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How CouponChief Built an Engaged Community of Deal-Seekers by Offering Big Savings & Paying Users to Share Coupons

By: Jessica Sommerfield

The Crunch: Despite increasing consumer interest in finding and sharing deals, only a fraction of the coupons that manufacturers and retailers distribute are redeemed. CouponChief, launched in 2005, not only provides consumers with access to both printable and digital coupons from more than 50,000 online and brick-and-mortar retailers; it involves them in the process of finding, verifying, and sharing deals. The only coupon site with a Pays-2-Share program that rewards deal-seekers with cash, CouponChief is building a community that generates more than 2,000 deals every day. By actively engaging its users, the site enables a wider range of coupons to be redeemed, benefiting consumers and retailers alike.

Coupons have been a marketing strategy since the early 20th century, and they’re still a driving incentive that connects consumers to the companies that issue them.p

Inmar reports that in 2016, US manufacturers and retailers distributed 307 billion coupons, generating over $3.6 billion in consumer savings and countless sales for the retail industry — which accounts for $2.6 trillion of the nation’s GDP.

Although manufacturers and retailers are creating billions of coupons, consumers only use a fraction of those offers, as Inmar’s report also shows that in 2016, just 2.2 billion coupons were redeemed. CouponChief, an innovative deal site that offers digital and printable coupons — as well as the opportunity for users to earn money by adding deals — is trying to change that.

Not only do unredeemed coupons mean lost savings to consumers, they represent lost sales opportunities for retailers. And beyond a one-time sale, a coupon can encourage repeat business, increase overall spending per transaction, and give retailers an advantage over competitors.

CouponChief has differentiated itself from other websites by paying couponers to add deals.

Unlike other coupon websites that simply compile deals, CouponChief includes users in the process, rewarding them for adding deals to the site. This practice has enabled CouponChief to offer more than 150,000 coupons at 50,000 locations and counting — from big-box retailers to local businesses.

With its coupon contributor payment program and comprehensive database of printable coupons, codes, and exclusive offers, CouponChief benefits both users and retailers by engaging consumers and bringing business to retailers.

CouponChief Expands Its Reach by Engaging Users in Innovative Ways

CouponChief keeps its community of deal-finders active by giving users the unique opportunity to both contribute to and benefit from savings opportunities. This innovative strategy allows the site to offer its users more deals — even from localized retailers.

The site also provides guidance for visitors looking to go more in-depth into couponing, beyond finding deals and moving on.

CouponChief accomplishes those goals through its Pays-2-Share Program and money-saving blog. Pays-2-Share pays dedicated users for hunting down the best deals while the blog keeps consumers up-to-date with tips and tricks to pay less at checkout.

Pays-2-Share Program Gives Users Cash for Uploading Coupons

Coupon hunters often relish in sharing a good deal when they find it, even if they’re not getting paid to promote a product or retailer. CouponChief encourages that practice by offering a unique program that rewards users for sharing their best finds.

CouponChief’s Pays-2-Share program gives a percentage of the sales from each coupon to the user who submitted it.

The Pays-2-Share program incentivizes couponers to add deals to CouponChief by offering a 2% credit on all sales generated from the coupons they contribute. Every time a contributor’s coupon is used, CouponChief credits their account and sends out a check for the total earnings each month.

Supplementing the efforts of its staff of coupon-hunting experts by recruiting deal-finders significantly expands the number of deals the site is able to offer customers, and, by extension, the sales opportunities it drives to retailers.

Blog Provides Insights and Guidance on Creative Ways to Save Money

Another way CouponChief engages with the community is through its blog, where users are invited to learn how to enhance their personal finances by finding everyday ways to save.

On CouponChief’s blog, users can learn about the latest ways to save, or even how to begin couponing.

Readers can take advantage of practical content, such as tools for creating and perfecting a grocery budget, tips for clearing out the inventory that’s been amassed, and even novice guides like how to get started with couponing. Blog topics are organized with descriptive tags for browsing by category, or users can search for topics by keyword.

CouponChief’s blog helps consumers not only save money each time they visit, but also continue to save for years to come as they grow in their coupon knowledge and money-saving strategies.

Printable Coupons Bring Savings to Brick-and-Mortar Stores

Although digital coupons are becoming more popular as consumers spend more time on their mobile devices, newspaper inserts are still the most distributed and utilized coupons. In 2015, free-standing inserts represented 89.1% of coupon distribution and delivered the highest percentage of redemptions.

Free-standing inserts, like those found in newspapers, are still the main way coupons are distributed to consumers.

Many times, paper coupons for smaller or localized retailers simply aren’t available online, since most coupon websites cater strictly to digital coupons and redemption codes. Recognizing that, CouponChief responded by offering a wide selection of printable coupons from many of its participating retailers — in addition to the printable deals Pays-2-Share members contribute to the site.

Printed coupons give brick-and-mortar businesses lacking a wide digital presence the opportunity to boost sales. CouponChief brings both digital and printed mediums together to maximize the experience for shoppers and increase sales for businesses.

Activated User Base Helps Add More Than 2,000 Deals Daily

Whether printed or digital, coupons continue to be an important part of both the consumer experience and a retailer’s marketing strategy. With only a fraction of the billions of coupons distributed each year being redeemed, both consumers and retailers have much to gain by making them easier to find and use.

By engaging consumers in the process of locating and sharing deals, CouponChief goes beyond the reach of typical coupon sites through savings incentives like Pays-2-Share and the informative articles in its blog. The partnership between CouponChief and deal-finders has led to the addition of more than 2,000 user coupons to its database every day.

And while consumers save money through coupons — and also get paid for adding them — retailers have the most to gain. With over 50,000 businesses represented via more than 150,000 coupons site-wide, CouponChief is helping both small and large businesses share their deals and gain not just temporary sales increases, but loyal customers along the way.

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Jessica Sommerfield is a contributing writer for DealCrunch with over seven years of experience with online publications in the personal finance sector and other consumer-focused niches. Her 13 years of experience in brick-and-mortar stores prior to her writing career have also given her an insider’s perspective on the unique challenges that the retail industry faces.

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