Constant Contact Offers Comprehensive Email Marketing Services to Help SMBs Reach, Convert, and Retain Customers
Posted: 12.27.16 Marketing

Constant Contact Offers Comprehensive Email Marketing Services to Help SMBs Reach, Convert, and Retain Customers

By: Sean Garrity

The Crunch: Since 1995, Constant Contact has been helping SMBs connect with customers by providing affordable digital marketing solutions. The company helps businesses to implement email marketing campaigns with tools such as templates for newsletters and surveys, an event management system, and other marketing services. Retailers are able to effectively promote their brands and track results to reach, convert, and retain customers with Constant Contact.

Email marketing is good for small businesses. The Direct Marketing Association reports that email marketing returns $38 for every one dollar spent, making it one of the most efficient marketing channels available for SMBs.  According to a Huffington Post article, email even beats out social media as a marketing tool, as email conversion rates can be 40 times more powerful than Facebook and Twitter campaigns.

But just sending messages to your consumer base is not enough. Interactions with customers have to be meaningful. The Huffington Post article also noted that relevant, personalized emails are 18 times more effective than those that are simply broadcast.

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The good news is that you don’t need to be a marketing expert to create successful and meaningful email campaigns. Constant Contact provides powerful email marketing tools to send customized, professional-looking marketing messages that track campaign progress. Its intuitive user interface makes Constant Contact easy to use for any business professional. And companies looking for even more of a boost in reach and conversion can take advantage of Constant Contact’s PLUS plan, which offers an autoresponder mechanism, event management and promotion, and survey tools.

Complex Campaigns Are Simplified and Refined With Professional Email Marketing

2016 article by MediaPost noted that 30% of SMBs attribute a quarter of their revenue or more to email marketing. That is a huge chunk of change to leave on the table for those not making the most of their email campaigns.

According to the article, many SMBs are employing email strategies without outside help, directing time and effort that could be better spent elsewhere. Constant Contact solves this problem by allowing businesses to seamlessly produce striking, visual calls-to-action without diverting company resources to managing these campaigns.

Matt Juszczak, founder of Turnstyle Cycle Bootcamp, explained in a testimonial how he successfully employs Constant Contact’s tools to market his business.

“For us, it’s about communicating with our existing customer base,” Matt said. “And then getting them to come back since 80 to 90% of our customers are repeat business. Constant Contact allows us to communicate with our customers and remind them of what it feels like to be here. It’s awesome that we can portray our brand in an email.”

Impress Customers with Customizable Templates

With Constant Contact’s customizable templates, businesses can easily produce professional-grade email messages that look and feel like their brand. These brandable templates help further recognition and creates familiarity for customers who are looking for the specific products or services offered by your company.

Screenshot of Constant Contact Templates

Businesses can easily create professional-grade marketing messages using Constant Contact’s customizable templates.

The ability to integrate templates with social media means helps your message reach wider audiences. Designed to be mobile-friendly, the responsive templates look great and maintain functionalities across devices.

Intuitive Interface Makes Campaign Management Easy

The intuitive Constant Contact message editor allows you to format a message to exactly how you want. Powerful and simple editing tools cut down on time spent creating emails:

  • The ‘Undo/Redo’ tool keeps track of all edits in an active session
  • Smart columns automatically adjust to new images, text, and buttons
  • An Image Library helps illustrate messages with high-quality stock photography

You can preview how messages will appear before they’re sent to make adjustments as needed. Constant Contact also offers the industry’s only PDF-to-Email feature. This lets users convert already-designed PDFs into editable messages that can quickly be sent to consumers.

“It’s very important for us as a business to only use things that are simple,” Matt said. “Every time I send an email, I’m already behind on other tasks. I just really like that Constant Contact allows me to send an email in under five minutes.”

Monitor Performance with Tracking Tools

In an email marketing campaign, it’s critical to be able to evaluate results. Businesses need to know what emails were opened, what the clickthrough rate was, and which customers are engaged to further hone their campaigns. Constant Contact’s tracking tools generate easy-to-read reports for you to determine success.

Screenshot of Constant Contact tracking report

Constant Contact’s tracking reports provide necessary insight into the successes of email marketing campaigns.

The reports help you decide what’s effective and what course of action a marketing campaign should take next. An Engagement Report keeps track of sends, opens, clicks, and other relevant data points. Users can determine which readers are engaging and target future campaigns more carefully.

Email PLUS Upgrades Messaging with Autoresponder, Event Promotion, and Survey Tools

Constant Contact’s Email PLUS builds on all of the features offered through its email marketing service with upgrades to make it even more powerful. Email PLUS works in tandem with a business’ normal email marketing campaign and goes further to personalize the messages that are sent to customers.

Businesses can more effectively reach their client base and answer customer need with Email PLUS features such as event management, autoresponder, and surveying tools.

Autoresponder Targets & Personalizes Communication

With the autoresponder feature, marketing campaigns can be placed on autopilot while still creating personalized connections to customers. This tool allows businesses to set up a series of targeted emails for similar contacts and ensures messages reach those contacts at the right moment.

Graphic depicting the Constant Contact autoresponder

Email PLUS users have access to an autoresponder that works to personalize meaningful messages for customers.

Communication can be scheduled around dates like birthdays and anniversaries to build stronger customer relationships. This type of meaningful marketing is very effective, as noted in the Huffington Post article which stated personalization improves click-through rates by 14% and conversion rates by 10%.

Full-Service Event Promotion & Management

Event marketing takes time and resources that may be in short supply for some SMBs. Constant Contact takes this burden off the shoulders of your business with an event management solution.

The process is simple: Businesses send customized invitations to potential attendees. The invitations include a “Register Now!” button that allows real-time registration. And Constant Contact automatically tracks registrations on the user dashboard. Constant Contact takes supporting your event a step further with built-in feedback tools and free coaching for the event service.

Gather Customer Feedback With Online Surveys

Conducting surveys and polls is one of the most effective ways to find out how customers feel about your business. It’s important to gauge reactions to your company’s latest offers and find out how to tailor your products going forward.

Constant Contact Email PLUS provides software for surveys and polls that make it easy to start two-way conversations with customers. You can customize questions and answers to learn what customers are interested in and then target messages accordingly. Surveys are compatible with social media, and results can be tracked in real-time.

Since 1995 Constant Contact Has Provided Resources to Set Businesses Up for Success

Online communication was still in its infancy back in 1995 when Constant Contact launched. Its founders saw email as the future of how people and businesses would connect, so they developed a full-featured platform SMBs could leverage for digital marketing.

Since then, Constant Contact has helped over 650,000 clients engage their audiences with compelling, visually stimulating email content. The company’s success stems from its flexible tools that simplify email marketing and the people behind those tools helping businesses make the most of them.

The Constant Contact team offers support for questions about its products as well as guidance on marketing best practices and strategies. A network of local experts is deployed nationwide to teach businesses how to effectively market their brands online. Seminars and training sessions are held regularly, most of which are free of charge. For those unable to attend an event, webinars, tutorials, and step-by-step guides are available online.

Every dollar spent on email marketing produces 38x the return on investment, and Constant Contact plans to continue helping businesses make the most of their email campaign investment.