LinkedIn’s SlideShare Platform Helps Professionals Learn from Experts Through Visually Engaging Presentations
Posted: 6.27.17 Personal Development

LinkedIn’s SlideShare Platform Helps Professionals Learn from Experts Through Visually Engaging Presentations

By: Jessica Sommerfield

The Crunch: It’s important for entrepreneurs to pursue the skills and business knowledge that will stimulate future growth, but many busy leaders don’t have time for professional development. That’s why slide presentations have become a popular way to learn from other experts. SlideShare, a slide sharing website founded in 2006 and acquired by LinkedIn in 2012, provides a space dedicated to helping professionals gain skills and share their knowledge. With more than 40 categories of skill-enhancing content, including the latest from trade conferences and trending topics, SlideShare draws over 70 million users from many professional fields. And by allowing business leaders to not only learn from experts but also share their own content, SlideShare can be used as an inbound marketing tool that generates five times more B2B traffic than other social media marketing platforms.

Regardless of how long you’ve been running a business, professional development is key to continued company growth. White papers, reports, and podcasts created by subject matter experts can provide vital information to fill in knowledge gaps and help retailers stay one step ahead of trends in their market. But many entrepreneurs, swamped with time-sensitive leadership tasks, don’t have time to read or listen to lengthy content that could help them grow their businesses even more.

In the search for fast, easy-to-digest learning formats, many leaders have found slide deck presentations, created with PowerPoint or web-based tools, to be an effective alternative to lengthy reports. Slide decks allow professionals to absorb complex information within minutes, instead of hours, in a more visually engaging format.

Slide decks are also an ideal tool for businesses to share their own content with employees, other companies, and brand followers. SlideShare is a platform that enables all of those uses.

Screenshot of SlideShare homepage

SlideShare allows business professionals to learn from others through engaging and memorable presentations.

SlideShare, a Web 2.0 slide hosting service founded by Rashmi Sinha in 2006 and acquired by LinkedIn in 2012, is changing the way business leaders engage with and share professional content. Although it is little more than a decade old, SlideShare has quickly grown into a top social media website with more than 70 million users.

Created with the goal of making it easier for business leaders and other professionals to share knowledge, the highly networked platform is a destination for leaders to learn from other experts and grow their businesses stronger — together.

From Recruiting to Analytics, Build Business Skills in 40+ Categories

With more than 18 million uploaded presentations, SlideShare’s organization and ease of navigation are particularly important. When content creators upload presentations to SlideShare, the site organizes them into more than 40 categories that cover specific areas of professional development. Business leaders who visit the site can quickly locate the information they’re interested in, whether by specific topic or what’s new in their vertical.

Professionals from many industries participate in SlideShare, providing a bank of knowledge and news that covers nearly every aspect of the business world. For example, retailers can benefit from content under topics such as sales, leadership and management, recruiting, and data analytics, among many others. For those interested in the latest trending presentations, SlideShare’s homepage groups the top-rated, most buzz-generating content into Today’s Top SlideShares, Editor’s Picks, and Trending Social Media.

Screenshot of SlideShare categories

SlideShare has informative content across many business categories, including sales, HR, and management.

Since the addition of the SlideShare mobile app in 2014, even traveling professionals can continue to learn and stay up-to-date on their skills by viewing presentations from anywhere around the globe. Providing business professionals with knowledge is also a growing initiative for LinkedIn as a whole. The company launched LinkedIn Learning in 2016 to help professionals learn more in-depth skills, with more than 9,000 courses available on a variety of topics.

Stay Up to Date with Presentations from the Latest Conferences

Another common avenue for professional growth is through niche business conference workshops and lectures. But many leaders may find it difficult to take time off to attend these types of events in person because they’re either single-handedly running their small business or guiding their company through the next stage of growth. That’s why SlideShare has a category devoted to slide presentations created and shared at recent professional conferences around the globe.

Screenshot of SlideShare conference presentations

Presentations from some of the latest conferences are uploaded directly to SlideShare.

Business leaders can partake in B2B presentations including one on specific customer service technology featured at the SpringOne Platform Conference or a series of team building presentations given at the Content People Summit in 2016.

By offering a place where experts can extend their reach and share their presentations with a wider audience of professionals, SlideShare positions SMBs to generate leads and empower leaders with the information to take their structure, technology, and business strategies to the next level.

Create and Share Content that Captures 5x More Business Leads

In addition to functioning as a resource where professionals can quickly learn from others in their field, SlideShare also provides a platform to create content that allows them to become thought leaders and draw inbound marketing leads directly to their own websites.

Millions of professionals visit SlideShare through targeted searches, and it’s become a prime place to gather B2B leads and benefit from the revenue-generating potential of inbound marketing. Salesforce Canada shows that SlideShare generates up to five times more business owner traffic than other leading social sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

Screenshot of SlideShare Creator's Hub features

The SlideShare Creator’s Hub allows business professionals to easily upload their own content to the site.

According to Social Media Today, SlideShare outperformed all other social media sites in terms of lead generation. Over an 18-month period, its presentations on SlideShare resulted in a 25.32% conversion rate, overshadowing the next runner-up by more than 19%.

User-friendly software and web-based tools make it easy for businesses to capitalize on SlideShare’s proven ability to boost lead generation by creating slide presentations that stand out. Sharing content is simple with a free account and SlideShare’s Creator’s Hub, which offers additional tips and tools for creating great presentations in various formats.

SlideShare: A Resource for Engagement and Professional Growth

Busy entrepreneurs may not have time to read lengthy reports, but if they want to grow as leaders and as brands, it’s vital to learn from the knowledge and experience of others. Business leaders can maximize the time they spend on professional development by engaging with an intuitive site that provides presentations from top experts in their field.

As one of the top 100 most-visited websites, SlideShare draws both professionals and a larger audience that wants to learn from — and connect with — top brands. With more than 70 million users searching for content, Slideshare is also an ideal social platform for businesses to drive traffic and generate leads by taking advantage of inbound marketing to create and share content.

By creating a resource where leaders can engage with — and learn from — others as well as widen their own reach, SlideShare is helping business owners grow professionally and strengthen their companies, one presentation at a time.