Goodshop’s Gumdrop Browser Extension Automatically Applies Coupons at Checkout While Donating to Your Favorite Causes
Posted: 6.23.17 Online Savings

Goodshop’s Gumdrop Browser Extension Automatically Applies Coupons at Checkout While Donating to Your Favorite Causes

By: Adam West

The Crunch: Combining savings with philanthropy, Goodshop has made a name for itself as a company that creates win-win online shopping experiences that not only helps users save money but also enables them to donate to causes at no extra cost. The platform has gone a step further with a browser extension that simplifies the search for coupon codes. Introduced early this year, Gumdrop takes 30 seconds to install and ensures shoppers are getting the best deals at their favorite retail sites while still allowing users to support or create causes by donating a percentage of every purchase. Goodshop has raised more than $12 million for important causes over the past 11 years, and Gumdrop is quickly adding to that total.

Finding the best coupons to apply toward online purchases used to take time and effort. As technology has evolved, modern browser extensions have surfaced that do the legwork for you in the background. However, one goes a step further by supporting charities in the process.

Goodshop (formerly known as Goodsearch) created its Gumdrop extension to simplify what it’s already known for: turning everyday online shopping into an altruistic event.

We recently spoke to JJ Ramberg, the Founder of Goodshop, who is also known as the host of longtime MSNBC show, Your Business. JJ told us a lot of work went into the extension, but it’s something she and her team were passionate about as they all love coupons as much as the next savvy consumer and wanted to simplify the process of saving money while contributing to important causes.

Portrait of JJ Ramberg, Founder of Goodshop

Goodshop Founder JJ Ramberg told us Gumdrop came out of a desire to simplify online savings.

“We knew that people loved the coupons we had on Goodshop so our next step was to make the process of using those coupons as easy as possible,” JJ said. “That’s where Gumdrop comes it. It finds and applies the best coupon for you at checkout so you don’t have to do a thing!”

After downloading the extension through popular browsers, like Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and Internet Explorer, consumers can continue to shop at their favorite e-commerce sites. From Target and 1-800-Flowers to Apple and Kohl’s, Gumdrop finds discount codes at most of the heavy hitters in retail and automatically donates a percentage to the cause of your choice once a purchase is made.

The organizations shoppers can support include global charities, like the American Red Cross and The Salvation Army. But users can also set up donations to causes near and dear to their hearts, for instance, helping pay expensive medical bills for a member of the community.

“Like GoFundMe, users can create or support any cause they’d like — whether that’s a national cause like The American Cancer Society or a personal one like raising funds for medical care,” JJ said. “You can let all your friends know about Gumdrop for that cause and they can all use it to help the cause, too.”

Gumdrop Saves Time & Money by Auto-Applying the Best Coupons

When Goodshop built Gumdrop, the company married two key pieces: cutting-edge technology and a vast database of more than 500,000 deals that can be redeemed at online stores of the world’s most popular retailers.

“The key to this is that it does not cost the consumer anything — neither money nor time,” JJ said. “We have been obsessed with making this product work so that you can be sure that when you shop, the best coupons out there are automatically discovered and applied to your purchase.”

Once a consumer has downloaded Gumdrop, the extension remains in the background until an online shopper is ready to check out. Hunting down promo codes typically required consumers to open a new tab, search for a code, copy or memorize it, and enter it into the field for coupons on a payments page, while you crossed your fingers and hoped the code would be valid. Gumdrop automates this whole process, finding the best coupon, verifying it, and entering it into the field for you.

“You don’t have to do the checking of the coupons yourself anymore,” JJ said. “It’s done automatically for you. Gumdrop automatically puts in the coupon code that’s going to get you the best savings and saves a whole other step.”

Goodshop was inspired to create Gumdrop based on industry insight as well as listening to customer feedback on what they wanted out of the platform.

“What we know is that people want savings, so any way that we can get it to them in whatever makes it as easy as possible for them, then we know we’re serving our customers,” JJ said.

More than $12 Million Raised for Global Charities and Local Causes

Goodshop has lived up to its name over the past decade by doing a lot of good in the world. The platform is responsible for more than $12 million in donations to more than 114,000 nonprofits and schools.

“Our company was founded 11 years ago on this foundation of giving back and making it part of the company,” JJ said. “So what makes us different than competitors is all users have the ability to choose a cause, whether it’s a national cause, like American Cancer Society or ASPCA, or a local cause, like your kid’s school or a homeless shelter, or even a personal cause. You can create one, like raising money for a playground, and then a percentage of what you spend automatically goes back to that cause at no cost to you.”

What JJ is describing is Goodshop Give, which was introduced in December 2016. Inspired by the crowdfunding movement and platforms like GoFundMe, Goodshop and its Gumdrop extension support causes of all sizes through shopfunding, allowing people to set up personal causes and share them with friends. Once a charity or cause has what it needs, Goodshop users can easily shift support to another one through their profiles.

Americans spend a lot of money shopping online. In fact, US e-commerce sales reached $394.86 billion in 2016. If an average of 3% of those sales were funneled back into causes through Goodshop, these charities would see a combined windfall of $118 million. Imagine how much positive influence could come out of that type of investment in resources.

Screenshot from the Goodshop Give page

Goodshop users can choose from thousands of worthwhile causes to support through online shopping.

As impressive as those numbers are, the real-world impact comes when you look at who has actually benefited from Goodshop and its Gumdrop extension. No cause is too large or too small on Goodshop, and the freedom to choose where your shopping dollars are going is an important piece of the equation.

For instance, the ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) has received nearly $70,000 in Goodshop donations, while the Concord Chamber Orchestra is using Goodshop to raise money to bring its founder back to Milwaukee to serve as guest conductor for a concert series.

A Vast Coupon Database and Cutting-Edge Technology Simplifies Saving — and Giving

While Goodshop has been combining coupon savings and philanthropy for more than a decade, its Gumdrop extension personifies the company’s commitment to innovation and improving customer experience.

“It took a lot of work, and we’ve been at it for years,” JJ said. “So we’ve really become experts in this space — both the coupon side and the technology side of things. We are constantly perfecting what we have to just make it better for our users.”

Through a simple, 30-second setup process of Gumdrop on the browser of your choice, you’ll be able to shop at your favorite retail sites and know that you’re maximizing savings without any effort. And not only that, you’ll feel good about knowing that a cause you care about is receiving additional resources.

“Number one, we want to make sure that people get the best savings out there. So if you’re shopping, you do not miss a coupon if it’s available,” JJ said. “And number two, if people choose to, we want to make sure they have the ability to give back to a cause they care about. We want to make both of those things as easy as possible because both of them make you feel good.”