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On-the-Go Marketing: Key Ring Promotes Your Retail Business with Location-Based Deals to Shoppers

By: Lindsey Carman

The Crunch: Keeping track of loyalty cards is one of the downsides of having them. That’s why Key Ring, a mobile-wallet app that stores loyalty cards from grocery stores, gyms, libraries, and other businesses, was created. Consumers can easily scan and store cards, select from over 67,000 coupons and offers on the app, and access them right from their phones. Over 13,000 retailers and brands use Key Ring as a designated marketing platform to attract new customers to their businesses through location-based deals. With over 11 million shoppers browsing the app daily, you can market your business to a local audience through promoted products, circulated offers, and localized notifications. 

Chris Fagan was tired of lugging his loyalty cards around when he traveled for business. Like most people, he wanted to enjoy the perks of enrolling in loyalty programs without the hassle of carrying around a stack of cards. When he couldn’t find a solution to his problem anywhere, he decided to create his own solution.

As an enterprise systems integration consultant at Accenture, Chris understood the ins and outs of the technology industry, especially barcode scanning. In 2009, he co-founded a card-scanning mobile wallet app called Key Ring that changed the way people used loyalty cards.

Within the first year, the app was downloaded by 400,000 Android users and has since become something more than a loyalty card app. In addition to helping consumers manage their loyalty rewards, Key Ring publishes over 67,000 location-based deals from 13,000 retailers, making it one of the leading mobile-marketing platforms. Brands can target nearby audiences and entice them to purchase their products with promotions, coupons, and special events — all through the app.

How a Mobile Wallet App Paved the Way for Mobile Marketing

Chris Fagan, the co-founder and CEO of Key Ring, created a way to store loyalty cards on an app.

The mobile-wallet app has come a long way since being launched in Dallas, Texas. Although Key Ring began as strictly a card-scanning app, the company has added features, including one that shows location-based deals and another that lets customers join new loyalty programs through the app.

“Our business has really grown and evolved,” said Addi McCauley, the Director of Marketing at Key Ring. “We, all of a sudden, had access to a lot of content that was going to help our shoppers not only save money by using their loyalty cards but also by getting local coupons and deals.”

Acquired by Gannett in 2012, Key Ring has introduced more shopping features to the app, such as weekly sales, load-to-card coupons, geo-targeted offers, and mobile enrollment. As the app gains more users and expands its extensive list of retailers, Key Ring will continue to improve the shopping experience for consumers while helping retailers attract more customers to their businesses.

Promoting Your Brand to Customers Ready to Spend

With the Key Ring app, customers can take your coupons and weekly sale ads on the go. Long gone are the days when consumers sit down, drink their cup of coffee, and browse through coupons they want to redeem at the store that day. Instead, Key Ring helps retailers grab their attention with mobile-marketing tactics, such as advertising deals right on shoppers’ mobile devices.

“Key Ring’s purpose is to help the shopper everywhere on the path to purchase.”

– Arlene Schusteff, the VP of Sales and Marketing at Key Ring

Let’s say a mother of five is heading to the store to pick up sports equipment for her kids, and you currently have a great deal going on at your sporting goods store nearby. She forgets to bring redeemable offers with her, but she discovers your deal on the Key Ring app and redeems it at your store. She is happy to get a great deal, while you just made a sale. Partnering with Key Ring allows you to reach out to millions of shoppers just like this mom who are looking for your product.

“What I’m really struck with is just the utility and ease of Key Ring. Everything is right there and easy for you to use,” Schusteff said. “That’s what we’re really providing.”

Mobile Marketing Reaches Customers with Customized Solutions

Mobile marketing gives you a great advantage over competitors who cling to traditional-marketing platforms. When retaielrswith Key Ring, you have access to customized solutions that help you reach the right type of customer and increase sales.

“We really transitioned from being more than a card loyalty wallet to a shopping solution that helps our users plan, save and organize when they’re shopping,” McCauley said.

Key Ring helps retailers reach out to nearby customers who’re interested in their products.

One of the ways you can grab a customer’s attention is by promoting products through calls to action, like inviting a customer to answer a survey and offering limited-time coupons. Driving shoppers to interact with your digital circular content is another way to attract more consumers. Key Ring also optimizes digital feeds from retailers and places them in the hands of customers to get more eyeballs on your products. With so many customizable ways to promote your brand, joining Key Ring is a smart move for marketing to mobile users.

“Key Ring Express is kind of like your easy button when you’re out and about,” Addie said.

11 Million Shoppers are Waiting to Learn About Your Brand

By solving a simple yet common problem, Chris’ mobile-wallet epiphany has transformed the way over 11 million shoppers store their stacks of loyalty cards. Reaping the rewards from loyalty programs is a great incentive for consumers to shop at retailers, and the number of Key Ring downloads proves that.

At the end of the day, Key Ring wants to make every customer’s shopping experience fun, relaxing, and as expense-free as it can get. Partnering with Key Ring gives you the opportunity to market to a whole new audience of mobile users who are waiting to discover your brand and the deals you offer.

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