Colocation America Gives Businesses the Reliable IT Foundation They Need to Compete in the Modern E-Commerce Landscape
Posted: 1.9.18 Business Solutions

Colocation America Gives Businesses the Reliable IT Foundation They Need to Compete in the Modern E-Commerce Landscape

By: Jon McDonald

The Crunch: Modern retailers need reliable web hosting solutions to succeed in an increasingly digital marketplace. Colocation America, based in Los Angeles, is an established name in the hosting industry with a nearly 20-year track record of reliability. A group of senior engineers formed the company in 2000 after the servers at their firm repeatedly crashed and they decided they could develop a better solution. Colocation America now helps retailers build the 21st century IT foundation they need with a focus on customer support, speed, and scalability. The company also engages clients to better understand their business goals and craft a customized IT solution that meets their needs.

In the late 1990s, a group of senior engineers at an online marketing firm grew frustrated after the server that hosted the company’s most critical business data would routinely crash at the most inopportune times. In a moment of entrepreneurial inspiration, the group decided to form its own web hosting company, Colocation America, to solve that problem.

Over the last 17 years, they have built the Los Angeles-based company from the ground up to deliver integrated and reliable colocation hosting.

Vice President of Corporate Strategy Samantha Walters said Colocation America builds the IT foundation that SMBs and e-commerce companies need to compete in the modern, technology-driven marketplace.

“What happens when your e-commerce or retail site goes down?” Samantha said. “You’re losing millions of dollars every moment. We always circle everything back to keeping you online because we know the ripple effect downtime can have.”

Collage of Colocation America logo and datacenter

Colocation America’s services include datacenter space for servers and hardware, cloud access, managed hosting, and high-speed IP transit. The company is also a de facto IT consulting firm for small businesses that do not have the time, resources, or expertise to manage their own computer networks. Samantha said that is one example of the company’s commitment to helping customers grow and succeed.

“We’re the good guys next door. If we do what we truly think is the best for our clients it will come back to us tenfold,” Samantha said. “We’re always considering what impact it has on our clients, not only on a business level but in life. When a small business has an IT problem, or a site goes down, it affects lives.”

Enterprise firms with international footprints rely on Colocation America for more complex hosting needs. The company also emphasizes corporate social responsibility as part of its commitment to doing good. Each year, the company awards grants of up to $7,500 to fund science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) educational programs for youth.

“We are dedicated to giving back and ensuring there are programs out there to ignite the passion in future generations,” Samantha said.

Meeting Retail’s IT Needs with Support, Speed, and Scalability

Colocation America’s main goals are keeping clients online and profitable.

Colocation America believes the pillars of IT Infrastructure are IPs (connectivity), hosting (space), and servers (hardware) and begins its mission statement by referencing that foundation. “Over the years, Colocation America realized that there is more to keeping clients online than just providing state-of-the-art datacenter services; clients are looking to expand and grow their business using our foundation,” the statement continues.

Samantha said clients typically need the three S’s to succeed: support, speed, and scalability.

Colocation America’s managed hosting services provide clients with 24/7 IT support from an expert staff. That round-the-clock support is invaluable to small business owners who have e-commerce needs, but lack the expertise to troubleshoot problems on their own.

“When something happens, will you be there?” Samantha said. “Can I pick up the phone and call you? When I think my entire business is about to go shot, someone needs to be there telling me it’s going to be OK.”

Map of Colocation America datacenter locations

Colocation America keeps data near its customers with 22 datacenters spread across 8 locations in the US.

Speed is also critical, particularly because research shows that potential customers may give up on a website that takes more than two seconds to load.

“How fast can my clients get to your site?” Samantha said. “That extra millisecond that they have to wait is often too long.”

Colocation America’s IP Transit service includes both IPv4 and the newer IPv6 protocols and allows clients to colocate a server in one of 22 secure datacenters or lease a dedicated server. Available connection speeds start at 100 Mbps and reach up to 10 Gbps.

For growing businesses, there’s also the issue of scalability. Samantha said with technology changing so rapidly, no one wants to be tied down to a cell phone contract or, in the case of web hosting, inflexible IT service.

Samantha also pointed out that a business asking for 20 servers may be better off starting with five and then growing into a larger solution. That’s why engagement is key to find out what a client needs today and what the business may need in two years.

“A big part of what we do is understanding where our clients are now and where they’re going,” Samantha said.

Colocation America encourages growth by allowing businesses to quickly and inexpensively scale up their IT resources in the cloud to accommodate expansion — or downscale if needed.

A Focus on Customer Service and Meeting Clients’ Unique Needs

Colocation America puts a premium on understanding each client’s unique needs, Samantha said. That means knowing their cybersecurity vulnerabilities, industry compliance requirements such as HIPAA and PCI, and how their IT ecosystem is built.

Photo of Colocation America Vice President of Corporate Strategy Samantha Walters

Colocation America Vice President of Corporate Strategy Samantha Walters spoke with us about how the company helps businesses.

”Businesses are choosing individual IT solutions for specific roles or purposes in their business, creating their own software suite, their own IT world geared specifically for their business,” Samantha said. “That means you have to take a step back and strategically make those moves.”

For those technologies to mesh together, they need a hosting environment that can handle the demands they place on infrastructure. Often, solutions from different vendors will require extra server space to collaborate efficiently. Colocation America understands that and works with businesses to map out their hosting needs based on the solutions they currently deploy.

By engaging with clients to learn their exact requirements, the IT professionals at Colocation America can meet the needs of small retailers all the way up to enterprise organizations.

Colocation America: A Proven IT Solution for Nearly Two Decades

The Colocation America story began in 2000 when a group of engineers launched the company to deal with downtime that IT professionals at their workplace couldn’t fix.

“We had a problem, and we solved it,” Samantha said.

Seventeen years later, Colocation America is a trusted leader in the growing datacenter colocation industry — a nearly $30 billion market projected to grow to more than $76 billion by 2022.

With 22 datacenters in eight major cities, Colocation America provides clients with servers to host their entire IT infrastructure and back up all of their data. Those datacenters carry certifications in PCI, HIPAA, and other key industry compliance areas and put a priority on cybersecurity. And, after nearly two decades of growth, Samantha said the company remains committed to its core focus.

“We make sure you are online and your customers can reach you easily,” she said.