DxO: Market-Leading Photography Software and Equipment that Caters to Professionals and Novices
Posted: 9.7.17 Innovative Technologies

DxO: Market-Leading Photography Software and Equipment that Caters to Professionals and Novices

By: Levi Horowitz

The Crunch: As a leading imaging solution software company, DxO is successfully ushering in a new age of digital photo production. The company creates products for novices and professionals alike that perfect on-the-go photography. DxO’s passion for traditional photography methods has helped it relate those standards to modern-day imaging and bridge the gap between fine art and science. Its commitment to excellence is evident in the DxO ONE camera, an attachment for mobile devices that produces professional-grade photographs with a single click.

Photography has always been an important aspect of creating and managing a business. Regardless of the company’s size, photos aid in branding, social media marketing, and the creation of promotional materials like handouts, brochures, and signage. Visuals engage the reader’s attention, and statistics show consumers often find imagery preferable to reading large amounts of text.

That’s why including photography in budgeting plans is the rule, not the exception, for marketing-savvy large businesses. But budgetary constraints often force smaller companies to settle for low-quality imagery from either inexperienced photographers or a stock photo agency.

That is changing thanks to technology by DxO, an imaging solution company that produces both hardware and software. DxO is revolutionizing the industry by making high-quality equipment — that delivers high-quality images — accessible to everyone.

Photo of DxO ONE and iPhone

The revolutionary DxO ONE plugs into an iPhone to make adjusting and capturing high-quality images easy.

One of the company’s most acclaimed products is the affordable DxO ONE, a powerful camera capable of generating immaculate images regardless of experience level. The DxO ONE is designed to attach to an iPhone and is extremely portable. The device makes it possible for novice photographers or small business owners to produce professional images through a simple, interactive interface.

While larger businesses may have the option to hire and train their own photographers, most SMBs find that to be too big of an investment. But DxO products can bring professional marketing capabilities and functionality to any small business.

Passion Drives the Revolutionary Photo Solutions at DxO

DxO believes that — with the right equipment — digital photos are more than mere image files; they’re powerful, iconic representations that can become the face of a brand. As a company, DxO seeks to hire professionals who share its passion for photography.

DxO’s goal is not only to help its customers produce exceptional quality imaging but also to assist both novice and professional photographers in their mission to “transform everyday moments into enduring memories.”

This dedication is at the very foundation of everything DxO’s scientists and engineers develop. DxO’s single-minded commitment to the craft is evident in everything from the company’s hardware to its powerful software editing solutions. DxO’s innovations are specifically designed to raise any photographer’s work to the next level.

Screenshot of DxO editing software

Photographers of any experience level can produce stunning images with DxO’s hardware and software.

DxO works tirelessly to perfect more difficult elements of photography as well. In 2016, the company unveiled the DxO ViewPoint 3, an upgrade to its user-friendly photo editing software that automatically corrects common issues prevalent when using wide-angle lenses.

Editing wide-angle photography can be difficult, especially when correcting skewed perspectives and horizons. ViewPoint 3 makes this technical correction possible with a single click, saving tedious steps while producing beautiful pictures.

DxO ONE Bridges the Gap Between Fine Art and Modern Science

While DxO is dedicated to the artistic value of quality photography, the company is equally focused on the science and engineering side of image-making. Photography is an art form, but, as the DxO ONE shows, innovative technology can help anyone become an artist.

One way the DxO ONE does this is by simplifying the mechanics of taking professional photos through the use of software and design. The camera itself is small but packs a powerful punch with a 20.2-megapixel BSI-CMOS sensor.

It also boasts a high-quality six-element aspherical lens that can take photos even in low-light conditions. And, since the DxO ONE is made to attach to an iPhone, images can be instantly uploaded and shared on various social media platforms.

The camera’s portability, versatility, and price point make it a valuable tool for small businesses that want to jump into social media marketing, but don’t have thousands of dollars to spend on camera equipment. The DxO ONE can make an amateur look professional.

Successful Branding Built Over 14 Years of Innovation

The DxO ONE is the most recent example of the company’s ingenuity. Founded in 2003, DxO has worked to pioneer software that pushes the perceived limits of photo quality, as well.

At the forefront of its line of image-processing products is DxO OpticsPro 11, which includes an industry-leading denoising feature called PRIME. Engineers have tested and calibrated nearly 30,000 pieces of equipment so the software can automatically apply photo corrections — including distortion, softness, and sharpness — based on the lens and camera used.

DxO FilmPack 5 brings the past into the future by applying the feel, color, and grain of retro films to today’s state-of-the-art digital images. The software faithfully reproduces iconic film styles such as Kodachrome 64, Polaroid, and Fuji Velvia.

The company’s development of groundbreaking imaging software and equipment has paid off. The DxO OpticsPro 11 received the 2016-2017 European Image and Sound Association (EISA) Award for Best Photo Software. The DxO ONE also won the 2015-16 EISA Award for Best Photo Innovation when it was introduced.

Leading the Market with Intuitive, User-Focused Technology

Many traditional photography companies, including Kodak, failed to anticipate the demand for simple, portable, and high-quality imaging solutions. Today, DxO is successfully leading the photography industry into a new age by responding to the demand — from individuals to businesses — for accessible imaging solutions.

DxO has created a popular niche for itself in the photography industry by helping its customers create superior quality photos with minimal in-depth training or knowledge

With products like the DxO ONE and robust editing software, companies and individuals can create striking imagery without a massive investment.

That means small businesses can compete in today’s image-driven market — in which quality photography leads to conversions — without breaking their budgets.