A Savings Site That Cuts Through the Clutter By Focusing on the Basics
Posted: 3.30.18 Online Savings A Savings Site That Cuts Through the Clutter By Focusing on the Basics

By: Levi Horowitz

The Crunch: With coupons, codes, deals, special promotions, and cash back, American consumers have never had more ways to save money online. But for a significant subset of those consumers, shopping online means dealing with the frustration of sorting through too many savings options. was built to be different — a simpler, more intuitive way to access deals and promos. With a searchable store, product categories, codes, and partnerships with more than a thousand stores, cuts through the clutter and offers even the busiest US consumers direct access to savings.

Consumers today who are comfortable with technology and online shopping live in a virtual paradise of savings opportunities. For those with the skills — and energy — necessary to develop a personal online shopping strategy, a seemingly limitless supply of coupons, codes, and deals are just a few clicks away.

But not all potential online shoppers fit that bill. A significant segment of consumers knows that savings opportunities are out there on the web, but they can’t access them as readily as others can. is a rare discount site that helps cut out the legwork and distractions to save users money. logo

Some consumers are unfamiliar with the idea of finding savings on the web. They may never have installed a browser extension, for example, or downloaded a mobile app. They may be time-challenged due to work or family obligations, or they may not relish the task of picking favorites among the ever-lengthening list of online discount sites. meets the needs of those consumers by making savings opportunities available through an uncluttered, intuitive web interface. Because shoppers who land on the site immediately know where to click to find deals and save money, they too can see what The New York Times has characterized as the “power of the coupon” and participate in the consumer revolution that couponing has enabled.

An Easy Way to Find Deals at More Than a Thousand Stores visitors are welcomed by a sleek, simple homepage containing only important information. The main portion of the page provides access to a selection of attractive deals at well-known stores. Some offers point to coupon codes while others navigate users to other forms of discounts — like promos or offers.

The left side of the page offers an alphabetical list of popular shopping categories. Clicking one of those links reveals a list of offers in that category — such as apparel — sorted alphabetically by store name. The category lists mirror the design and functional simplicity on the homepage.

Screenshot of homepage

For shoppers who need discounts quickly, the homepage is designed to be easily navigable.

Links at the top of the front page are kept to a minimum and include a link to the full list of more than a thousand retailers that work with Clicking a link to a brand reveals a list of deals for that store, along with those available at related stores in the category.

Another portal takes users to a menu of shopping categories, where a single click reveals relevant offers from each. All menus are styled consistently, allowing for a streamlined user experience free of distracting ads and offers scattered throughout the pages.

Providing Direct Access to Codes and Promotions

Links to about a dozen popular stores are housed at the bottom of the homepage — as well as on all category and store pages — for quick access. And the process of applying the codes is as intuitive as the site design itself.

Clicking to reveal a coupon code generates a smaller browser window in which the code is presented. The click also redirects the window to the relevant page on the shopping site. The customer copies the code and begins shopping, needing only to remember to paste the code in at checkout.

Links to discount offers redirect the browser to the savings page on the shopping site, where the discount is applied automatically.

Screenshot of pop-up

When a coupon code is selected, the code pops up in a separate window while you are redirected to the retailer’s page.

Customers can use to search for codes as they are shopping in a separate window. Entering the name of a business in the search box located at the top of every page generates a drop-down list of store names.

The search function produces individual websites as results and contains no advanced parameters — such as similar or suggested stores — showing consumers only actionable discount information. Even shoppers who may be inexperienced with searching for savings will quickly grasp how it works on

Coupon Search Simplicity Leads to Savings Success

Every coupon, discount, and promo that has to offer are at the shopper’s fingertips immediately, leading to less searching and quicker savings for all consumers. The combination of an intuitive interface and site-wide visual consistency results in a pleasant user experience.

That’s what makes useful to the significant subset of consumers who are still familiarizing themselves with the web or with online shopping. While they may not fall neatly into the categories of millennials, Gen Xers, and other modern-day deal-seekers, they share the desire to spend their money thoughtfully. provides those consumers a welcoming and uncomplicated site that helps them save money at hundreds of retailers on every visit.