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Turning Needs into Reality: Griffin Technology Engineers Consumer Electronics Accessories to Solve User Pain Points

By: Jon McDonald

The Crunch: When consumers buy a new piece of technology, they often want to customize it with accessories that the manufacturer doesn’t offer. Since 1992, Griffin Technology has been making those accessories — from cables to cases to FM transmitters — giving consumers the ability to customize and enhance many of the products they love. And as technology evolves, Griffin is continuously designing and developing the accessories that customers need for every new device they purchase — even if that device is a connected toaster. 

I purchased my first iPod in 2006 — a black, fifth-generation model with a 60GB capacity and the ability to display video. At the time, it was state-of-the-art technology, and I wanted to find as many uses for it as I could.

Since I spent most of my time in my car, I researched the cost of installing an adapter. I felt a little deflated when I found out I would need an expensive new car stereo system, and the iPod would be plugged into the glove compartment — where it would be less accessible.

But a few weeks later my luck changed as I came across the RoadTrip, a hands-free FM transmitter dock made by Griffin Technology that plugged into a car’s charging outlet. The product would keep the iPod front-and-center in my car’s console and play the music directly through the radio — at a fraction of the price. That accessory became a part of my car and gave my iPod a new life as a mobile jukebox. Eventually, I bought a new car, with a more compatible stereo, but I will always remember my RoadTrip as an accessory that enhanced the enjoyment of my first iPod.

Since 1992, the mission of Griffin Technology has been to make accessories that give consumers new ways to use the products they own and love. The company makes products — such as chargers, cases, FM transmitters, and audio equipment — for mobile devices, tablets, laptops, activity trackers, and, yes, even iPods. Griffin’s journey began with the desire to make digital connections in the early days of computing.

“Our first products were adapters for display monitors — creating connections between different types of devices for the tight-knit tech community,” said Scott Naylor, Vice President of Product Development at Griffin Technology. “They were born out of a desire to make technology do more, and work better together.”

Making electronics accessories that users need is the company’s goal, and to have been in business for well over two decades is a testament to how responsive the company has been to consumer demand. And Griffin Technology continues to develop products that are made to protect, support, and enhance the next generation of popular technologies.

Griffin Evolves with Tech to Create Accessories Consumers Desire

Technology has evolved exponentially since 1992, and Griffin has grown alongside tech advances by finding ways to make devices more functional. And as the hardware improves, keeping up with it can be a challenge, which is why two years can feel like a business lifetime.

“Every 18 to 24 months can feel like a milestone, with a whole new range of devices to protect, accessorize, and consumer pain points to solve,” Scott said. “After 25 years and counting, we feel honored to be a part of this industry.”

Griffin began with power and connectivity cables, becoming widely known for charging and syncing solutions before developing more groundbreaking accessories like FM transmitters — including the iTrip — and its line of rugged, military-grade mobile device cases in its Survivor series. These accessories have provided Griffin with a successful foundation, helping the company expand into power banks and even audio solutions.

At the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show, Griffin Technology introduced a connected toaster, beacon, and coffee maker.

And the company is constantly searching to find the next accessories consumers will need. At the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show, Griffin unveiled a line products for the home that connect to devices and tablets via mobile applications. Among the products are a connected coffee maker, power beacon, mirror, and even a toaster.

The home beacon Griffin introduced, called the PowerBlock Beacon, is a smart charger that sends alerts to a mobile device or tablet via Bluetooth when its power is running low.

While connecting with a toaster or coffee maker may seem like far-off needs, Griffin Technology sees a future where they could be commonplace, so the company designed and developed them the same way it has its other products: with consumer convenience in mind.

From Charging Cables to Cases, New Products Developed In-House

Griffin’s long-standing success is a product of consistency, as the company has had an internal creative and development process since its inception.

“Griffin products are still conceived, designed, and developed in-house, the same way they were 25 years ago,” Scott said. “We always put the person at the core of our design process, focusing not just on what the product is, but how they will use it and what pain point it solves for them.”

Cases and cables are necessary staples for anyone who owns a phone, but Griffin revels in solving the technological problems that consumers will have in the future. The company’s design mantra is “to champion thoughtful design for all,” and Scott tells us that each product, no matter how simple, must meet that goal.

Griffin Technology products include a line of rugged Survivor phone cases, breakaway charging cables, and FM transmitters.

“We believe every person deserves to have the same level of creativity, ingenuity, and quality put into everything they choose to use — from the most basic charging cable to the most rugged phone case,” he said. “We always focus on how we can make their experience with technology better. Sometimes that is aesthetic, other times it’s the smallest feature detail that makes all the difference.”

Growing From a Singular Goal to Make Technology Work Better

Sometimes, a useful accessory can give a device a new look, a new life, or a new purpose. The RoadTrip did just that for my iPod, as I used it in my car every day for nearly five years. Griffin Technology designs each of its products to meet a need for consumers so they can have the same satisfying experience.

Whether a customer needs an FM transmitter, a Survivor case that can withstand a 10-foot fall, or a Breaksafe charging cable that will safely release if they trip over it, Griffin has a product to meet that need.

“We continue to be focused on creating ingenious designs that power, connect, and protect consumer technology,” Scott said. “Our goal is to make your experience with tech better.”

For over 25 years, Griffin has been providing consumers with durable, innovative accessories to enhance their technology. And in the future, if a consumer needs a connected toaster, mirror, or coffee maker, Griffin Technology expects to provide those as well.

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