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Jobvite’s Comprehensive Recruiting and Onboarding Platform — How Businesses Boost Candidate Engagement and Time-to-Productivity

By: Jon McDonald

The Crunch: Talent acquisition is key for businesses to keep and grow their competitive edge, but it’s also one of a company’s greatest challenges. Today’s job market favors the candidate, placing pressure on companies to recruit faster and more creatively to secure top talent before the competition. Jobvite is a platform that enables businesses to attain top talent and ensure their future success. Shifts in the market have made it increasingly difficult for companies to find and interest good prospects, let alone seamlessly integrate them into a productive workforce. With comprehensive software systems and tools that equip businesses to hire, engage, and onboard candidates quickly, Jobvite helps companies not only meet the challenges of a changing job market but also build stronger brands and better teams.

With unemployment rates below 5% and hundreds of thousands of new jobs generated every month, it’s a job-seeker’s market. More than half of the respondents in the 2015 Recruiter Nation Survey named a shortage of qualified candidates as the biggest challenge recruiters face today.

Despite the increasing complexity of the hiring atmosphere, most companies know that recruiting top talent is the best way to ensure future growth. In an effort to attract and secure the best candidates, HR departments are turning to recruiting tools for help in producing a greater number of qualified candidates.

Although a typical applicant tracking system (ATS) can make the hiring process easier, some systems are unable to handle the volume of applications companies with multi-step hiring protocols receive. When BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse — a popular chain with 150 locations and more than 10,000 employees — was having trouble sifting through and hiring qualified applicants, it sought help from Jobvite, a platform that begins by engaging potential hires and follows through to onboarding.

When BJs Restaurant and Brewhouse needed help hiring qualified workers, it turned to Jobvite.

“Our hiring process is very different from that of other companies, such as tech companies, and we have a lot of steps to go through to find the perfect restaurant manager or support employee,” BJ’s Talent Selection Manager Kelly Young said. “With our prior ATS, the system got overloaded with the influx of candidates, clogging the process and slowing our hiring workflow.”

Unable to customize its processes or receive adequate customer support, BJ’s suffered from high applicant drop-off rates, a common problem for many recruiters. By using the Jobvite platform, BJ’s streamlined and customized its hiring process, leading to more positive candidate experiences and successful recruitment.

“We have had a 30% increase in the number of candidates who apply to work with us, and, as a result, we can definitely say that the candidate experience has improved,” Kelly said. With Jobvite’s publishing tools, BJ’s has also taken its referral program beyond word-of-mouth efforts to harness the power of social networks, increasing both employee and candidate engagement in the process.

Jobvite’s mission to help recruit the best candidates is rooted in the belief that talent is a company’s most valuable resource for fueling growth. Its innovative and comprehensive ATS platform enables companies to maximize their efforts while streamlining the process from recruitment to onboarding. As a result, Jobvite is helping businesses adapt and thrive in the face of an evolving job market.

Hire Better Candidates With More Advanced Recruiting Capabilities Than a Standard ATS

As BJ’s experience illustrates, each company’s recruiting process is unique. Without the right system capabilities, or the option to customize them, routine tasks can quickly become frustrating and time-consuming.

Jobvite Hire responds to the challenges of complex recruiting tasks with automated and customizable features that speed up the hiring process and enable businesses to manage applicants more efficiently. Hiring managers can search applications, sort résumés, automate emails, and schedule follow-ups with promising candidates.

Jobvite Hire automates many recruiting tasks to make the hiring process more thorough and efficient.

By using Jobvite Hire, businesses can advertise and build their unique brand identity through an integrated LinkedIn career site with customizable application forms. Companies can keep a competitive edge with analytics and reports that offer insights into how many visits a career site is receiving, where the best recruits are coming from, and how often job openings are shared on social channels. With this information, HR departments can adjust methods to maximize their resources and fill positions faster.

In the new job market, retailers are tasked with attracting employees through various recruitment techniques that have started to resemble marketing. Jobvite Hire accelerates a company’s efforts with recruitment marketing, extending listings on key job boards like Indeed, SimplyHired, and even Twitter feeds for greater visibility into applicant pools.

