DailyeDeals.com Helps Consumers on the Path to Purchase with Comprehensive Savings & Helpful Merchant Partnerships
Posted: 5.11.18 Online Savings

DailyeDeals.com Helps Consumers on the Path to Purchase with Comprehensive Savings & Helpful Merchant Partnerships

By: Jessica Sommerfield

The Crunch: During the dot-com boom, online retailers often extended unbelievable deals to draw in new shoppers, and DailyeDeals.com established itself as a singular resource for consumers to find the best merchant promotions. Since the early 2000s, the digital retail landscape has grown more saturated and competitive, and the customer purchase journey is much more complex. But DailyeDeals continues to thrive by helping consumers navigate the online buying experience. DailyeDeals has become a destination for savings by expanding the types of deals and merchants it offers, highlighting group discounts, showcasing freebies, and embracing technology to create personalized user experiences.

By the year 2000 — just five years after Jeff Bezos shipped the first box of Amazon books from his Seattle garage — companies and consumers alike were catching on to the convenience of e-commerce.

Early e-commerce startups with venture capital were eager to build their customer bases, and many advertised incredible promotions to catch consumers’ attention. It was this abundance of online offers that led Mike Kovarik, Founder of DailyeDeals.com, to formulate his own business idea.

“At the time, I was doing computer chip design in Silicon Valley, and my wife was at home shopping online,” said Mike. “Companies were offering deals as good as $20 off a $20 purchase, and my wife was finding these deals and sending them to her friends and family. So, we decided to create a website to collect and show them to everybody.”

DailyeDeals started small, but the site quickly expanded as it gained visibility. “At that time, there were just a few other sites that collected coupons. We created a directory that listed them all by merchant, and our site became very popular,” Mike said. “Our first year, we were tracking less than 100 stores, and now we have close to 4,000.”

Screenshot of DailyeDeals homepage

Although many of the e-commerce sites launched during the dot-com boom folded within a few years, big-box retailers were just getting started in the online marketplace. Today, the shift to online shopping and growing competition among omnichannel and digital-first brands have given consumers a staggering number of merchant choices — along with accompanying promotions.

Today’s consumers are aware of their choices and research potential purchases carefully to ensure they’re getting the best combination of price and quality. But the sheer number of options can hinder the efficiency of this process. “Consumers have so many choices, but it can be confusing because there are so many offers out there,” Mike said.

From its position as a pioneering collection site for early e-commerce deals, DailyeDeals has grown into a comprehensive online savings resource that helps consumers navigate the complexity of online merchant and discount options.

DailyeDeals accommodates consumers’ desire to research before shopping by streamlining access to coupon codes, discounts, and other offers alongside helpful tips and online shopping guides. By taking advantage of the deals and free resources from DailyeDeals, consumers are better equipped to make informed decisions.

More Than Promo Codes: Freebies, Discounts, Tips, and Guides

DailyeDeals surpasses the scope of typical coupon collection websites because it gives consumers access to a number of ways to save based on personal needs. The site also features helpful articles and tips on best practices for finding and using deals more efficiently and streamlining the online shopping experience.

DailyeDeals started out sharing online promotions, and this is still at the core of what it offers. The Kovariks and their team still collect and organize merchant offers by store, category, and expiration date and display a list of the newest and hottest deals on the site’s homepage.

While DailyeDeals has always showcased free shipping promotions, the category has grown exponentially in the past few years as retailers respond to consumer feedback by lowering — or even eliminating — the minimum cart total to qualify.

“If you look at the statistics, shipping cost is one of the major issues behind cart abandonment. Around Christmas, stores like Target and Best Buy offer free shipping with no minimum purchase. Best Buy has continued with that, and it’s worked well for them,” Mike said.

A unique category on DailyeDeals is a section for group and new customer discounts.

“Stores aren’t giving everything away like they were in 2000, but they’re still eager to acquire new customers, so first-time customer offers tend to be really good deals. We’ve always provided a way to browse those to discover new stores and get amazing discounts,” Mike said. “Recently, we began compiling similar sections for military, first responder, student, and teacher deals. Most coupon sites don’t include these in their listings, but sometimes they’re the best deals for those who qualify.”

Screenshot of DailyeDeals military discount page

Besides coupons and discounts, DailyeDeals compiles a comprehensive list of freebies from across the web — including product samples, free merchandise, free-after-rebate electronics, free money-making opportunities, and freebie sites.

Consumers who are new to the world of discounts are often unaware of the best ways to take advantage of them, so the DailyeDeals shopping tips page gives practical advice, including how to use promo codes, how to reduce holiday shopping stress, and how to shop safely online to avoid internet fraud. The site’s gift guides offer ideas based on the occasion and recipient, so online shoppers can combine deals and coupons with the right item for each person on their list.

Merchant Partnership Extends Brand Reach While Ensuring Consumers Better Deals

Despite competition from e-commerce giants, widespread access to affordable digital platforms has made it easier for small businesses to establish a brand online and find an audience. And many are succeeding, especially niche retailers that offer consumers unique products or services that help them stand out from the competition.

“We’re seeing traditional retailers struggling with online growth, but we’re also seeing smaller companies spring up — sites that design their own products and market to a specific group of people. We’re also seeing manufacturers with direct-to-consumer retail channels online,” Michael said.

“We want to leverage the technology that’s available and open it up for merchants to provide more offers. There’s so much out there, and consumers like having a choice. Giving them more options is better, and it also gives these smaller companies, that are struggling to compete, a marketing channel.” — Mike Kovarik, Founder of DailyeDeals.com

DailyeDeals is developing a new merchant partnership program to broaden its ability to feature more small businesses and give consumers more choices.

“We want to leverage the technology that’s available and open it up for merchants to provide more offers,” Michael said. “There’s so much out there, and consumers like having a choice. Giving them more options is better, and it also gives these smaller companies, that are struggling to compete, a marketing channel.”

The program will allow online merchants to create a store profile catered to the DailyeDeals audience and post their own offers directly on the site.

“As we expand that functionality, we’d like to do deeper backgrounds on the stores that look promising to give consumers the research they like to have before they make purchases,” Michael said.

The merchant partnership will operate on a no-fee basis, enabling both small and large retailers to participate equally. “There’s no cost to get listed, and merchants don’t need to have an affiliate program or pay us commissions. The only cost for them is spending the time to make sure their offers are accurate and up to date,” Michael said.

To help keep merchants accountable, the program will also include a user feedback channel.

Merchants that are interested in partnering with DailyeDeals are already welcome to sign up and will be notified as soon as the program is activated.

Using AI and Social Sharing to Personalize and Streamline Savings

Consumers are using the power of choice to make more deliberate purchasing decisions, thanks, in part, to a highly saturated and competitive e-commerce atmosphere that didn’t exist 20 years ago. But more options also make it more challenging to find the best quality at the best price, and DailyeDeals.com is adapting its technology to help consumers identify both.

“It’s difficult to find deals with so many options. We’re testing out various ideas using artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to solve this problem — and they will tie to social shopping features that make the site more interactive,” Michael said.

In the early days of e-commerce, DailyeDeals curated coupons and offers to help consumers make the most of their time and savings potential. Today, the 18-year-old company has grown to include a variety of discounts, expanded its impact through partnerships with small merchants, and used technology to find and personalize offers for each visitor.

DailyeDeals continues to make it easier for online shoppers to discover new favorite brands and the best discounts in one location.

“We’re trying to automate things to be as efficient and accurate as possible, to have the most offers, and to be comprehensive,” Michael said.