A Commitment to Personalized Support and Pricing Integrity Makes HostMetro a Top Choice for Growing SMBs
Posted: 4.20.18 Business Solutions

A Commitment to Personalized Support and Pricing Integrity Makes HostMetro a Top Choice for Growing SMBs

By: Jessica Sommerfield

The Crunch: Modern entrepreneurs juggle many early-stage responsibilities, and one of the most critical is creating a business website. But when web services are too costly, or a host experiences a significant amount of downtime, small businesses can be hurt the worst. That is why they need an affordable web hosting partner with responsive, personalized support. HostMetro’s all-inclusive hosting plans and email-only service, MetroMail, give business owners affordable, simplified options to create a professional online presence without advanced technical knowledge. With its Price Lock Guarantee and focus on customer support, HostMetro sets itself apart as a web hosting partner that knows the needs of SMBs and is committed to their success.

In the early days of launching a new business, entrepreneurs must balance their time between building an audience and building business infrastructure. As the retail marketplace continues to shift online, a top priority for accomplishing both of those goals is setting up a website and learning how to use digital marketing tools.

A website can help a budding business build brand awareness and connect with new customers, but unexpected hosting bills or even short periods of downtime can have a much deeper impact on small businesses than they have on larger established companies. A singular problem can mean the difference between staying viable or joining the 20 to 50% of small businesses that fail within the first five years.

Small businesses need affordable, supportive web hosting that allows them to learn as they go, and HostMetro’s team draws from a collective 40 years of experience in the industry to provide SMBs with personalized support.

“We started as a small business, so we understand what’s necessary to get a modern-day business up and running and readily available to everyone,” said Hazel Dombrowski, HostMetro’s Marketing Specialist.

While small businesses often choose large hosting companies for their low introductory prices and extra features, those hosts’ regular pricing models often exceed the constraints of a small business budget. And the volume of clients these businesses handle can negatively impact the quality of their customer service.

“An issue with larger hosting companies is that they tend to be less personal — especially in their support,” Hazel said. “We offer a more personal approach and know it’s important to remember that, while it may just be one client on our side, it’s their whole business. If they have a problem with their website, they need someone who’s going to understand that it’s a big deal to them.”

HostMetro’s straightforward pricing and products give small businesses what they need to get online now — with the options and flexibility they need to scale in the future. By providing a partnership that emphasizes personalized support, integrity, and value, HostMetro helps SMBs position themselves for success in the online marketplace.

Affordable Hosting Includes a Free Domain and Business Email

Host Metro offers two full web hosting plans that include essentials for creating a business website and establishing a strong online presence — from free domain registration, site transfer, and site builders, to unlimited websites and business email accounts.

The right website name can help a new business stand out in the vastness of cyberspace. Since many entrepreneurs that come to HostMetro are new to domains and web hosting, the company provides a page of helpful tips for how to choose the right domain name and extension based on their type of business and brand.

Both hosting plans include HostMetro’s maximum storage and bandwidth, and 95% of the company’s small-business clients never exceed the initial quota. If clients reach 90% of their bandwidth or storage space, they can contact HostMetro support to receive an expansion at no additional charge.

While the Mega Max Plan includes e-commerce carts and access to other web-based software tools for business, the Super Max Plan adds search engine optimization (SEO) and security features such as SSL certification and SiteLock Seal. These features can be strategic for businesses looking to increase both visibility and credibility with an audience.

Registering a domain and choosing a web hosting plan are two important first steps to operating an online operation, but they aren’t necessary for all small businesses. With the growth of social networking, many SMBs use a social media page to advertise their brand and access a built-in audience of followers. But a significant component is often missing in that set-up — a professional business email account.

“We noticed that many small businesses were operating through free email accounts, which doesn’t instill confidence in customers. We recently started offering an email-only hosting service so owners can register a domain and get professional business emails, even if they don’t need a website,” Hazel said.

MetroMail allows small businesses to communicate with a professionalism that builds trust while only paying for the service they need. These accounts also offer greater security and spam blocking capabilities than do free email services, which can save time and protect a business — and its clients — from phishing scams.

RVsitebuilder and WordPress Support Simplified Website Creation

Small business owners don’t always have advanced programming knowledge or an IT department to set up and manage a website. That’s why HostMetro includes software in its plans to make that easy to accomplish without specialized skills.

Both the Mega Max and Super Max Plans come with cPanel — a popular website control panel with a user-friendly interface — along with a free drag-and-drop site builder and WordPress support.

