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DiscountReactor: Helping Consumers Make the Most of Online Shopping with Verified Deals and Practical Shopping Tips

By: Jessica Sommerfield

The Crunch: As coupon sites continue to bombard consumers with choices for finding deals, many still lack careful oversight or integrity. DiscountReactor, launched in 2011, hand-verifies hundreds of offers from more than 1,400 popular online brands each day. The site was born out of a love for fashion and getting the latest styles for the best possible prices. Now, DiscountReactor goes even further than deals by providing shoppers with fashion-oriented, seasonally focused shopping tips and articles, imparting knowledge to help consumers optimize both their online buying experience and their savings.

Online shoppers are more savings-minded than ever, and, as one study showed, 84% of consumers research the best price at multiple online retailers before making a purchase. That research includes finding coupons, and with so many deal sites to choose from, more offers than ever before are available on brand-name products. But because so many coupon sites compete for traffic, it’s hard to know which ones are sharing the best deals.

That means consumers waste time and miss savings as they plod through sites that do a poor job of making sure their codes work, or sites that post misleading ads to increase their pay-per-click commissions from retailers.

In an online environment full of questionable deals, DiscountReactor sets itself apart with a team that’s driven to provide its visitors with real savings — as well as fashion advice.

DiscountReactor’s homepage is uncluttered and serves deals to consumers through an interface that feels familiar.

“Unlike most of our competitors, we share only verified coupon codes and offers, and we don’t hide offers under cover of coupon codes to increase the clickability,” said Helen Sagirova, Project Manager at DiscountReactor.

Finding and sharing good deals is what DiscountReactor is most passionate about, but it also takes the time to help online shoppers — many of whom are new to digital codes and offers — navigate the “fashion galaxy” with timely articles and style tips.

By adopting a fun approach to sharing an enthusiasm for shopping and savings through deal listings and blog posts, DiscountReactor is helping consumers maximize their budgets and support their favorite brands.

Founded on a Passion for Shopping and Sharing Deals

By late 2011, affiliate marketing was gaining recognition as an effective online advertising method. DiscountReactor’s co-founders, Andrew Priobrazhenskyi and Serge Bucenko, based in Kharkiv, Ukraine, saw an opportunity to break into this growing industry with a new project. DiscountReactor launched on April 12, 2012, and shares its orbital theme — and birthday — with the UN-declared International Day of Human Space Flight.

DiscountReactor co-founders Serge Bucenko, left, and Andrew Priobrazhenskyi saw an opportunity in the deals space.

“We’re passionate shoppers who love to save money. We want to share that with our customers, and we want them to keep as much money as possible,” Helen said.

DiscountReactor attracts thousands of visitors by posting hundreds of offers and coupon codes daily. The site continues to expand its catalog of brands and hone its skills at seeking, verifying, and sharing the most relevant online deals for consumers.

“I think our company gives us an opportunity to learn and to love shopping more than ever,” said Helen.

Curating and Verifying Coupons and Sales for 1,400+ Stores

DiscountReactor takes personal responsibility for checking the coupon codes it finds — or that any of its more than 1,400 featured retailers provide.

“All the information posted on our website is hand-checked by our editors and content writers,” Helen said.

Because it lists hundreds of daily deals, one would think the DiscountReactor site would be cluttered and hard to navigate, but categorized collections of sales make it easier for shoppers to locate offers by type, brand, or time-sensitivity.

The most recently posted discounts are always displayed on the homepage, so return visitors can quickly see new offers, while Today-Only deals are listed on another menu to keep shoppers from overlooking them and missing out. Shoppers can always browse by store, current sales, and category — such as apparel. Current deals listed on the home page can also be filtered by brand, category, and Editor’s Choice.

With competitors like Amazon offering free shipping with Prime, a growing number of stores want to follow suit. Recognizing the trend, DiscountReactor has dedicated a page for free shipping deals.

DiscountReactor’s event-specific lists, including party supply discounts and holiday savings, help consumers save the most on personal celebration expenses and take advantage of promotional pricing during key sales events like Labor Day or Black Friday.

A Fashion-Focused Blog with Timely Tips for Maximizing Savings

The DiscountReactor team shares verified coupon codes with users, but it also passes on years of online shopping knowledge through its blog. DiscountReactor’s fondness for fashion is evident, and its posts aim to help readers explore the “fashion galaxy.”

Fashion trends are constantly changing, and name-brand designs can get expensive. So DiscountReactor focuses on showing readers how to accessorize without overspending. For example, one article discusses the summer straw handbag trend and how to find chic options on a budget.

“We learn and explore this galaxy called ‘fashion,’ that’s why we started our blog. We want to share our knowledge about saving on fashion — for example, where to buy a Dior bag at the lowest price, or where to find a Gucci skirt at the cheapest price.” Helen said.

Helen Sagirova and the DiscountReactor editorial team update the site’s blog with the latest savings and fashion tips.

DiscountReactor’s blog also showcases new stores added to the site and provides ideas and useful shopping tips for each season, teaching readers how to find the best selection and sales.

“The most popular shopping days for our customers are Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas,” Helen said. “For these events, we prepare big campaigns and create articles about where to find the biggest sales.”

From tips on saving money while staying on-trend with fashions to guides for navigating the biggest sales of the retail seasons, DiscountReactor’s blog helps online shoppers move from using one-time discounts to learning how to incorporate savings into their lifestyles all year long.

Celebrating 5 Years of Growth and Expansion into New Markets

The growth of coupon sites reflects the interest consumers have in getting the best deal, and the wooing of consumers by retailers so it’s their deals shoppers choose. DiscountReactor helps both sides with its commitment to deal integrity and a desire to equip users with tips and resources that help them save even more.

As it expands into new markets, including its Canada-only discount site FirstOrderCode, DiscountReactor is extending this passion to even more online shoppers. FirstOrderCode will help Canadian customers save money on online purchases with just a few clicks of a mouse. And, as Canadian shoppers become more acquainted with the site and use more discounts from it, they will earn bonuses to save even more money.

With thousands of visitors enjoying hundreds of hand-verified coupons and discounts from over 1,400 online retailers and service providers, DiscountReactor has transformed a small Ukrainian team’s passion for finding good deals into a thriving destination for online shoppers. And, as DiscountReactor grows, the team continues to learn, whether through hands-on experience or formal training.

“In the beginning, we were just shoppers,” Helen said. “We loved shopping, and we loved to save money. Now, we know more about shopping trends we’ve seen over the years, and we continue learning.”

Using these experiences to fuel future growth, DiscountReactor is strengthening its identity as a site whose mission is to help consumers and retailers make the most of e-commerce.

About The Author

Jessica Sommerfield is a contributing writer for DealCrunch with over seven years of experience with online publications in the personal finance sector and other consumer-focused niches. Her 13 years of experience in brick-and-mortar stores prior to her writing career have also given her an insider’s perspective on the unique challenges that the retail industry faces.

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