DealCatcher: A Comprehensive Resource Compiling Online Offers, Sales Ads, and Printable Coupons Since 1999
Posted: 9.7.17 Online Savings

DealCatcher: A Comprehensive Resource Compiling Online Offers, Sales Ads, and Printable Coupons Since 1999

By: Jessica Sommerfield

The Crunch: The emergence of online retailers in the late 1990s revolutionized the way consumers shop — and the way they found deals. Clipping coupons and sorting through Sunday sales ads gave way to navigating websites and comparison shopping among thousands of stores. Since the early days of e-commerce, DealCatcher has been a deals resource and has grown into a comprehensive, consumer-focused platform with more than 6 million users. Scoping out and sorting product deals, digital and printable coupons, rebates, and weekly sales ads from more than 3,000 retailers, DealCatcher makes it easier for consumers to save money while shopping the brands they love. And with a powerful mobile app and customizable deal alerts, DealCatcher empowers users to maximize their savings according to their shopping habits.

Before the development of the online retail marketplace, the average consumer saved money on purchases by clipping coupons, rifling through Sunday sales ads, and visiting stores in person to compare product offerings and prices. This process was time-consuming and plagued with disappointments like losing coupons and finding better prices somewhere else after a purchase.

But since 1999, DealCatcher has been scoping out the best savings and coupons from thousands of retailers and sharing them with shoppers through its website, newsletter, and, now, mobile app. The site has been around long enough to see some fundamental shifts in online shopping.

Screenshot of DealCatcher homepage

DealCatcher has been helping consumers find both online and in-store savings since 1999.

Beginning with the launch of Amazon, eBay, and other e-commerce giants in the mid-1990s, consumers discovered the convenience of shopping and comparing prices online. Today, 96% of Americans have made an online purchase, and 51% prefer shopping on the internet to the in-store experience.

Even though online shopping brings more convenience to consumers and visibility to smaller retailers, browsing expansive e-commerce websites for deals on specific items can still be time-consuming. Without a way to compile, categorize, and compare deals from different retailers — or stay informed when prices change — many shoppers don’t know what kind of deal they’re getting.

Now boasting more than 6 million monthly visitors, DealCatcher has become a valuable resource for those shoppers. The site enables users to easily locate and capture both e-commerce and in-store savings in a searchable, customizable format, bringing the simplicity of old-school savings to the digital age.

An Early Dot-Com Deals Resource for Family, Friends, and Consumers

Dan Baxter studied computer science at the University of Delaware, leaving during his senior year to make his own mark on the newly-emerging dot-com space. With the help of a programmer friend, Tim Patton, he launched in 1999 — just four years after the emergence of e-commerce pioneers Amazon and eBay.

Photo of DealCatcher Founder Dan Baxter

Dan Baxter founded DealCatcher to help his friends and family find savings.

At first, DealCatcher served as a resource to help his family and friends save money shopping online, but, working with Tim, Dan ultimately designed the website to consider the needs of everyday consumers.

By approaching his idea for a business with family, friends, and other consumers like them in mind, Dan created a savings resource to address the online shopper’s needs and preferences, making the best deals more accessible, searchable, and usable.

As the DealCatcher team has grown, the lighthearted approach and camaraderie fostered early on remains alive and well today as they work to engage visitors in a similar manner. Engaging features, like Submit a Coupon, invite consumers to not only take advantage of the savings the DealCatcher team scouts out and updates every day, but also participate in deal-hunting right alongside them.

Providing Access to Multi-Format Coupons and Digital Sales Ads

While most consumers can appreciate the ease of researching and comparing prices of products online, many still enjoy the hands-on reassurance of shopping in a store when it’s time to make a purchase.

DealCatcher takes the omnichannel shopping experience into account when compiling its searchable lists of both digital and printable coupons, promotional codes, and rebates from thousands of online retailers, subscription services, and even popular crowdsourcing platforms like Airbnb.

Screenshot of Sunday Saver website homepage

With Sunday Saver, consumers can access ads from major retailers across the country in one searchable site.

To address the tedious nature of compiling print and online retail sales ads for comparison shopping, DealCatcher directs readers to Sunday Saver, its dedicated retail ad portal. The sister site categorizes retailers, restaurants, and other businesses’ latest sales flyers, including of weekly and seasonal ads as well as Black Friday inserts.

Dealcatcher helps consumers maximize their search by streamlining sales and coupons into easy-to-navigate web pages. And by presenting these deals and coupons in multiple formats that can be used both online and in-store, DealCatcher gives consumers the ability to save money while shopping where, how, and when they want.

Mobile App and Deal Alerts Bring Savings to Consumers On the Go

Consumers are shopping more online, but they’re also using mobile devices during their experience — both in-store and online. The DealCatcher app gives busy consumers mobile access to the latest deals and coupons from their favorite stores and seamlessly integrates coupons and codes with their online — and in-person — shopping habits.

Another on-the-go Dealcatcher tool enables users to set up custom deal alerts based on keywords such as a product type, brand, or store. When deals that meet a consumer’s search criteria enter DealCatcher’s database, they’ll receive an automatic email notification. This feature allows them to act quickly on time-sensitive sales before they run out of stock or increase the price.

Screenshots of DealCatcher mobile app

The DealCatcher mobile app lets users see daily deals as well as the most current in-store and online coupons.

With deal alerts, consumers don’t have to keep checking their app or the DealCatcher website; if a deal of interest to them pops up, DealCatcher will let them know. While some retail marketing strategies load customers’ inboxes with irrelevant advertisements, DealCatcher’s deal alert tool only sends out notifications for items that meet the consumer’s specific search criteria.

DealCatcher’s online and mobile tools engage users and help them avoid missing out on any deals.

Connecting Users with Savings From More Than 3,000 Merchants

Much has changed in the marketplace since the emergence of e-commerce in the late 1990s. But while there has been a shift toward online shopping, nearly half of consumers are still attached to shopping in-store. Since the early days of the online retail movement, DealCatcher has sought to strike a balance between the two, making it more convenient for consumers to locate deals online and take advantage of them in multiple channels — including mobile and in-store.

As the online marketplace continues to grow on a global scale, so does the need for a stronger connection between digital and in-person shopping experiences. With a long history of providing savings, DealCatcher has grown and adapted to these changes. But the company has kept the focus it set 18 years ago: making it easier for family, friends, and all consumers to connect to savings, however they prefer to shop.

By searching the web for the best deals and sharing savings from more than 3,000 merchants, DealCatcher enables consumers to align the convenience of online shopping with their personal preferences and busy lifestyles.

With continually updated listings, coupons, sales ads, detailed search options, and deal alerts, DealCatcher has positioned itself as a comprehensive savings resource for the everyday consumer.