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HomeAdvisor’s Online Marketplace Connects More Than 35 Million Homeowners to Trusted Home Improvement Pros

By: Lindsey Carman

The Crunch: Since 1999, HomeAdvisor has been one of the largest online networks connecting more than 35 million homeowners to pre-screened home-improvement professionals  for free. Consumers can read reviews on hundreds of local professionals offering over 500 services, like in-home repairs and renovations. HomeAdvisor matches the right business to customers, helping professionals build their clientele and online presence. The online marketplace also offers free resources like the True Cost Guide and ProReviews to help consumers and pros get the job done together at the right price. 

Harold Whymeyer never thought he’d be the victim of construction fraud. His house, on a quiet street in South Scranton, Pennsylvania, was getting older and needed roofing repairs, so the 72-year-old man hired a contracting business run by a man and his girlfriend. Whymeyer paid the couple $11,000 in advance, without thinking he’d run into any issues. But the repairs weren’t finished, and Whymeyer never got his money back.

With 10 percent of construction costs accounting for fraud every year, this story is a snapshot of home-improvement horror stories that take place across the country. Whether it’s paying an inflated price for a job or receiving shoddy work, thousands of homeowners get scammed by unethical construction businesses every year. Hiring a pre-screened home-improvement professional is more important than ever, but homeowners can’t do it alone.

Enter HomeAdvisor, an online marketplace that connects more than 35 million homeowners to home-improvement professionals. Consumers can use this all-in-one resource to find the right professional, while professionals can expand their local clientele by listing their services. Enhancing the home-improvement process starts with connecting homeowners to the appropriate professional, and that’s exactly what HomeAdvisor offers — for free.

HomeAdvisor ProFinder Allows Homeowners to Find Help for Free

Finding the right person for the job is as easy as filling out a few questions with HomeAdvisor ProFinder. To start the process, homeowners select a project category that best matches their home repair or improvement needed, then HomeAdvisor sifts through more than 100,000 service professionals in 500 categories to find the perfect match. Once the submitted questionnaire is processed, consumers receive information on four pre-screened home-improvement professionals. All matches are pre-approved, and the hired help is available to start as early as the next day. After consumers pick their preferences, the professional will contact the customer, or vice versa if homeowners prefer to contact them.

“We want to be that name that comes to mind, not only when you’re looking to hire a professional, but also when [consumers are] just looking for information or advice on a home project,” said Steffanie Finkiewicz, the Public Relations Manager at HomeAdvisor.

HomeAdvisor serves as an online space that connects homeowners to pros.

In addition to offering ProFinder, HomeAdvisor provides other free resources that consumers can use to find the right help: ProReviews and True Cost Guide. Homeowners can view local pro ratings and honest reviews by real customers in the ProReviews section. After selecting a category or entering a zip code, reviews on services ranging from cleaning and maid services to painters are available for consumers to look through. Each review pulls up a short profile with the company’s photos, ratings, and a list of quick facts. Having this easy-to-access source keeps customers out of the dark when hiring professionals.

The True Cost Guide is like every consumer’s handy cheat sheet; they can quickly enter any service and zip code into the search bar, then compare what customers are paying for the same service in their area. Over 300 types of projects and more than 1 million reported costs on True Cost Guide make selecting a professional a simple process with HomeAdvisor’s help.

HomeAdvisor Premium: Homeowners Can Hire Project Advisors for $25/Month

For consumers who’re seeking an extra helping hand during the entire home-improvement process, HomeAdvisor Premium offers customers the option to hire a dedicated Project Advisor for just $25 a month. Basically, the Project Advisor does all the work for consumers — including connecting them to professionals, scheduling appointments, providing multiple quotes, and overseeing the job until it meets the customer’s satisfaction standards.

“For homeowners, we try to be a full-service marketplace,” Steffanie said.

HomeAdvisor Premium is a great upgrade for busy customers who aren’t able to manage a project’s every detail. New customers who sign up can even get the first month for free.

HomeAdvisor Pro Brings the Right Customers to Professionals

For home-improvement professionals, HomeAdvisor is a resource to advertise select skill sets and find customers who need specific services. Instead of searching for work by word-of-mouth, professionals can grow their clientele with HomeAdvisor Pro, which is a simple advertising platform with access to millions of customers.

Professionals can trust HomeAdvisor to help them build their local clientele.

After signing up on HomeAdvisor Pro, professionals can receive multiple requests every day. Some projects are available as early as the next day. Staying in control of lead preferences and budgets helps keep home repair and renovation professionals a step ahead of local competitors, making HomeAdvisor Pro an essential accessory for their tool belt.

If professionals offer fair fees, do great work, and provide a positive interaction, customers will usually write a review and praise them on HomeAdvisor. Getting exposure on the web is one of the best ways professionals can increase their clientele and overall reputation, and HomeAdvisor does it for just a small fee per lead.

Getting the Job Done for Homeowners & Professionals Alike

HomeAdvisor is committed to helping millions of homeowners complete home-improvement projects every year by matching them with dedicated and licensed professionals. The company believes consumers should never be victims of construction fraud and professionals should find the right customers, HomeAdvisor continues to help millions of homeowners complete home-improvement projects every year. With an array of free resources and tools, consumers and professionals can trust HomeAdvisor to get the job done from start to finish.

“HomeAdvisor really is an end-to-end solution both for homeowners and for service professionals,” Finkiewicz said. “We really try to focus on being the go-to for both audiences.”

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