MindTouch™ Boosts Customer Self-Service by Making Product Content and Documentation More Easily Accessible
Posted: 4.18.17 Software

MindTouch™ Boosts Customer Self-Service by Making Product Content and Documentation More Easily Accessible

By: Jon McDonald

The Crunch: Founded in 2005 by a pair of former Microsoft Advanced Systems Research Team members, MindTouch empowers online consumers to succeed by giving them greater access to self-service content, such as shipping FAQs and product tutorials. MindTouch can deliver hundreds of thousands of pages on any browser-enabled device at high speed. The software helps structure content — from PDFs to manuals to marketing materials — making it more accessible for consumers and further personalizing their journeys. This, in turn, allows companies to better convert consumers, boost Google rankings, and quickly grow their brands by getting information into the hands of shoppers so they can help themselves.

As consumers become more reliant on mobile devices for answers to all of their questions, companies need to provide easy access to information about their products and services. This expectation of self-service can also lead to a dissatisfactory experience if a company lacks easily accessible information — like product manuals and help content.

According to a Detecon study, 78% of consumers polled embrace online self-service, and for e-commerce customers, that number jumps to 89%. The study also showed 60% of customers actually use customer self-service as a criterion to judge a brand. The conclusion: lack of adequate self-service on a site can be a real deal-breaker for prospective customers.

MindTouch is a responsive software that can turn documentation, like PDFs, into condensed, semantically rich content to help boost self-service, web traffic, and Google rankings. Because of the typical consumer’s desire to research products and brands, MindTouch can be a boon for businesses with a wealth of inaccessible content. Making organized and structured data available to customers can greatly improve domain authority — and lead to higher traffic.

Retailers who use MindTouch can help customers succeed by providing them with access to the information they need, in a rich and easily digestible online format.

Pinpointed Demographic Information Helps Direct Marketing Efforts

MindTouch’s Wave Analytics Business Intelligence is integrated with Salesforce’s Analytics Cloud to provide detailed demographic information about prospects. This helps a business determine what content will appeal to a target market so that content can be customized. The tool pinpoints who has accessed what information, so a retailer can know what content is interesting to buyers, driving sales, and boosting the overall conversion rate.

Screenshot of MindTouch dashboard

MindTouch analytics help businesses identify which content provides the most productive customer experience.

Salesforce Analytics Cloud integration also allows a company to equip sales representatives with insights into what information a customer has looked at, enabling them to answer questions and close sales more efficiently. Additionally, it helps a business recognize what content — or lack thereof — might be hurting sales, so it can be updated or removed altogether.

Knowing a target market’s needs and online patterns can ensure that content is contributing to the success of a brand. That is an effective way to proactively bolster organic search results and keep customers engaged.

Customers Always Have Access to Information That Boosts Sales

MindTouch Touchpoints help mobile users access product documentation on any device with just a few clicks. The embeddable touchpoints connect product help content to agents and customers at specific moments during a journey across specified web properties or applications. These interactive communication points are supported by the embedded tools, giving customers and agents the ability to easily find product documentation.

Screenshot of MindTouch content curation cartoon

MindTouch helps businesses manage and curate help content, which leads to a stronger customer experience.

Using Touchpoints enhances the online experience for consumers, and it also empowers sales and support teams with quick access to the correct information so an associate is not caught without an answer to a question. For online retailers, it provides upsell opportunities, enabling predictive recommendations or add-on services while customers are making a purchase.

Touchpoints give any self-service strategy a boost, helping customers and agents succeed before, during, and after a transaction. It also gives a brand the technical validation that prospective customers are looking for when making a decision. It’s a powerful tool that gives users easy access to the contextual information they need.

Blog Gives Insights On Content that Drives Engagement

MindTouch’s blog offers best practice strategies from both its own experiences and top industry visionaries, along with news, product updates and more. It can be a resource for new and existing MindTouch users to gain insight into what works, how other companies are using MindTouch, and what the latest industry trends are.

MindTouch Logo

The blog also gives readers a way to get to know MindTouch on a deeper level. Hundreds of pages of posts are all packed with information dedicated to helping companies not only understand MindTouch but also how to employ proven strategies.

MindTouch’s blog provides a more well-rounded understanding of its products and services. Regular and relevant posts make MindTouch a helpful resource when strategizing about the various ways to grow traffic or even a brand.

Helping Retailers Succeed With Streamlined Customer Self-Service

Today, there are more and more online consumers who use smartphones, tablets, and other devices to do research on their own. With more online brands offering potential customers a comprehensive self-service experience, there aren’t as many reasons to pick up the phone anymore — and many don’t want to. In a digital world where a wealth of information can be easily accessed, no customer wants to spend time on hold.

Creating a streamlined user experience by making relevant documents more accessible, organized, and coherent is a proven way to empower customer self-service. It can also be a great way to keep customers coming back and, ultimately, to close deals and promote business growth.

Providing both customers and associates with tailored paths to relevant content can help businesses stay ahead of consumer demand. With MindTouch, retailers can save time, overhead, and deliver a winning experience across all platforms.