Dealhack: Dedicated to Improving the Online Shopping Experience with Deal Verification & Customized Buyer Guides
Posted: 9.26.17 Online Savings

Dealhack: Dedicated to Improving the Online Shopping Experience with Deal Verification & Customized Buyer Guides

By: Jessica Sommerfield

The Crunch: As today’s shoppers look for more value, retailers grapple with waning brand loyalty and heightened competition. Coupon sites have helped bridge this gap between consumers and online retailers, but coupon sites that are poorly designed and maintained often contribute to consumer frustration. Dealhack makes it easy for consumers to find and use coupons thanks to six locations around the globe that provide 24-hour deal testing, rating, and filtering. By building in-depth shopping guides and encouraging brands to offer better deals, Dealhack improves the online shopping experience while bolstering engagement and brand integrity.

As technology continues to offer more choices about where, when, and how to shop, consumers are becoming more selective. Personalized deals, discounts, coupons, and free shipping offers are not just preferences — people shopping online have come to expect them.

Big Commerce data shows that 48% of online shoppers visit Amazon to check prices even if they end up purchasing a product elsewhere — meaning they are well-informed about pricing before they look for a better deal. To remain relevant in e-commerce, and build brand loyalty, retailers must meet the demands for more discounts and make it easier for consumers to apply them.

Coupon codes are an effective way to engage consumers with savings and can motivate otherwise hesitant shoppers to convert. But, when those coupon codes don’t work properly, frustration can drive customers away from an online shopping cart and straight to a competitor.

“Obviously, a massive pain point in the coupon industry is finding codes that don’t work. It’s a frustrating experience that many of us have had,” said Brendon McCullough, Founder of Dealhack.

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In an online environment littered with expired and non-working coupon codes, Dealhack differentiates itself by not simply listing, but managing and vetting every brand offer. That means fewer frustrated customers at checkout and a better chance for smooth conversions.

“We set up a system where we always have a reliable database,” Brendon said. “We test, we verify, and, if they’re ongoing deals, we re-test them all the time.”

By actively scoring, testing, and filtering its deals, offering insider shopping guides for featured retailers, and working with brands to provide the best offers, Dealhack allows users to maximize their savings and helps retailers meet evolving consumer expectations.

Every Coupon is Tested and Scored so Shoppers Find Working Codes

Dealhack doesn’t take for granted that the coupon codes it finds and publishes will work. It tests them when they go live, and, for extended offers, tests them every 90 days after that — or sooner if a user reports a problem.

“Once the code or deal pops up, we ask people to tell us whether it worked or not. Every time someone reports that a deal doesn’t work, we go back and test it right away just to make sure. If they leave their email address, we’ll contact them and let them know why the deal didn’t work,” Brendon said.

With thousands of deals on its site, Dealhack makes it easier for consumers to quickly access the best offers on its home page and narrow their search to a specific category, brand, or store. Within each store page, shoppers can filter results by category, promotion, type of offer, and Dealhack score.

“Every deal is given a score between 1 and 100 based on a methodology we’ve created. So you don’t have to dig through 50 deals to find the best one,” Brendon said.

By making it simple for consumers to find the deals they want and giving them peace of mind that the coupons they find will work, Dealhack alleviates a common online shopping frustration and helps the consumer get the best deal possible.

And, since faulty coupon codes and expired offers can reflect poorly on the brand that offers them, Dealhack’s vetting process supports stronger customer loyalty and both deal and brand integrity.

A Global Team Provides 24-Hour Deal Verification and Support

Based in Toronto, Dealhack features discounts from more than 1,000 US, Canadian, and global retailers in six countries. With that range of coverage, Dealhack has team members working around-the-clock to provide site maintenance and timely support for users experiencing problems with deals.

But with team members spread across the globe, it can be challenging for everyone to stay on the same page. Just as many other global e-commerce businesses have found, technology has been critical in supporting collaboration among the Dealhack team.

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“Technology helps us coordinate deal testing, establish who is covering which brands each day, communicate which brands need attention, and discuss which advertisers have upcoming deals,” Brendon said. “Keeping everything in order is pretty seamless.”

The work environment at the Toronto office also enhances the team’s sense of togetherness. Most team members are avid sports fans who regularly take in sporting events together. This spirit also encourages some friendly banter between the Toronto and New York offices whenever the Toronto Blue Jays play the New York Yankees.

With a sense of camaraderie and the ability to collaborate efficiently, Dealhack has found a way to offer strong consumer support — and viable deals — around the clock.

Guides Curate Offers Based on Profession, Holiday, and Store

Retailers have systems, deal guidelines, and promotional patterns unique to their sites that consumers must learn, and consumers with specialized needs or discount status have yet another layer to navigate. For those shoppers, Dealhack provides retailer research so they can gain a knowledge base before shopping.

“We provide an in-depth shopping guide for each store, which includes things like insider shopping tips, shipping information, and good times to shop,” Brendon said. “It also gives shoppers a sense of a store’s clearance sales, Black Friday deals, and other ways to save that might not be as obvious. We put a lot of time into that, and I think it’s something a lot of people appreciate.”

In addition to customized, store-specific shopping guides on brand pages, Dealhack features current deal guides — such as for back to school — and curated lists of additional discounts for specific consumer groups, including students, teachers, military personnel and veterans, first responders, and seniors.

Screenshot of Dealhack military and veteran discount guide

Dealhack publishes in-depth guides to help veterans, US military, teachers, seniors and other groups find savings.

“Those have been driving a lot of traffic for us. One of the things we include in the list is what you need do to verify your discount status — if you can do it online, only in-store, or through one of the services like,” Brendon said. “We worked hard to build the lists, and we’ve been working hard to keep them up to date.”

By helping consumers know what to expect from each store before shopping, Dealhack has moved beyond the role of a deal publisher and has become a personalized shopping resource.

Working with Brands to Provide Better Consumer Discounts

As consumers continue to expect faster online transactions and easier savings, Dealhack helps brands provide both. By improving the shopping experience around deals and coupons, Dealhack is helping brands boost loyalty and conversions.

The company also stays in touch with its brands and works with them to provide the best promotions for their customers — whether it is exclusive holiday deals or encouraging more profession-based discounts.

“Once we started creating the list for the military, students, and teachers, we reached out to a lot of brands we worked with and asked if they’d be interested in creating a military or student discount so they could be included on this list,” Brendon said. “We’ve had a few brands create new military discounts. If they realize it can get their name on a popular list, like ours, then it’s worthwhile for them.”

Meanwhile, Dealhack continues to verify, filter, and rate deals while offering in-depth shopping resources to ensure that it’s offering consumers the best deals available — and that brands get maximum exposure.