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Drive More Sales to Your Business: CashStar’s All-in-One Gift Card Program Does All the Work for You

By: Lindsey Carman

The Crunch: CashStar, a prepaid commerce solutions company, drives more sales to retailers by “delivering engaging, personalized experiences” through physical and digital gift cards used at in-store visits and on mobile devices and desktops. Easy to integrate into a business’ process, CashStar’s all-in-one gift card programs help retailers engage with shoppers, acquire new customers, and increase revenue.  

Gift cards — usually a rectangle-sized, plastic form of currency for brands — were one of the first gifting alternatives for people who forgot about a birthday and quickly needed to buy a present on the go. Plucking one off the shelf took just a few minutes and gave the recipient the opportunity to buy whatever he or she wanted. After being named the most requested holiday gift since 2008, gift cards have become more than an instant gratification tool for consumers; they’ve transformed into one of the best tactics for driving a retailer’s sales.

Enter CashStar, an innovative company that simplifies gift card programs for big-box retailers and restaurants with state-of-the-art features. The brand quietly powers some of the most successful gift card and rewards platforms — like Starbucks’ “pay $5 for a $10 e-gift card” deal and Landry’s 33% growth in online gift card sales — to help them acquire new customers, keep current shoppers coming back, and increase overall revenue. As “the industry’s first digital gifting and incentives platform,” CashStar makes waves in the retail industry by driving sales to businesses like yours.

Grow Your Revenue by Engaging Customers with Reloadable, Mobile Wallet & Personalization Features

Driving sales to your business starts with attracting customers to your product. In the digital age, it’s becoming more problematic for retailers to grab consumers’ attentions, so coming up with new strategies could strike the iron hot. After 9 years of experience, CashStar created a series of gift card programs that improve customers’ online and offline shopping experiences, thus driving sales.

For retailers, each gift card program lets you manage your gift card operations from one location. This means you can check if customers prefer receiving e-gift cards versus physical ones or launch a new initiative that offers customers a free $15 gift card if they spend $100 — all from a cloud-based platform. Having quick, easy access to data allows you to see the program’s progress in real-time and avoid any losses.

CashStar is excited to partner with retailers to come up with a solution for driving more sales.

From the consumer’s standpoint, CashStar’s gift card programs come with innovative features that improve the experience for shoppers: they can access e-gift cards through mobile wallets like Apple Passbook or Google Wallet, customize gift cards for recipients, and instantly reload gift cards in just a few clicks. Streamlining the process of purchasing and redeeming gift cards encourages customers to use them more frequently.

Promoting gift card purchases results in a steady increase in revenue. Gift card holders typically overspend the card’s value by over 45% versus making an original purchase at your business. If you increase the amount of gift card sold just by a couple hundred or thousand purchases, you’ll immediately drive sales.

6 Gift Card Programs that Produce Effective Results

Finding the right gift card program is important, so that’s why CashStar offers 6 solutions that can drive more sales to your business: CashStar Marketing, CashStar ConsumerCashStar Business, CashStar Assist, CashStar Manager, and CashStar Cloud Platform. If you want to optimize customer service or incentivize the purchase of gift cards, these gift card programs may be the solution for you:

  • CashStar Marketing: Design and deliver promotions to grow revenue with customers
  • CashStar Consumer: Helps retailers create engaging digital gift card experiences
  • CashStar Business: Manages bulk sales and business-to-business sales in one platform
  • CashStar Assist: Allows customer service representatives to resolve issues with a gift card
  • CashStar Manager: Enables retailers to oversee operations (e.g., reporting, asset management)
  • CashStar Cloud Platform: Focuses on scaling prepaid commerce growth

CashStar doesn’t have a ‘one size fits all’ approach to creating and implementing a gift card program for retailers. Just as every brand has different needs, each program is carefully crafted to engage your customers and increase sales.

CashStar’s Gift Card Programs Reach a Record of $1 Million in Revenue for Over 300 Brands in 2015

In just 9 years, CashStar has quickly become the go-to for ‘the world’s largest brands’ simply because of its effective results from implementing gift card and rewards programs. Nordstrom improved mobile enhancements with CashStar Commerce, whereas Regal Entertainment leveraged e-gift cards to increase online and in-store sales. By creating a game plan with the retailer, CashStar helps increase overall growth for a handful of the most successful brands in the retail industry.

Case Study: Sephora Uses CashStar Commerce to Grow Digital Gift Card Sales

Behind every curated display of lipsticks, foundation kits, and brushes, Sephora has an intricate marketing plan to lure customers — usually makeup-obsessed women — down a store aisle to fill up their baskets with products. The open-sell beauty powerhouse has been successful in launching new ventures (e..g, with its digital, in-store, and mail-based loyalty programs), but the brand’s digital gift card program didn’t quite hit the mark with customers at first.

By integrating with Apple’s Passbook and using the CashStar Commerce gift card program, Sephora swiftly became a leader in the mobile payments space and added the digital gifting option to the Sephora To Go app. Sephora’s year-over-year digital gift card revenue grew eight times the original rate, and the beauty retailer also saw a 71% lift in in-store basket size with digital gift card use.

Sephora’s e-gift card revenue growth is just one example of how CashStar, a digital-gifting solutions platform, creates effective solutions for retailers who lag in specific areas of their business. Integrating an easy-to-use, centralized platform helps seamlessly connect digital, in-store, and mail marketing channels that produce incredible results for retailers.

From Personalizing Gift Card Experiences to Growing Revenue for You

Innovation has always been at the heart of the company’s mission. In 2007, CashStar’s founders had a vision to enhance customers’ experience with dynamic gift card solutions while generating more revenue for retailers. By pushing the use of digital and physical gift cards to encourage more sales, CashStar started helping retailers find new ways to attract and keep customers shopping at their store.

“Our mission is to enable retailers to transform their customer experiences using digital and mobile gift cards,” Ben said.

CashStar’s expert team helps over 300 brands build brand loyalty and increase sales.

Nestled on the coast of Portland, Maine, the CashStar team (full of marketing, payments, e-commerce, and risk management experts) continues to help hundreds of brands like Ann Taylor, Dell, and Staples integrate gift card programs to help bridge the disconnected gap between online and offline shopping, as well as retailers and shoppers.

“We have a really comprehensive and leading edge set of capabilities for our retailers to use in their gift card and prepaid commerce programs,” Ben said.

Create an Innovative Gift Card Program for Your Business Today

As the company expands its gift card programs, brands like Starbucks and Sephora continue to increase growth and revenue with CashStar. Implementing a program like CashStar Consumer into your process will result in driving more sales from new and existing customers, as well as expanding your brand’s overall success. Year after year, CashStar will continue to transform retailers’ sales with successful marketing ploys, one gift card program at a time.

“As we look to continue to grow our business, companies that are considering using CashStar look at not only our capabilities, not only our services that we provide to ensure success, but also the track record and our client list as the basis for selection of the company,” Kaplan said.

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