All of Jobvite Hire’s features make the process smooth, customizable, and help businesses craft a proactive, socially connected recruiting strategy that quickly attracts the best talent in their verticals.

Manage Relationships and Engage Talent Through Campaigns and Social Media

Good customer relationships benefit brand image and business growth, but so does favorable engagement with prospective employees. With applicants no longer lining up with their résumés, it’s vital for companies to take the initiative in finding and connecting with prospects — even those who aren’t actively searching. Office Vibe reports that 75% of the professional workforce is made up of passive candidates who would consider leaving their job if something better came along, and the best place to find them is through active campaigns and social channels.

With Jobvite Engage, businesses have tools for finding, contacting, and managing relationships with candidates in a way that fosters a good reputation and draws top talent.

With Jobvite Engage, businesses can actively connect with potential hires — even through social media.

Engage’s Candidate Relationship Management (CRM) system fully integrates with any ATS to streamline the process of accessing and organizing data about recruitment activities by source and campaign, while maintaining clear contact histories. With the Talent Search and Capture feature, it’s easier for recruiting managers to pinpoint specific individuals by location and other qualifications to target efforts more precisely.

Many businesses recognize the importance of social media profiles for attracting and reaching out to prospects, and Engage Social Recruiting simplifies the task of measuring engagement with all social channels. Engage also includes point-and-click Facebook applications that take prospects directly to a company’s CRM page.

Finally, Engage includes campaign management tools, recruiting intelligence metrics, and source referral reporting so businesses can actively track and adjust their efforts in response to how and where they are successfully connecting with qualified candidates.

Efficient Onboarding Leads to Greater Employee Productivity

Even if a company quickly fills an open position, an inefficient and disengaged onboarding process can cost valuable productivity and result in high turnover. One in four new employees leaves within the first year – often because of a poor onboarding experience. Even if they do stick, data shows that it takes an average of two years before new hires are fully productive.

Jobvite Onboard takes the next step in transforming prospects into employees by helping new recruits feel connected to company culture and equipped to succeed in their new career, improving time-to-productivity while building a team of loyal talent.

Jobvite Onboard goes beyond recruiting to efficiently bring a new employee in and boost time-to-productivity.

Fully integrated with Jobvite Hire, Onboard facilitates a seamless transition for new employees and their recruiters. Employee portals provide a brand-specific, graphic-rich orientation that can be customized to the individual’s role, department, and location, with ready access to training tools and resources, even from a mobile device. Managers can use Onboard to automate task management and quickly assess an employee’s progress at a glance.

And because Onboard comes equipped with standard employment verification and tax withholding forms, businesses automatically reduce printing and storage expenses while setting an environmentally friendly example.

Branding and Sharing Tools Bring Quality Applicants to You

With its comprehensive platform, Jobvite makes the hiring process easier for recruiters. But an additional range of tools helps companies make more informed hiring decisions, solidify brand image, and utilize the best recruitment sources.

Using Jobvite Video integrated with Hire, recruiting managers can conduct in-person interviews with applicants remotely, then catalog and compare top interviewees to make quality decisions company-wide.

To draw in passive candidates, Jobvite Brand integrates with Jobvite career sites so companies can get creative in designing an entirely branded, multimedia experience for every visitor across multiple devices. Jobvite Refer also helps businesses take advantage of one of their key recruitment sources – referrals from happy employees.

Using a Refer profile to easily broadcast Jobvites across all their social sites, employees can get involved in the recruiting effort, while managers can track this activity and reward participation.

Built to Help Businesses Scale While Maintaining a Seamless Workflow

Acquiring top talent is vital to growth, but it’s also one of the greatest challenges a business faces. To find the best employees, companies need to compete with other brands, adjust to shifting candidate pools, and accommodate the costs of marketing recruitment and efficient onboarding.

Despite these challenges, Jobvite helps companies like BJ’s streamline the process of sourcing, hiring, and integrating the staff needed to grow their current business models and build into the future.

With tools that enable companies to create a brand image, reach out through social channels, and engage meaningfully with both new and prospective recruits, Jobvite’s recruiting software is helping businesses build the talent pipeline required for growth and success.

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