McGraw-Hill Professional: Our Top Pick for Business Book Publisher for Advancing Workforce Learning & Development
Posted: 4.25.18 Personal Development

McGraw-Hill Professional: Our Top Pick for Business Book Publisher for Advancing Workforce Learning & Development

By: Chris Curry

The Crunch: McGraw-Hill is perhaps best known as one of the leading textbook publishers in K-12 education. But, McGraw-Hill Professional is also an industry leader in producing books that further the knowledge and expertise of business people. Each year, the McGraw-Hill Professional Business Group publishes approximately 60 books authored by subject-matter experts and industry thought leaders. Beyond the books, a professional development blog continuously updates readers on the latest industry trends and developments. We recognize McGraw-Hill Professional with our Editor’s Retail Choice Award for its ongoing work to publish high-quality educational content for a business audience.

McGraw-Hill formed in 1909 with the merger two competing trade and technical publishing companies, immediately establishing itself as one of the “big three” textbook publishing companies for K-12 education. Generations of students were educated through McGraw-Hill textbooks, but the company eventually saw a significant gap in the educational space beyond school.

For modern professionals, a college degree is the just the beginning of their developmental journey, not the end. McGraw Hill Professional meets their needs with educational books on topics such as leadership, management, marketing, communication, real estate, and investing as well as technical topics within fields such as medicine.

Photo of Donya Dickerson, the Editorial Director of the Business Group at McGraw-Hill

Donya Dickerson spoke with us about how McGraw-Hill Professional helps educate workers and entrepreneurs.

And, each year, the Business Group within McGraw-Hill Professional publishes around 60 books authored by a select group of industry thought leaders and subject-matter experts.

“Most of our readers are successful people who are working on becoming more successful,” said Donya Dickerson, the Editorial Director of the Business Group at McGraw-Hill. “So our books have something that the reader can take away and implement in their own professional lives. We cover a broad range of topics to meet the needs of a broad range of business professionals.”

Donya said the digital transformation of business is a hot topic among professionals today, as is the digital currency of the future.

A recently published investor’s guide to bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is one example of how subject-matter experts share in-depth knowledge on a current trend. The book’s two authors are a cryptocurrency analyst who regularly contributes to CNBC, Bloomberg, and The Wall Street Journal, and a bitcoin expert who runs two investment websites.

The McGraw-Hill Professional Business Group also provides insight on how major corporations run their operations to achieve success. The company has published detailed books on Toyota’s supply chain management, the five principles Starbucks followed to build its success, and how the Cleveland Clinic transformed itself into one of the world’s leading health care organizations.

Beyond subject matter, the McGraw-Hill Professional Business Group also reaches the workforce in various formats to meet the needs of an on-the-go audience. E-books for Kindle, Nook, or smartphones are available, as well as digital audiobooks.

“We are trying to produce content in the form the business reader wants, whether they are reading a print copy in their office, traveling and want it on their phone, or want to listen to it while they drive,” Donya said.

McGraw-Hill Professional publications provide workers with the business-related knowledge they need to stay competitive and advance in their careers. The company is also a source of in-depth expert analysis of emerging trends in business and investment. For this, we recognize the McGraw-Hill Professional Business Group with our Editor’s Retail Choice Award for Innovation in Professional Development.

Providing Insights from Thought Leaders in Business

The McGraw-Hill Professional Business Group delivers to its readers insights directly from successful industry voices and thought leaders.

The company’s books deal with modern issues, such as detailing how successful modern companies are empowering employees to connect across networks to create a more agile organization. The author of that book is the talent officer at General Motors, America’s largest automaker and a company reinventing itself in the digital age.

Donya said McGraw-Hill is selective about the authors it publishes. They are typically industry leaders and experts who are in-demand as media contributors, consultants, or speakers at conferences and workshops.

“They really need to have that platform in place so people recognize them as an authority,” Donya said. “When the book comes out, that makes it easier for us to get distribution, market it, and sell it.”

Screenshot of McGraw-Hill Professional business books

McGraw-Hill also has initiatives in place to help its authors. Donya said many are business people first and then become writers. An online author’s resource guide helps them navigate the book marketing process.

Often, the company establishes a working relationship with an author to publish multiple books. Sometimes, trusted authors will refer other subject area experts, or a literary agent will make a pitch. McGraw-Hill Professional editors frequently contact speakers at major business conferences or corporate events to identify potential authors on the most relevant topics.

“If a person is in-demand for speaking to large global organizations, that’s an indicator that companies out there are hungry for this information,” Donya said.

Professional Development that Goes Beyond the Book

McGraw-Hill is known as a publishing company, but its resources for professional development go beyond just books.
The company’s business blog delivers expert advice and analysis on career development, finance, leadership, marketing, and sales, as well as many other training materials.

Some of the leading authors with whom McGraw-Hill works also write blog posts to quickly deliver relevant insights. One author of a book on small business taxes wrote a blog post explaining and summarizing the impact of the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

Screenshot of McGraw-Hill Professional blog

Other blogs by McGraw-Hill authors have covered subjects that range from sales force compensation, decision-making in a complex, fast-paced business world, and the traits of peak performers.

McGraw-Hill has also branched out into webinars and short-form digitized learning opportunities. In late 2017, one webinar, Dealing with Meetings You Can’t Stand: Never Suffer Through a Terrible Meeting Again, focused on strategies to transform a tedious boardroom meeting into a productive, energetic session.

Donya said the monthly webinar series featuring authors is a growing focus.

“That is certainly an area we are trying to grow and do more,” she said. “There are lots of opportunities there. It is going to be an even bigger growth area in the next few years.”

Trusted, Expert Knowledge for the Modern Workforce

For more than a century, McGraw-Hill has been a leader in the textbook publishing industry. In the rapidly changing business space, modern professionals know that education does not end with a college degree, but continues throughout their work life.

To meet their needs, McGraw-Hill Professional has emerged as a global publisher of premium business content and technical training from well-respected and in-demand industry leaders and experts. The Business Group within McGraw-Hill Professional releases 60 books a year covering topics that include accounting, communication, leadership, marketing, and sales.

McGraw-Hill Professional has carved out a leadership role in the professional development publishing industry by being as agile as some of the successful companies it highlights. It can swiftly put out books on the business topics that are relevant now — investment in cryptocurrency, digital transformation, increased collaboration across organizations — without sacrificing quality.

In addition to print, e-books and digital audiobooks serve an audience that is frequently on the go, and a business blog and webinar series offer insights.

For its high-quality, relevant, and accessible content to help modern workers gain knowledge and grow their skill sets, we recognize the McGraw-Hill Professional Business Group with our Editor’s Retail Choice Award for Innovation in Professional Development.