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Moola Saving Mom Helps Consumers Strategically Use Coupons to Cut Wasteful Spending

By: Jon McDonald

The Crunch: Wasteful grocery spending is a bigger problem than many consumers realize. The average grocery shopper spends about $1,300 per month at the supermarket and loses about $1,600 annually on wasted food, missed sales, and couponing inefficiency. A self-made entrepreneur, writer, and strategic couponing expert, Jessie Alonzo has made it her mission to educate the average consumer through her website Moola Saving Mom. The site features updated daily deals, sales, and comprehensive directory listings for more than 2,500 coupons. Jessie also teaches strategic couponing classes and writes newspaper columns on the subject. Moola Saving Mom features more than two dozen supermarket chain and pharmacy partners, helping the site average over 1 million annual visitors — and counting.

According to the USDA, a family of four spends $1,300 per month on groceries, and consumers who only buy groceries they need week to week end up paying full price on 50% to 80% of the products they purchase. Many consumers don’t have a plan — or even a grocery list — when they enter the supermarket, which can also lead to impulse buys and a busted budget.

Moola Saving Mom Jessie Alonzo helps her site’s readers learn about the benefits of strategic couponing.

Coupons are supposed to be a convenient way to save, but they can quickly turn into a time-consuming endeavor, leading some consumers to forgo using them entirely. Those shoppers stand to lose thousands of dollars annually instead of taking advantage of the savings — in both time and money — strategic couponing can offer.

The average consumer loses about $1,600 a year in groceries due to food waste, which is often attributed to lack of planning. Jessie Alonzo, the Founder of Moola Saving Mom, takes savings loss seriously and is on a mission to educate consumers on how to improve their shopping habits. Jessie is a self-made entrepreneur and strategic couponing expert who shares her know-how via her website — as well as other media outlets and the classroom.

Moola Saving Mom shows consumers how to mold couponing to their respective needs instead of shopping inefficiently. The site features daily, comprehensive sale listings, digital coupons, couponing workshops, sales-matching links to favorite brands, and even recipes. And because of its commitment to savings, Moola Saving Mom has grown to become an all-encompassing resource for more than 1 million visitors per year.

How Strategic Couponing Led to the Launch of Moola Saving Mom

Jessie is a married mother-of-four who perfected her self-described art of strategic couponing to optimize grocery savings and cut down on her own wasteful spending. When Jessie shops, she focuses on home needs and stocks up monthly on foods her family consistently uses, and then supplements her pantry with week-to-week sales. Strategic planning cuts down on waste, unwanted food, and saves money, too.

She wanted to show other consumers how to buy what they need and strategize their food shopping based on a predetermined plan — not on wants or impulses.

With that mission in mind, Jessie launched Moola Saving Mom in 2010, but she has taken her message of smart shopping to other outlets. Jessie has taught couponing classes to the public at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, since 2011. And, to further spread the word about saving, she writes guest columns for the Winston-Salem Journal as the Coupon Corner columnist — in addition to writing for other publications like the Greensboro News & Record. But her primary outlet to reach the consuming public is through Moola Saving Mom.

Comprehensive Sales Listings and More Than 2,500 Coupons

Moola Saving Mom is a comprehensive resource for coupons, strategies, ideas, and tips for supermarket savings. In the Coupons 101 section of the site, users have access to up-to-date lessons on how to coupon more effectively. Over 2,500 digital coupons — as well as in-store printables — are listed and updated daily while online-only deal listings cover things you may not find in a supermarket — from magazines to waffle makers.

Moola Saving Mom will even show you how much you can save at specific times, days, and store locations. For regular consumers and loyal shoppers, there is a store matchup link that can show you how much you can save at any store or with any brand.

The Couponer’s Toolbox is a comprehensive resource that helps users find coupons and learn how to save.

The Couponer’s Toolbox features resources that can give users the knowledge to maximize their grocery budgets. It contains a price evaluator to calculate how much a product will cost after a discount is applied, a coupon code search engine, an expiration date finder, and many more valuable tools.

Even national supermarket chains and pharmacies have taken notice of Moola Saving Mom’s consumer influence and public reach. Jessie now features sales and exclusives from over two dozen partner stores, including Aldi, Costco, CVS, Dollar General, Publix, Target, and Whole Foods — among many others.

Jessie Brings Savings to More than 1 Million Visitors Each Year

Americans waste a significant amount of money when they go to the grocery store without a plan and end up buying items they don’t need. Planning and strategic couponing don’t have to be intimidating, time-consuming, or exhaustive. Jessie understands what it is like to so overwhelmed by family demands that you buy the first things you see at the store, and miss taking advantage of sales.

Through Moola Saving Mom, she helps consumers make couponing easier through deals, resources, and an exhaustive knowledge base. Jessie is trying to change that consumer mindset one reader at a time through her website, classes, and guest columns.

Her years of public outreach are paying off as Moola Saving Mom averages more than 1 million visitors annually. The site’s presence is growing steadily on social media networks like Facebook as well.

Jessie wants the average consumer to learn how taking that extra step when shopping can save so much in the long run.

As Jessie wrote in a column: “Couponing shouldn’t consume your life; it should enhance it. Couponing should be the way that you spend less in the grocery store so you can have extra room in your budget.”

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