From Search Engine Pioneer to IoT Technology Developer — LYCOS Continues to Provide Digital Media Solutions for Retailers
Posted: 2.16.17 Online

From Search Engine Pioneer to IoT Technology Developer — LYCOS Continues to Provide Digital Media Solutions for Retailers

By: Sean Garrity

The Crunch: LYCOS, an early pioneer in internet search technology, is now making a name for itself in digital marketing and the consumer tech space. Today, LYCOS is helping businesses reach new and broader audiences by leveraging its proprietary search and web-based technologies to provide effective display advertising opportunities on its news site and premium placement in paid search results. To further their value add to the e-commerce environment, the company’s partnerships with web-building and hosting providers give merchants the tools they need to expand their online footprints. LYCOS builds on its history of innovation with new consumer products that connect to the Internet of Things (IoT), an example of the company’s dedication to exploring new tech territory.

In a recent Computer Weekly article, Duncan Tait, Senior Executive Vice President at Fujitsu noted “digital disruption is unstoppable.” He warned that tech companies must be prepared for rapid adaptation to new technology if they are to survive.

Since the dawn of the internet, the world has seen tech companies come and go. The dot-com bubble burst in the early 2000s created many casualties. However, the companies willing to reinvent themselves and adapt to market, consumer, and technological demands for change thrived.

LYCOS grew up alongside the internet itself, pioneering the web search space as far back as 1994. The company continues to evolve by offering innovative new solutions for businesses and cutting-edge tech for consumers.

LYCOS logo

LYCOS, a pioneer in internet search, continues a tradition of innovation with new solutions for businesses and consumers.

Today, online merchants are taking advantage of the platforms LYCOS offers, such as display advertising on its news site and premium paid search placement, to spread their messages to the consumers who use LYCOS as an information hub. By partnering with web-building and hosting providers, LYCOS also gives merchants effective tools to enter or expand their presence in the e-commerce space.

LYCOS’ resiliency in an ever-changing tech environment doesn’t stop with new marketing solutions for businesses. The company has recently entered the consumer technology space, offering products connecting to the Internet of Things (IoT) — providing yet another example of LYCOS’ forward-thinking philosophy.

An Early Player in the Search & Media Space Continues to Bring Information to the Masses

During the rise of the internet’s ubiquity in the early to mid 1990s, LYCOS first competed with Microsoft and Yahoo in the search engine and content markets. But when Google began to dominate that space, LYCOS found new corners of the internet to own.

Several of the original top search engines failed and dropped into obscurity, but not LYCOS. True to its philosophy of innovation and service, the company developed new ways to apply its technology based on user experience. This commitment to provide a seamless web browsing experience and access to compelling content began attracting not only information seekers but also garnered the interest of advertisers looking to get in front of new audiences.

Screenshot of LYCOS News page

LYCOS’ news platform and paid search provide opportunities for advertisers to get in front of broad audiences.

LYCOS has evolved into a global digital media platform, with three major divisions: Media, Life, and Advertising. LYCOS Advertising offers cutting-edge digital marketing for businesses, agencies, and online publishers. Clients include industry giants such as MTV, Samsung, Viacom, Maruti Suzuki, Airtel, Sony, Coca Cola, Star India, and many others. Advertisers partner with LYCOS for premium placements within their news media platform and top billing in paid search.

In April 2016, LYCOS introduced its new Brightcom advertising platform. Brightcom combined data gathering technology and LYCOS’ strong relationships with advertisers and publishers, giving merchants the ability to apply data-driven analytics to create specifically targeted advertising campaigns.

Web-Building, Hosting, and Shopping Cart Solutions to Get Content & Products Online

LYCOS espouses the motto “Every great website starts with a great domain name,” and the company’s domain registry service makes it easy for would-be web publishers to easily get started. LYCOS domains are affordable, easily transferrable, and come complete with privacy protections to avoid having a site owner’s personal information show up in the WHOIS directory.

In addition to domain registry, LYCOS has partnered with web-building and hosting service providers Tripod and Angelfire. Both services make building a professional, multifaceted site a simple task.

 LYCOS Domains, Angelfire, and Tripod logos

LYCOS provides domain registration, web-building, and hosting tools to help businesses quickly get online.

These providers offer intuitive drag-and-drop editors and templates that can help small businesses quickly online to begin marketing and selling their products. Tripod and Angelfire both provide free and premium plans based on need, and they have the ability to integrate with multiple shopping cart solutions.

LYCOS’ web-building solutions exemplify a one-stop-shop philosophy. With LYCOS, merchants can purchase and register domains, plus set up hosting for their site, in just minutes.

The Future is Now — LYCOS Life™ Products Connect the World Through Technology

As challenged and proven throughout its existence, LYCOS is dedicated to innovating in the tech industry. True to form, last year, the company launched LYCOS Life. President and Chief Strategy Officer Brad Cohen explained in an interview how its development of IoT technology will achieve the goal of transforming the world through tech.

“For the last 20 years we have been learning how to use the internet,” he said. “Today, the internet is learning us. This means that we are rapidly transitioning from a device-based world to a sensor-driven world. With machine-to-machine communications exponentially growing and the advancement of 3D printing things are changing really fast, and we are just at the start of this journey.”

For LYCOS, this journey starts with the attempt to simplify a consumer’s entire digital life. LYCOS Life is creating wearable technology backed by a sophisticated cloud-based platform to connect consumers to their homes and their transportation to create a network that enables the consumer to remain constantly in touch.

Photo of LYCOS IoT products

LYCOS has entered the consumer tech space, offering products connecting to the Internet of Things.

“LYCOS Life will connect the dots between homes, transport, and the consumer, between each of these vital areas,” Brad said. “Not just as disconnected devices, but as an overall IoT ecosystem connecting you to your world and the rest of the universe.”

One of the ways LYCOS Life does this is with its Smartband and NFC Ring. Each of the products has connectivity to each other, apps, and the cloud. With both the wristwatch band and the ring, it’s possible to connect to all the apps on a smartphone or to other connected devices in the cloud.

This enables the consumer to have all of the information and alerts needed on one portable device. Further, the Smartband and NFC Ring provide fitness information and health alerts such as heart and breathing rates. The devices can track distance traveled, calories burned, and even monitor sleep schedules. The ring also contains a chip for short-range communications to carry out tasks such as unlocking the front door or setting the air conditioner to 68 degrees.

“The goal is to use our wearable devices to connect your world together,” Brad said. “By allowing everything to talk with one another, LYCOS is trying to make the consumer’s life a little easier and simplify [it].”

Evolution is Crucial for Longevity in the Ever-Changing Online Multimedia Landscape

Operating in an age of digital disruption, one in which many major companies have not been able to keep pace, LYCOS shows a healthy ability to implement new ideas. With ever-evolving solutions to help retailers market their products, LYCOS remains a strong force in the e-commerce world.

The company continues to expand and innovate in a broad variety of ways. LYCOS plans to create more applications for its IoT technology. But, what sets LYCOS apart is its adaptability. As the IoT market grows, LYCOS is sure to grow with it to offer products based on user demand and changing technologies.

It’s clear that the rule for high-tech has always been “adapt or die.” Many companies haven’t risen to this challenge. LYCOS has and will continue to pave the way forward in emerging and developing markets.