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DollarDays Supersizes the Buying Power for Non-Profits and Small Businesses

By: Lindsey Carman

The Crunch: Buying wholesale and bulk goods used to be difficult for small retailers, especially those without the big budgets larger businesses wield. DollarDays, a premier online wholesale distributor and closeout company, extends ‘the same kind of buying power’ to small businesses and non-profits by buying in bulk themselves and selling products affordably from their inventory. Clients can buy single cases of a product — or as few as a single item — from over 200,000 goods in stock. Whether you’re buying hats for school fundraisers or purchasing holiday decor to sell in your store, DollarDays offers a wide selection of affordable products that meet the needs (and budgets) of small retailers.

We arrived that day at Casa Shalom, an orphanage nestled on a mountain in Guatemala, with duffel bags of arts-and-crafts supplies for the kids. Hundreds of toddlers, older kids, and teens would be coming to the small, blue room throughout the week to make beaded necklaces and other crafts. Buying enough supplies to last the week wasn’t a small task; we had to start saving up and purchasing items as early as the day we got back from last year’s trip. It would’ve been easier to buy supplies from a wholesale distributor, but we couldn’t afford to buy tons of bulk cases. Had we known about DollarDays, the buying process would’ve flowed smoother and, perhaps, saved money that could’ve been spent elsewhere.

There are thousands of small retailers and non-profits like us that need access to wholesale and bulk goods every day. That’s why DollarDays is so important to the retail community. Known as the ‘secret weapon’ of small businesses, the online wholesale distributor offers over 200,000 high-quality goods in its inventory. Retailers can purchase anything from backpacks to leggings to toothpaste — and have their order shipped to their businesses right on time. DollarDays is celebrated for giving small businesses the same kind of buying power that once was only available to big-box retailers.

“Our mission is to provide low-cost products to companies and support non-profits to stretch their dollar,” said Marc Joseph, the CEO and Founder of DollarDays.

A Man’s Vision on How the Internet Would Change Distribution

In 2001, Marc and his business partners saw the opportunity to launch a wholesale-distributing website and pave the way for delivering goods to small- and medium-sized retailers across the country. Big-box retailers could afford to purchase wholesale items in bulk quantities; but, without access to the resources of their larger competitors, it was difficult for small businesses to compete. Marc wanted to level the playing field. His vision allows small businesses to buy bulk goods in smaller batches and give larger retailers a run for their money (literally). 

Marc Joseph is the CEO and Founder of DollarDays.

“We thought the internet would level the playing field so that small businesses could compete with the chains in their marketplaces,” Marc said. “Initially, we started off to serve small business owners.”

Fifteen years later, DollarDays has changed the landscape of the wholesale distribution space for the better. Small retailers can buy anything from clothing to household items to beauty products whenever they need them, which makes ordering flexible and easy. 

Simplifying the wholesale-buying process has revolutionized the way small retailers and non-profits do business. With access to similar resources, small businesses can compete with larger brands and fight for their fair share of customers. 

Small Retailers Can Pick From Over 200,000 Goods at Any Time

Let’s say you own a kid’s hair salon called Pearls and Plunder Hair Cuttery Salon. As one of your unique selling points, you reward kids with a prize from the toy chest after they’ve received a haircut. Because you have a small (yet growing) client base, you wonder where you can buy small cases of toys and games without spending an excess amount of money. That’s where DollarDays steps in.

You can head to DollarDays.com, click on the “Toys and Games” tab, then starting the peruse the different types of toys available. Your options include buying as few as one toy, or purchasing a small case to save money. Once you select all the products you need, you can swiftly complete your order at checkout. Even if you remembered at midnight that you’re running low on supplies, you can place an order right then and there.

DollarDays is one of the first wholesale distributors to give small businesses better buying power.

DollarDays stands out from wholesale competitors for one simple reason: the company’s flexible ordering system. Retailers have the option to try out a few products without ‘committing’ to buying in bulk. In fact, DollarDays encourages customers to test out different products to see what works for them. If it ends up working out, the customer can then place a bulk order at DollarDays.com, eliminating waste for the retailer.

“We have become a one-stop for any business or association,” Marc said.

Giving Back: Why DollarDays’ Philanthropic Practices Pay Off

DollarDays goes beyond offering exceptional customer service and a wide selection of affordable wholesale goods; the company believes in giving back to the community through its 5% Give Back Program and the Teaching Shopping Spree Contest.

If you want to support a favorite charity, non-profit organization, school, or church, DollarDays will proudly donate 5% of your total purchase through the 5% Give Back Program. At checkout, you’ll be prompted to select an organization.

From clothing to toys to snacks, DollarDays offers a wide assortment of goods every day.

Education is at the heart of DollarDays’ philanthropic causes. The Teacher Shopping Spree Contest, which hands out a total of $5,000 worth of prizes, allows teachers to buy much-needed school supplies for their classrooms. To nominate a teacher, all you do is enter their name, city and state, and email address on DollarDays’ Facebook page.

At the end of the day, DollarDays wants to impact those who serve in non-profit organizations and teaching roles by giving them access to affordable goods. Buying wholesale products from DollarDays not only is good for your business, it’s also good for others in the retail space.

Let DollarDays Be ‘A Secret Weapon’ for Your Business or Non-Profit

Even though we’re a small non-profit with a smaller budget, using DollarDays is a smart way for us to buy all the future arts-and-crafts supplies we need to take to the orphanage. Whenever your small business or non-profit needs to buy any type of bulk items — shopping at a wholesale distributor will help you save money. DollarDays helps small retailers afford wholesale and bulk products without breaking the bank.

“We now average over 1,500 new customers a day,” Joseph said. “That really separates us from anybody else in the business.”

DollarDays will continue to offer more quantities of low-cost goods to help small businesses compete with larger players in the space. The wholesale company is eager to help your business grow, one bulk case at a time.

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