions.

Photo of Alex Alex Almeida, Senior Advisor in Product Marketing for Dell EMC

Alex Almeida, Senior Advisor in Product Marketing for Dell EMC, spoke to us about Mozy.

That merger included Mozy — as part of EMC — and gave it a massive foundation to help its customers grow.

Mozy was highly successful before it became a part of the Dell EMC family, but, with that backing, it has been able to help its customers protect even more data cost-effectively. Dell EMC provides the vast infrastructure resources to make MozyPro flexible to meet the needs of any size business.

“Mozy prides itself on the elasticity of the solution, meaning that we can support customers hosting QuickBooks on a server in their garage all the way up to enterprises with tens of thousands of machines,” said Ryan Crompton, Solutions Engineer at Dell EMC. “And because Mozy is cloud-based, there is no hardware dependency, meaning we can provide meaningful protection for particularly small and very small businesses.”

And MozyPro has protected countless businesses’ data from cyber attacks, hardware failure,  and even the “Miracle on the Hudson.” Paul Jorgensen, a Senior Vice President at a medical software company, was on US Airways Flight 1549 that Captain Chelsey “Sully” Sullenberger heroically landed in the Hudson River after an engine failure in 2009.

Miraculously, everyone on the flight survived, and while it was the last thing on his mind at the time, Paul was later grateful that his company used MozyPro because he was able to recover all of the important data from his lost laptop, saving him additional hardship on top of an already traumatic experience.

“It would have literally taken me months to replicate or replace the data I lost, ” Paul told Mozy in a testimonial about his experience. “Mozy is a source of comfort.”

Part of a Broader Dell Technologies Ecosystem of Data Solutions

While customers use MozyPro for backup and recovery and Dell EMC provides more robust IT support, they are both part of a larger Dell Technologies ecosystem that brings together security, storage, and cloud computing solutions. The services that MozyPro provides are important for any company that relies on data, but Alex told us that Dell Technologies provides a balanced solution for a robust IT strategy.

“In a strategic view, we know the importance of MozyPro is in the broader ecosystem within the Dell Technologies family,” he told us. “So, if you are a MozyPro user, we can leverage Dell Technologies as a whole to provide security, and we work with those teams to make sure there are appropriate integrations.”

Screenshot of Dell Technologies partners

Dell Technologies brings together seven of the most authoritative companies in their fields under one umbrella.

MozyPro is helping Dell EMC with its mission of being an end-to-end IT solution — and it is a vital part of any comprehensive strategy. Because with all of the cyber attacks and natural disasters threatening businesses, there is no substitute for having all of your data backed up and secure in the cloud.

Other subsidiaries of Dell Technologies include RSA and SecureWorks that deal with security, Virtustream cloud solutions, VMware, and Pivotal Software, providing a full spectrum of business solutions.

Constantly Evolving to Address the Threats of the Future

Louisville Slugger understood how critical data was to its business model, which is why the company chose Mozy by Dell to keep it all safe. With the role data plays in the success of even small retailers, more and more have turned to MozyPro as the ultimate fail-safe for their information — especially because cyber threats are only one way that data can be wiped out.

“You don’t just have ransomware; there are natural disasters, flooding, fires, and even malicious behavior,” Ryan said. “We are constantly striving to identify how we can help customers recover faster and with less friction.”

MozyPro helps clients prepare for any threat or natural disaster by backing up all of their data, so not only is their information safe, but it can also be restored quickly to any device.

Because of its track record as a comprehensive solution for retailers, MozyPro has earned our Editor’s Retail Choice Award™ for Cloud Backup and Recovery Solutions.