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Booz Allen Hamilton Earns Our Editor’s Retail Choice Award™ for Innovative Commercial Consulting

By: Jon McDonald

The Crunch: Consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton specializes in helping companies take a strategic approach to cyber security in order to effectively manage risk, and prevent the loss, manipulation, or destruction of critical data – which could have a disastrous impact, particularly in the retail industry. Having been in business for more than a century, Booz Allen Hamilton has seen countless shifts in the marketplace, which makes it uniquely qualified to provide insights to businesses. Bringing together a diverse group of people — engineers, analysts, developers, and strategists — the firm combines a unique mix of consulting and advanced technology expertise to work for commercial clients with complex challenges. This holistic approach to consulting has earned Booz Allen Hamilton our Editor’s Retail Choice Award™ for Innovative Commercial Consulting.

For business executives and board members alike, operating while under constant threat from the most sophisticated cyber criminals can be unsettling, especially as customer loyalty and brand reputation continue to be key drivers for retail businesses. It’s even more disconcerting that as recent as 10 years ago, cyber security was not top of mind for many CEOs. It remains a challenge to convince business leaders that increased security measures are needed to protect companies from risk.

Now, high-profile cyber attacks dominate headlines and CEOs no longer need convincing—they want a plan. That is where tech consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton excels.

The firm’s commercial consulting group assists companies with complex cyber security matters, from simulating cyber attacks and measuring how well breaches are contained, to cultivating a security culture so that employees are equipped with the knowledge and tools to protect themselves.

Booz Allen Hamilton isn’t new to innovative commercial consulting. For decades, the firm has specialized in mastering the digital landscape by evolving just as rapidly. Now in its second century, Booz Allen’s commercial group is shifting focus on cyber security, and continuing to maintain the central tenets that clients have come to expect – developing and executing strategy, helping companies navigate the complexities of evolving technologies, and delivering the best people for client challenges.

The company recognizes that cyber security, along with technology, innovation, and cutting-edge analytics can determine whether a company evolves or gets left behind. This combined perspective and expertise, coupled with the firm’s dedication to helping businesses transform digitally contributed to Booz Allen Hamilton’s distinction as our Editor’s Retail Choice Award for Innovative Commercial Consulting.

Focus on Cyber Security Helps Businesses Protect Reputations and Bottom Lines

Booz Allen Hamilton recently hired a number of accomplished cyber security experts with commercial experience to its team, including Commercial Leader, Bill Phelps, and former CISO of Target, Brad Maiorino. In the past month, Phelps added four new senior hires as part of his continuing strategy to deliver the most talented and experienced cyber teams to commercial clients.

The new focus on cyber security is aimed at helping companies better understand what it takes to effectively manage cyber risk. This includes establishing mechanisms for sharing and receiving threat information, proactively hunting within the network, integrating new technology, developing a well-trained and empowered workforce, continuously testing and improving systems and processes, and of course maintaining good cyber hygiene.

Booz Allen Hamilton is able to tackle the complexities of cyber security thanks to the breadth of knowledge its employees possess. Across the US and around the world, top policies and digital architecture of security systems were pioneered by its employees. The firm also recognizes the importance of hiring experts in technology fields, so businesses with limited resources don’t have to worry about filling those roles internally.

Booz Allen also differentiates from its competitors by bringing specialization in analysis and strategy, which helps meet the nuanced demands and needs of individual businesses. Additionally, the firm is unique in that it builds the technology solutions its clients need to avoid cyber threats.

Booz Allen Hamilton’s Cyber4Sight threat intelligence solution helps businesses identify and prevent data breaches.

One such example is its Cyber4Sight threat intelligence solution. The service goes beyond traditional threat prediction analysis — it provides a risk score and expertise while supplementing that information with research based on Booz Allen Hamilton’s industry analysis and global cyber security news and updates. This 360-degree approach ensures that if a threat arises, the firm is the first to know and can quickly alert customers.

Booz Allen Hamilton’s cyber security model gives businesses a clear, comprehensive view of how to keep their networks and data safe, which, along with the firm’s other offerings, gives a clear picture of the digital path forward.

Important Analytics Decisions Made Easier for Enterprise

While cyber security is the predominant focus of the commercial business, the group also provides advanced analytics services to companies across industries. Recently, Booz Allen expanded its team of data scientists to help businesses harness their data for purposes like enhanced threat identification, risk and fraud detection, and general decision-making improvement . By gleaning insights from the mountains of data large companies produce, Booz Allen can make beneficial changes to outdated or underperforming processes.

Recognizing that not every company has resources devoted to data science led Booz Allen Hamilton to develop an analytics solution called Sailfish. The platform is built specifically for businesses that need to understand data but don’t have the resources to run their own analytics teams. As Booz Allen Hamilton puts it, the solution “democratizes data science,” making it readily accessible to any size business.

The Sailfish platform allows a business of any size to analyze its data from an intuitive interface.

Sailfish lets companies get answers to their data questions, allowing them to work internally to share insight with their teams. Businesses can also use Sailfish’s drag-and-drop interface to run analyses without dealing with software or coding. Businesses get the data transparency and knowledge they need quickly and accurately.

Guiding Companies Into the Future

Proper information and research are imperative to making decisions about technology, and no one understands this better than the team at Booz Allen. In the past year, the firm has helped airlines, retailers, pharmaceutical giants, energy leaders, financial services firms and more, prepare for the evolving technology landscape.

Applying its growing team of experts and consultative heritage, while operating on the cutting edge of technology and innovation sets Booz Allen Hamilton apart in its industry, which is why the firm has earned our Editor’s Retail Choice Award for Innovative Commercial Consulting.

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