GFI Software™ Brings Enterprise-Level Security & Communications Solutions to SBMs So They Stay Ahead of Advanced Cyber Threats
6.12.17 Software

GFI Software™ Brings Enterprise-Level Security & Communications Solutions to SMBs So They Stay Ahead of Advanced Cyber Threats

By: Jon McDonald

The Crunch: Nearly half of all cyber attacks target small businesses because criminals see them as easy targets. While enterprises have large IT departments devoted to fending off the most sophisticated attacks, SMBs are often left with solutions that are easily bypassed. GFI Software understands that dilemma, which is why it provides an enterprise-grade, end-to-end solution for small retailers to secure their operations. With products like GFI OneGuard to thwart advanced network attacks and GFI OneConnect to keep email and communications safe and accessible, GFI’s suite of tools gives small businesses a comprehensive solution for building and maintaining efficiency and consumer confidence.

Despite many small businesses believing their networks are secure, cyber attacks aimed at SMBs have markedly increased because of their perceived vulnerabilities. In fact, nearly half of all attacks today are aimed at small retailers, many of whom are woefully underprepared because of ineffective security solutions.

These gaps in security allow cyber criminals to infiltrate networks with malicious software that can bring business operations to an abrupt halt. Email phishing attacks take advantage of flaws in a company’s communications systems to cause havoc. And ransomware, coming from either the network or user level, can take control of a network, encrypt important files, and demand payment to restore a company’s access.

GFI Software has seen the rise in these malicious cyber attacks and builds enterprise-grade software for SMBs to secure not only their networks but also their electronic communications, so collaboration doesn’t inadvertently lead to a breach. For smaller retailers, keeping a network up and running is vital, but hackers often view those networks as unsophisticated.

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“We provide enterprise-level security features and benefits that every business needs,” said Carly Sherman, Product Marketing Manager at GFI Software. “SMBs don’t have a full staff of IT professionals managing their networks and systems, meaning they can be easy targets for hostile interactions, which can be materially damaging to their business.”

Security is vital to a business because valuable data — most importantly, that of consumers — is at risk. Small businesses can ill afford to lose the confidence of customers, which is why being proactive is key. GFI provides that security, but also goes beyond networks to enhance communications and even optimize bandwidth, giving small businesses access to a robust suite of tools to help them run with high-level efficiency.

“An enterprise can have many different solution providers for each particular area of concern,” Carly told us. “It can be difficult — and cost-prohibitive — for SMBs to bring all of those technologies together. GFI is a single-vendor solution for network security, management, communication, and collaboration to help SMBs compete.”

GFI OneGuard Centralizes Security Management with Visibility

GFI OneGuard provides antivirus protection for an entire network — using a Kaspersky Lab AV engine — and gives retailers an easy way to view their security in real time, all from one dashboard.

“Small businesses don’t have time to deal with network issues or security, so we provide all of those enterprise features without the management complexity,” Carly said.

Because of the centralized nature of GFI OneGuard, the security of an entire network — and any devices connected to it — can be controlled from a single interface. That centralization gives small business owners more control, especially if they do a lot of the IT for their own company. GFI OneGuard even allows for secure remote access.

Screenshot of GFI OneGuard dashboard

With GFI OneGuard’s intuitive dashboard, a business can see the security status of all devices connected to the network.

“Our centralized management gives you a full view of your network regardless of its physical location,” said Carly. “And we have mobile features, as well, so a retailer can have a secure network connection to run a business from home.”

And, to solidify its place as a market leader in comprehensive security, GFI acquired companies like Exinda and Kerio Technologies to make its offerings more complete. With Kerio, GFI expanded its hardware capabilities with purpose-built unified threat management devices so a retailer can be connected to their network while remaining protected — with no open gateway for malicious activity.

Kerio’s portfolio brought more diversity to GFI’s all-around security for businesses, helping GFI expand on its products to offer a more comprehensive plan — one that keeps the lines of communication open and secure for SMBs.

GFI OneConnect Protects and Archives Email with Cloud Backups

Communication is the backbone of small business. Whether it is internal, with customers, or with suppliers, a loss of connection for even a short period of time can have a lasting effect. Uptime is always important, but when it comes to connection — with customers, especially — it is vital.

GFI built a family of communications products to solve those problems. The family includes GFI OneConnect, a software that approaches communication security on two different levels. First, the software is network-focused, providing the most up-to-date spam, malware, and virus protection for emails.

“GFI’s solutions for collaboration and communication protect emails from getting hacked, spreading viruses throughout a network, or permitting any other hostile injections,” Carly said. “GFI OneConnect provides centralized management and additional layers of security for those communications.”

Screenshot of GFI OneConnect dashboard

A small retailer can protect its accounts and view the security status of email communications with GFI OneConnect.

The next layer of GFI OneConnect’s approach to communication security is access, providing email archiving and a full backup system for Exchange that maintains a connection with the information even in the event of prolonged downtime. By archiving emails in the cloud, businesses can bypass the built-in Exchange storage limits. And because GFI has a backup system on standby — built in the AWS cloud — communication continues as usual even if your email server goes down unexpectedly.

And while GFI Software focuses on small-to-medium-sized businesses, its products are built to help companies grow — while also scaling with them.

Products Designed to Promote Growth and Scale with Businesses

As a comprehensive resource for growing businesses, GFI has tools to streamline operations and spur growth. One major concern for small retailers is the bandwidth it takes to run many processes efficiently. GFI WebMonitor puts a company in control of its network traffic with monitoring, reporting, and access tools.

“Management can make sure bandwidth is not being used by employees checking social media or streaming videos,” Carly said. “Because that can take resources away from actual retail transactions.”

WebMonitor ensures critical systems function at the highest capacity and dedicates bandwidth for them because no customer likes a credit card transaction to stall because of a slow connection. That traffic control can also apply to reserving a certain amount of bandwidth for customer wifi — which can help a small retailer distinguish itself.

Screenshot of GFI WebMonitor

GFI’s WebMonitor lets a retailer take control of its bandwidth by showing where current resources are being used.

“With GFI, a business can build a guest network to provide wifi for customers and keep everything else separate,” Carly told us. “Providing a reliable network can be a big differentiator for small businesses.”

And as GFI Software encourages growth, it also grows with small businesses, keeping networks connected, secure, and manageable throughout an expansion.

“Our products are all about scalability, seamless connection, and easy network management,” Carly said. “It is imperative to set your network up for future growth, so choosing scalable solutions is essential — and so is having a strong IT partner.”

GFI has positioned itself as that strong IT partner and continues to work on its mission of being an end-to-end security, communication, and network management solution for SMBs.

A Single-Vendor Solution Helping SMBs Run At Enterprise Efficiency

Many retailers think they are too small to be the target of a cyber attack, but the reality is quite the opposite. And because of the sophistication of attacks, small businesses need comprehensive, high-level solutions to minimize risk and maximize growth — because their productivity is vital to the entire economy.

“SMBs are what make the economy run every day, and if they are not productive, it affects everything,” Carly said. “GFI’s suite of solutions provide everything businesses need, which simplifies administration, saves time, and makes implementation and management more cost effective.”

GFI gives small businesses the tools they need to keep operations running securely and productively — just like their enterprise counterparts. But instead of getting pieces of technology they have to string together, GFI provides SMBs a scalable, end-to-end solution.