RVsitebuilder, HostMetro’s standard sitebuilder, is ideal for businesses that need only a simple, static website, while WordPress — the content management system used by 30% of all websites — is a better option for businesses that need to update content on web pages or blogs frequently.

“Our customer base is mostly SMBs and solopreneurs, so we support WordPress because it’s a good fit for all of them,” Hazel said. “Many small businesses are using WordPress for its ease of use and versatility. It has thousands of free and paid themes and operates like any blog or social media they’ve used before, so people can update their own website without having to learn a new system or hire a developer.”

HostMetro’s web hosting plans support WordPress with an easy installation process. But, if business owners need help, they can contact the HostMetro support team, which will walk them through the process over the phone — or even install it for them.

Combined with affordable hosting plans and free domain registration, access to simplified website building tools — and support in using them — give HostMetro’s business clients an all-inclusive solution for getting their business online.

Metro Max Guarantee Gives SMBs Choice & Consistent Pricing

HostMetro’s commitment to its clients is outlined in its Metro Max Guarantee — Max Service, Max Features, Full Money Back, and Price Lock. These guarantees offer SMBs the predictability they need in crucial stages of launch or growth, as well as the freedom to change their minds as they learn through experience.

The Money-Back Guarantee reflects HostMetro’s respect for the importance of choosing a web host that’s a good fit.

“We don’t want to punish people who are trying hosting out for the first time and don’t know all the mechanics or what they want. We want them to be able to sign up and test it out to see if the cost and the level of service are right for their business without having to worry about how much money they paid,” Hazel said. “We don’t want to restrict them to staying with us if it’s truly not going to work for them. Ultimately, what’s best for their business is in their hands.”

Pricing competition in the web hosting industry is fierce, and this is where HostMetro’s Price Lock Guarantee sets it apart.

Screenshot of HostMetro Metro Max guarantee

Some companies advertise low introductory rates to attract new customers and list regular rates where customers don’t notice them — until they receive a renewal bill.

“I’ve seen renewal bills for up to $400 for standard hosting. Larger businesses don’t look as closely at the numbers, but with SMBs,  it becomes a choice between paying rent and paying for a website, and they shouldn’t have to choose.” Hazel said. “Both are necessities to their business. We wanted to bring people the consistency of knowing exactly how much they’re going to be charged — it’s right there on the front page.”

Even if HostMetro clients need to make changes to their websites or payment plan, they’ll always be charged the service rate they originally agreed to.

“That’s what hosting is worth to their business and livelihood, and that’s what they should continue to pay,” Hazel said. “Big bills can harm a small business, so we want to keep things consistent. We don’t think their website should have to go down just because they can’t afford to pay a tripled or quadrupled renewal fee. It’s something we do differently than almost any host we’ve seen.”

Hosting Catered to SMB Scalability, Service, and Ease of Deployment

Modern small business owners have access to simplified digital tools, and setting up a website to reach an online audience is also becoming easier. But new brands are still susceptible to growing pains in the early years and at every new stage of expansion. For new businesses to succeed online, they need a web hosting partner that provides dependable and personalized support, affordable services and tools, and a commitment to helping them succeed.

In an industry that often lacks transparency, HostMetro’s straightforward guarantees promise small businesses that their hosting services will always be affordable, their choice to make the best decision will be honored, and their website’s success is the top priority.

“Updating our support system has made it easier for us to help clients right away instead of asking questions — it’s an immediate linkup to their account from the email that we send them, so we can jump right into helping them. It’s been an enormous improvement.” Hazel Dombrowski, HostMetro’s Marketing Specialist

To better serve its small business clients, HostMetro continues to develop its technology. Most recently, it updated its entire support system to improve efficiency and response time.

“Updating our support system has made it easier for us to help clients right away instead of asking questions — it’s an immediate linkup to their account from the email that we send them, so we can jump right into helping them. It’s been an enormous improvement,” Hazel said.

HostMetro also updated its order form to make the enrollment process simpler and faster for business clients.

“Many businesses want this service, but they don’t know — or don’t understand — what they need to sign up for. Based on what we’ve learned about our clientele, we developed the best way to present it to them,” Hazel said.

While other web hosts differentiate themselves with special features, HostMetro understands what’s essential to getting small businesses online as quickly and cost-effectively as possible — with room to grow.

“We have options for scalability, and we’re building more. We’re upgrading all our software and servers, and we’re getting everything up to date to offer the latest technological advances.” Hazel said. “In our experience, small-business owners aren’t looking for all the bells and whistles. Maybe that’s good for other business models, but ours is focused on small-business owners and solo practitioners who are just looking for consistency and reliability.”