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Fareportal Surpasses $4.5 Billion in Sales — a Testament to the Ease & Appeal of Its Multi-Channel Travel Booking

By: Amber Brooks

The Crunch: An online platform, Fareportal supports online and mobile travel agencies such as CheapOair and OneTravel with state-of-the-art technology. These subsidiary sites offer a convenient way to book flights, hotel rooms, car rentals, and vacation packages from almost anywhere. In partnership with 450 airlines and 200,000 hotels, Fareportal has earned $4.5 billion in revenue. With its multi-channel travel booking, Fareportal leads the way to a new kind of travel agency that’s adaptable to the average person’s busy schedule.

Back in December, my friends and I sat together on the floor of my apartment, with our laptops in front of us and plenty of pizza to go around. We were spouting off places we wanted to go for a graduation trip: Argentina, Norway, Ireland, Thailand, Turkey. Our fingers raced across our keyboards as we tried to one-up each other with better and better vacation spots.

It was all very fun — until we ran out of pizza and began to talk dollars and cents. Then it was time to glumly acknowledge that we weren’t actually taking a cruise up the coast of Italy. Our student budgets meant we had to be smarter about where and when we traveled. Buckling down, we took advantage of online booking tools to make our modified travel dreams a reality.

To help people plan great vacations within their means, Fareportal is a platform that offers an array of easy-to-use tools to get an airline ticket, hotel reservation, car rental, or vacation package.

Brijen Rajput has worked for Fareportal for almost 11 years.

Fareportal’s technology empire began in 2002 and has since taken off. Fareportal has issued tickets from over 180 countries worldwide and sees over 150 million site visitors annually on

Brijen Rajput, Senior Vice President of Online Marketing, told us that the company aims to bridge the gap between traditional travel agencies of the past and online travel agencies of the future. Fareportal is a hybrid of both — with streamlined online tools that complement 24/7 personalized booking through by over 2,000 Farportal-trained travel agents.

For businesses that want to replicate this successful business model, Fareportal Labs offer business solutions and software.

The company, as a whole, powers travel brands such as CheapOair and OneTravel with top-notch technology and time-tested experience.

Fareportal has built an impressive empire in travel booking — working in partnership with 450 airlines and 200,000 hotels worldwide — and continues to expand its suite of brands as high customer demand pushes further growth.

CheapOair, a Fareportal Offshoot, Sees 150 Million Visits Per Year

Fareportal supports a portfolio of brands which include CheapOair and OneTravel. All these sites provide easy travel arrangements for online visitors.

CheapOair, launched in 2005 as a beta version, quickly gained traction on the web. Flights remain the greatest strength and primary focus of the website, and the online booking tool simplifies travel plans by playing the role of travel agent.

“We started with 20 tickets per day,” Brijen recalled, “and now we are at tens of thousands of tickets per day.” In 2015, Fareportal earned over $4.5 billion in revenue.

Brijen works to contribute to the growth of the site through online marketing strategies, which are active in 7 countries.

“Since CheapOair launched, we kept on growing the brand,” he said, “and currently we are among the top five travel agencies in the United States.”

Pioneering Technology: The First Online Travel Agency in Android Pay

Fareportal makes a point to always stay ahead of the trends in technology. These days, that means vigorous mobile expansions and upgrades. Building a multi-channel experience, the team endeavors to make travel arrangements always accessible.

Always keeping its sights set on the horizon, Fareportal has the distinction of being the first online travel agency to offer Android Pay. “In 2010, mobile was the future; it was must-have,” he said, “so we started working on launching mobile apps immediately.” By beating out its competitors, the product was able to have a significant foothold among consumers.

Today, Fareportal has seen over 5 million downloads on Androids, iPhones, and other mobile devices. Clearly, the convenience of mobile booking tools appeals to travelers who are often on the go. As a result, the company has prioritized offering many different means to book travel and search for vacation packages.

From Las Vegas to London — A Dynamic Company With Award-Winning Customer Service

Fareportal prides itself on being a large company with a startup feel to it. According to the website, the company has 3,500 employees who have played a collective 113 games of table tennis. At these international offices, a fun work environment goes hand-in-hand with productivity. Monthly happy hours, free food, and, of course, ample travel benefits are just some of the perks offered to team members.

To fit its worldly perspective, Fareportal keeps 7 offices in 5 countries: the U.S., U.K., Mexico, Canada, and India.

Customer service is a high priority for the team. Contact centers worldwide offer 24/7 access to booking assistance, meaning anyone can contact the team by phone or online form to get answers to their questions.

Fareportal’s steadfast commitment to providing quality service has been recognized with the International Service Excellence Awards. Fareportal has also earned multiple Stevie Awards including 2016 Customer Service Department of the Year in 2016 and Innovation in Customer Service in 2015.

Right now, the team is hard at work readying to launch their global service in multiple popular languages including French, German, Russian, Chinese, and Portuguese.

Fareportal: Hybrid Travel Agency Uses Tech to Smooth Travel Plans

With the advent of technology, traveling on a budget has become more accessible. My friends and I can certainly thank the powers of the Internet for our low-cost trip to Europe. Fareportal is part of the movement to open the world up to everyone through simplified searches for the cheapest airline tickets, hotels, and car rentals.

From start to finish, Fareportal supports brands that make travel plans easier. The travel technology company has positioned itself as a concierge travel agent that connects people with travel arrangements in one online space. Fareportal strives to provide a personalized feel with booking assistance from a responsive customer service team.

“We’re a hybrid travel agency with a mix of online booking on our website and apps and a traditional agency,” Brijen says. “We are very focused on customer experience and service. On every page you can see a phone number, and that really helps boost a customer’s confidence that, if there are issues, they can talk to a live person for a solution.”

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