eM Client Provides a Free Email Reader with Full-Featured Apps for a Better Experience
Updated: 5.3.16 Software

eM Client Provides a Free Email Reader with Full-Featured Apps for a Better Experience

By: Lindsey Carman

The Crunch: eM Client is a unique email reader that gives users access to essential features like email templates, calendar, tasks, contacts, and chat.  Working effectively on any computer with a Windows or Mac OS system, the mail user agent supports a variety of services (e.g., Gmail, iCloud, Microsoft Office, etc.) and allows users to communicate easily online. Customers can either download the eM Client Free version or upgrade to PRO starting at $49.95. 

eM Client is a free, compatible email reader for Windows, Mac, and iOS devices that offers applications like an easy-to-use chat, calendar, tasks, and contacts. Great for communicating with people all over the world, this email client is simple to use. If users decide to switch over, they can easily import old contacts and emails from their current email reader and start using eM Client in just minutes. This free software helps consumers save money while breaking away from mainstream brands.

We interviewed Michal Burger, the manager of information and technology services at eM Client, to talk about why the company was founded and how eM Client has become a great alternative for users.

eM Client’s Vision Beyond Outlook & Other Email Readers

After being frustrated with Outlook in 2006, eM Client’s founders were determined to create an email reader that made online communication more seamless. At the time, Outlook was the only full-featured commercial email software, so eM Client set out to offer a free alternative that not only offered helpful features but also could be used outside of the Microsoft space.

“We wanted to bring a better product which wouldn’t be limited to the Microsoft environment,” said Burger.

A photo of eMClient

eM Client is an exceptional email reader that lets you break away from using Outlook.

Once the first version of eM Client was launched, the email reader was soon translated into 12 languages and downloaded across the globe. eM Client now supports a large variety of services like SmarterMail, Microsoft Exchange, IceWarp, iCloud, Gmail, and Microsoft Office 365, so all applications can integrate seamlessly.

As a user-friendly email reader, eM Client continues to innovate its email client and applications to improve its efficiency. Providing customers with 24/7 support and frequent software updates, eM Client helps people at home or in the office get more work done through email.

‘Modern and Easy to Use:’ eM Client’s Features Make Emailing Simple

Originally optimized to run smoothly on Windows XP, Vista, 7,  and 8, eM Client offers features that help users communicate more quickly and easily — even on Mac OS systems, too. From the user-friendly interface to chat, the team wanted to keep each feature simple for email novices and gurus alike.

“We wanted to offer many advanced features, but still be really easy to use for users that don’t want to use special features,” Burger said. “We want to stay simple, but powerful.”

When using eM Client, consumers have access to great features like calendar, contacts, chat, and other applications. The company even offers customizable widgets, quick access to apps, and a de-duplicator tool to make the program more efficient. For large companies, bosses can even manage their employee’s email accounts and set up central management for desktop clients. Users enjoy having the freedom of setting up their email readers the way they want them to work.

Users Have Affordable Options with eM Client Free and PRO

Besides offering unique and flexible features, eM Client offers two affordable pricing options: Free for non-commercial use (e.g., at home) and PRO for companies and businesses. The eM Client team believes that people should have access to fast email software, and the company’s low prices make that happen with the PRO plan starting at just $49.95.

“We are the only software on the market that supports all the major communication protocols,” Burger said. “ It isn’t important whether you use GMail, Office 365, Exchange, iCloud, Kerio, or OpenExchange. We support it all and are the only one.”

A photo of eM Client's email inbox

eM Client’s email inbox is user-friendly and efficient.

When comparing eM Client Free and PRO, the major difference is the number of accounts allowed. The Free option comes with 2 accounts, whereas eM Client PRO offers VIP support, unlimited accounts, and commercial use.

With a 30-day money back guarantee, consumers should try out eM Client. Instead of being stuck with a mainstream email reader, they have the freedom to use eM Client at a lower cost. Imagine all the work that’ll get done faster with eM Client.

Helping More Users Do More With Their Email Inbox

The eM Client team continues to improve its email reader’s efficiency and pricing for global users, whether they’re working at home or in the office. Launching this product proved that there are great alternatives to mainstream email readers — even ones that are free.

For eM Client, creating impeccable email software for all devices and computer software is the company’s mission. In just a few more years, eM Client hopes to surpass this goal and become even bigger than the company is now.

“We want to bring eM Client to other platforms in the near future,” Burger said.