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From Customer Communities to Intranets: Jive Earns Our Editor’s Retail Choice Award™ for Collaborative Software Solutions

By: Levi Horowitz

The Crunch: Despite advances in technology, internal collaboration among employees in a global workforce remains a challenge for growing business. Externally, connecting customers with the right information and support is just as vital. Jive Software builds solutions for businesses to streamline and accelerate both types of communication. With Jive-n, employees can communicate, collaborate, and stay integrated with their company through a secure intranet regardless of location or system. On the customer support side, Jive-x creates an active community where businesses can provide fast, accurate customer service and implement personalized marketing to drives sales and keep consumers engaged. For creating environments that fuel both employee and customer connections, Jive Software has earned our Editor’s Retail Choice Award for Collaborative Software Solutions.

Effective business collaboration has always been key to improving productivity and providing superior customer satisfaction. But, as businesses and organizations grow — often globally — so do the challenges of communication among employees and with customers. Many employees now work remotely or in different locations across the globe, and that disconnection can easily become a hindrance to accomplishing tasks and reaching goals.

Jive Software has built solutions for both internal and external communication to help bridge gaps and restore connectivity. Jive’s collaborative intranet software — named Jive-n — aims to improve company productivity and overall employee engagement by providing a hub where businesses can efficiently complete HR tasks, gather and analyze data in diverse formats, and work together to make decisions.

When global communications company T-Mobile decided to take a significant leap by eliminating service contracts on mobile devices — meaning no penalties for switching providers — the company knew it would need to enhance its customer service. With no contracts, the main incentives for customers to stay with T-Mobile became satisfaction and brand loyalty. T-Mobile turned to Jive Software not only for a highly functional internal collaboration system but also for a robust customer community platform in Jive-x, the company’s consumer-facing platform.

Streamlining customer support resources from multiple web platforms into one, Jive-x makes it possible to provide fast, efficient customer service and fully engage an entire user community during their product research and purchasing process.  Jive-x made an immediate impact on the speed and accuracy of T-Mobile’s support, improving customer satisfaction by 30% and making a 40% improvement in call deflection.

“Jive is mission-critical for us,” said Krissy Espindola, T-Mobile’s Director of Knowledge Management and Social Customer Support. “It’s the foundation of everything we do.”

For its innovative tools that are bringing businesses’ internal and external communities together and empowering greater efficiency and engagement, Jive earns our Editor’s Retail Choice Award for Collaborative Software Solutions.

How Jive-x Fosters a Community of Engaged Consumers

Good customer support leads to greater brand loyalty and continued engagement, which is why it remains the lifeline of business-to-consumer transactions.

By providing a single resource for product research and collaboration, Jive helps businesses meet customer needs and drive sales, while also benefiting from feedback and product experience analytics.

Helping Customers Move Quickly from Research to Purchase

A consumer receives information from many sources before making a purchase — from product documentation to marketing messages and peer input. Companies using a Jive-x customer hub can help consumers find fast answers to product questions and help them move confidently to the point of purchase.

Jive-x organizes product answers in three categories — official, correct, and outdated — so customers can be certain they are getting the best information. The in-depth ratings and review capabilities of the Jive-x platform further inform buying decisions with the collective experiences of other customers.

Jive-x not only enables businesses to provide customers with information but also encourages engagement across channels. From videos to group discussions to live events, customers feel more connected to products and services, leading to stronger brand loyalty. And with personalized profiles that connect users within a community, Jive-x feels more like a social media experience than a customer support network.

And Jive-x helps retailers solve other problems with its intuitive interface. Customers frequently abandon a transaction if they have difficulty navigating a login portal or can’t find where to purchase the product. The single sign-on (SSO) capability of Jive-x, as well as easy customer registration, can reduce that number of abandoned accounts and lost sales. Jive-x’s personalized marketing capabilities, customer analytics, and integration with e-commerce tools make it easier to convert customer leads into sales and loyal brand followers.

Built-In Support Tools for Self-Service and Collaboration

Jive-x is also easy for business owners to implement, as its customer support tools are ready to configure right out of the box. Companies can then devote fewer resources to call centers and other types of support thanks to the ease with which a consumer can find answers on their own.

The Jive-x platform makes it easy for consumers to find answers and interact with a branded community.

Jive-x’s search capability draws from different resources to find the information a customer needs. Even when a question yields no search results, Jive-x prompts users to ask others in the community and follows up as soon as their question is answered.

Encouraging customers to rely on the support of others within the brand community and allowing those with product knowledge to share it with others inspires collaboration and builds a stronger network. Jive-x further incentivizes peer support by issuing awards and badges to signify those whose helpful input has promoted them to leadership roles as community moderators and resident experts.

Interactive and Integrated: Jive-n Provides a Robust Internal Network

Just as Jive-x builds customer communities and creates a collaborative environment for learning, interaction, and informed decision-making, Jive-n Interactive Intranet provides an enterprise solution that allows employees to do the same.

Jive-n integrates both people and resources, making it easier for employees to collaborate with colleagues regardless of location or differences in software and systems.

With ready-to-run sales enablement, HR and onboarding pages, and an IT Help Desk, Jive-n has the tools employees need to interact and work together. And with quick access to relevant documents and customer support information in the same place, employees can better serve consumers, too. Jive-n also serves to distribute timely news with customizable newsfeed pages that allow business owners to provide employees with information based on role or department, keeping everyone up-to-date on the latest policies and business goals.

By streamlining all aspects of business communication, Jive-n keeps company expansion from leading to disconnection. Instead, it allows growth to become an opportunity for even greater productivity and better engagement.

Jive Helps Drive Customer Satisfaction, Loyalty, and Retention

The ability to collaborate is vital to workplace productivity and customer satisfaction, especially when a company faces the challenges of growth and connecting business branches and systems. With Jive Software, T-Mobile was able to take the risk of shifting focus to the customer experience. Using Jive-n and Jive-x has rewarded the global communications giant with a substantial improvement in customer satisfaction.

Jive-x communities help companies like T-Mobile provide superior service while enabling customers to become a vital part of the business brand through self-service, peer support, and valuable feedback. Meanwhile, Jive-n creates an intranet that connects a company’s internal community for faster decision-making, more engaged employees, and heightened productivity.

For providing innovative tools that help businesses build and strengthen both internal and external networks — thus laying the foundation for customer success — Jive Software earns our Editor’s Retail Choice Award for Collaborative Software solutions.

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Levi Horowitz is an analytics professional who studies consumer behavior and audience retention in retail and other industries. In addition to this research, Levi works with a wide variety of retailers on optimizing their online placements to reach deal-minded consumers.

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