BrandVerity Protects Your Brand from Infringement in Paid Search & Verifies Compliance Across the Web
Posted: 8.25.16 Marketing

BrandVerity Protects Your Brand from Infringement in Paid Search & Verifies Compliance Across the Web

By: Lauren Keys

The Crunch: Marketing your brand online is a must to stay competitive, but companies need to be vigilant about how their brands are presented. A 2016 study of online advertising tactics found that brands in the consumer finance sector were losing 13,208 clicks per month, and home service brands losing over 64,000 clicks due to competitive trademark bidding. Thankfully, help is out there. BrandVerity uses its paid search and content monitoring services to help clients maintain brand integrity and keep affiliates in compliance. Their direct line to the major search engines, full-support customer service staff, and comprehensive monitoring tools help control how consumers perceive your brand.

In the days when print and television-based advertising were the main drivers of a company’s marketing campaign, there was little need to question the authenticity of an ad, the expiration date of a coupon, or if someone might be using your own brand to actually draw business away from you. Now, marketers have to worry about ad hijacking, search arbitrage, competitive trademark bidding, and a host of other issues when building campaigns that stretch across the digital landscape.

Do you know if other companies are bidding on your trademark? Are customers really seeing your ad when they search for your brand? Do you know if your affiliates are presenting accurate information about your brand? If you’ve answered no to any of these questions, your marketing campaign might be in jeopardy. Luckily, there is a solution. BrandVerity has developed software tools that businesses can use to protect their image and make sure their partners are in brand and regulatory compliance.

3 Tools Developed in Response to the Demand for Brand Security

BrandVerity was founded in 2008 in response to market demand for a tool with the ability to safeguard against some of the issues that arise with paid advertiser searches. “Affiliates were showing up on all sorts of branded keywords, and really causing problems for brands,” said Julia De Friel, a BrandVerity sales manager. “We realized that’s not necessarily something advertisers wanted, so we built a tool around it.”

BrandVerity has grown since then and now has three main product offerings, all constructed around the central aim of protecting brands and saving businesses money:

Since BrandVerity traces their origins to the paid search monitoring tool, it is probably the product offering they’re most known for. The service protects advertisers and their prospective customers from deceptive advertising practices by gathering instances of paid search ads across the web’s main search engines, which users can then review for misleading tactics.

Content monitoring works in much the same way, but instead it monitors, you guessed it, website content to ensure compliance. BrandVerity’s coupon code monitoring service scours the web for coupon codes, giving users information on where they are showing up and if they are valid.

Photos of BrandVerity’s Julia De Friel and Dan Labelle

Julia De Friel, BrandVerity’s sales manager, and Dan Labelle, VP of Marketing, help clients protect their brands.

“We’ve grown a lot,” Julia said. “We also do trademark monitoring, and we have direct relationships with the search engines and their trademark teams to remove items not in compliance. We are an across-the-board brand protection service.”

Content Monitoring Optimizes Compliance to Safeguard Your Message

BrandVerity has built a proactive process around compliance when it comes to website content. “There are tons of affiliates out there running all kinds of editorial reviews about companies,” Julia said. “And when a company needs to update an offer description or APR, they need to find every instance of where it is showing up. That’s where our tool comes in.”

The content monitoring tool allows businesses to increase brand control by monitoring known websites, discovering unknown sites hosting content about a given brand, and looking for triggers on those sites to indicate whether they are in compliance.

BrandVerity’s content monitoring service removes the impossible task of manually monitoring website content for outdated offers and misleading copy. The service also comes with a comprehensive auditing software that captures screenshots, records audit trails, and provides clients with website change detection, which all help to streamline their compliance monitoring process.

A chart of BrandVerity's findings

Many customers, including a leading club store big box retailer, have seen trademark bidding activity significantly decline after a few short months of monitoring

With content monitoring, logic rules are set up for the specific content a brand is concerned about. Different offer descriptions or references to the brand are filterable by prohibited text, where certain phrases appear on the page, and more.

“Really, our goal is to limit your exposure to compliance issues and in the process save you time and decrease your costs,” Dan said, “and our content monitoring can save weeks of auditing by highlighting difficult to find compliance issues to protect your brand.”

Customizable Paid Search Monitoring Adaptable for Any Industry

BrandVerity’s paid search tool can be tailored to individual clients based on need. The tool is supported in over 45 countries around the world. Users choose what countries they want to monitor, then the service monitors from random locations within those countries at random times to provide an all-inclusive look at a company’s web presence. This helps take some of the guesswork out of what’s happening on the web and helps uncover anyone who’s not in compliance.

“We can filter all of the ads in as many different ways as you want,” Julia said. “If you want to know about a specific display URL, a specific list of advertisers, we can filter that way. If you want to look for phone numbers in the ad copy or look for any other specific content in the ad copy, for example, someone using the word ‘free’ or ‘guaranteed,’ we can do that.”

Instead of just spitting out a report that users have to sift through to find useful information, BrandVerity’s reports show exactly what their clients need to see. “We really try to streamline that process,” Julia said. “We say, ‘OK, what are your exact rules? Let’s show you everything that fits into those categories, so that when you login you see exactly what you care about seeing and you don’t have to go through everything to see if it’s compliant or not.’”

The BrandVerity logo

The tool can even adapt its search logic and results so that different departments in the same company can see the results that are relevant to them.

“We have lots of companies who have multiple teams using the tool,” Julia said. “They may have their marketing team, their SEM team, and their legal team in the tool who all care about different information. If we’re capturing all the same data across the board and we’re filtering it, say, 18 different ways, it’s no additional cost to the client because we’ve already done the data collection.”

Consumer Trust Is Everything — BrandVerity Ensures Control Over Your Online Presence

The good ol’ days of solely using print and television-based advertising may be gone, but digital marketing doesn’t have to be a daunting, complex maze. Sure, there are tactics that some less-than-honest entities on the web use to draw business away from you, or, worse, create an environment where consumers might lose trust in your brand. But the tools to thwart these activities are at your disposal.

BrandVerity’s comprehensive monitoring services allow you to control your message and how consumers are interacting with your brand. Paid search and content monitoring saves you money by ensuring that you’re not paying unwarranted commissions, increases click-through rates, and keeps your image safe. With a full support staff available to field client inquiries, a direct line to the major search engines’ trademark teams, and customizable tools to fit your company’s needs, BrandVerity provides a chart to guide your journey across the digital marketing landscape.