AWeber: Email Automation Pioneer Helps Your Business Grow with Cost-Effective Marketing Solutions
Posted: 4.11.17 Marketing

AWeber: Email Automation Pioneer Helps Your Business Grow with Cost-Effective Marketing Solutions

By: Jon McDonald

The Crunch: When Tom Kulzer wrote a program to help his company keep up with all of the information requests it was receiving, he just wanted to help boost sales. But Tom had invented the first email autoresponder, and his pioneering program led to the founding of AWeber, an email marketing automation company with a track record of innovation and customer service. AWeber doesn’t just automate emails, it offers integrations with many powerful online tools to source leads. A suite of mobile apps developed by AWeber brings incredible flexibility to small businesses seeking a larger reach. AWeber also has a wealth of educational resources that keep users informed of best practices so small retailers can learn to grow their businesses.

In the mid-1990s, Tom Kulzer worked for a company selling wireless modems online. Since the modems were complicated pieces of technology, the company was inundated with emails containing questions about the products. But Kulzer found that the salesmen weren’t responding to all of the emails, just the ones that were easy to convert to sales. He searched for a solution, but couldn’t find one.

So, Kulzer wrote a program that would automatically send a series of emails in response to queries about the modems. He told the email response program was so successful that the company had problems physically producing and shipping all of the modems that were ordered.

Kulzer had successfully invented the first email autoresponder but didn’t know how revolutionary it would be.

After leaving the modem company behind, Kulzer realized that a lot of businesses had a need for his software, and a similar product didn’t exist yet. So, Tom started AWeber, an email marketing software company that was able to fill an immediate need in the space.

Photos of AWeber Founder Tom Kulzer and Product Marketing Manager Tom Tate

Tom Kulzer, left, founded AWeber and Product Marketing Manager Tom Tate talked to us about the platform’s capabilities.

AWeber took off because of its ability to deliver leads to small businesses by automatically contacting interested consumers at pre-set intervals. Since then, AWeber has continued to advance the email marketing industry, offering retailers an easy drag-and-drop editor to make memorable campaigns and feature-rich apps that bring enterprise-level tools to any business.

“Most of our customers are looking forward to setting up automated email campaigns to deliver valuable content over a particular span of time,” said Tom Tate, Product Marketing Manager at AWeber. “These campaigns set the tone for the relationship between business and subscriber, and because the sending is automated, time gets invested back into the business.”

AWeber’s commitment to customers runs through its software, pricing structure, and its company culture. With the same service for all plans, large or small, and educational resources, including training on best practices, AWeber is a well-rounded solution for small businesses.

AWeber Has Been Innovating Email Automation for Nearly 20 Years

AWeber began with an industry-changing invention, the email autoresponder, but has since taken steps to make its software even more responsive, intuitive, and future-focused. Making email campaigns easy to implement has always been one mission, but AWeber goes beyond responses by sourcing leads and providing retailers with powerful tools to keep subscribers engaged. Its popular Campaigns platform automates email marketing, which is incredibly important considering 91% of business owners surveyed by AWeber say they are fulfilling marketing duties on their own.

With a collection of impactful templates and a drag-and-drop email editor, AWeber makes implementing a campaign simple for a smaller business owner. Campaigns are made to connect with a customer, or potential customer, at the right time, which is why retailers build a customized path for each set of circumstances.

“With Campaigns, the feedback continues to be positive,” Tate told us. “Customers enjoy the ease of creating new campaigns with our intuitive drag-and-drop editor, and they are taking advantage of more robust subscriber tagging options.”

The tagging options allow a business owner to assign a particular set of identifiers to customers within their email list based on interests, past purchases, or even location, to ensure they are getting the most personalized email possible.

Platform integrations with some of the most popular social media and payment sites save time and give retailers actionable data for future campaigns. Robust AWeber apps provide small businesses with reports, marketing tools, and even send engaging newsletters on the go.

Integrations with Platforms from Facebook to PayPal Provide More Leads

AWeber functionality integrates with many popular online tools to help increase customer engagement. If a business has a Facebook page connected to an AWeber account, it can add an email signup form to its Facebook page in minutes, giving fans of that business an easy way to connect.

Many small businesses use WordPress to build web pages, and AWeber has integration for that, too. An email signup form can be quickly added to the sidebar of any page, making the process a one-click affair for a user.

Screenshot of popular AWeber integrations

AWeber has integrations with many popular online tools, including the very popular Facebook, PayPal, and WordPress.

PayPal is another vital partner for many small retailers involved in e-commerce. One-time online customers can be turned into business subscribers through an AWeber app that can add those customers to any designated email list.

But integration with other online tools are not all that AWeber provides; it also offers a line of its own apps that offer insights and help keep a small business at the top of a consumer’s mind.

Curate, Stats, and Atom Apps Help Retailers Mobilize Specific Campaigns

AWeber developed mobile apps to help leverage the power of its platform in the increasingly mobile world of small business.

The Curate app makes content curation easy by packaging it into simple designs meant to engage readers. It allows a user to input videos, photos, and text from all over the web, then add a customized message for subscribers. Curate helps AWeber users not only stay in touch with subscribers but give them relevant content quickly.

Logos for AWeber Apps Curate, Stats and Atom

AWeber’s Curate, Stats, and Atom apps give businesses ways to create content, source leads, and analyze data.

With AWeber’s Stats app, a user gets updated email campaign statistics while on the go. The app’s dashboard makes it easy to see a campaign’s effectiveness and can help small business owners glean insights from anywhere.

The Atom app lets a small business owner source email subscribers anywhere. Its ability to collect email registrations turns practically any device or tablet into a mobile signup form. It can be useful at a convention, trade show, or anywhere a retailer interacts with customers.

Customer-Centric Culture Leads to Intuitive Software Developments

One of AWeber’s core values is to be welcoming of customer input, but the company doesn’t just request feedback, it reacts. That value runs through the culture of the company and goes into many of the products it makes.

“Our focus on customer success is what makes the AWeber team special,” Tate said. “We strive to provide customers with the best service and develop the tools they need to connect with their email subscribers in remarkable ways. This culture permeates throughout the organization and impacts all of the decisions we make, from what product features we build, to what topics we choose to cover on our blog.”

Photo of AWeber offices

AWeber creates a culture of open collaboration with the mission of enhancing the end-user experience.

The physical workspace at AWeber helps employees stay focused on that goal of customer collaboration. As an inviting, warm, family-style environment, AWeber keeps the lines of communication open throughout the company, even referring to itself as not just “anti-cubicle” but also “anti-office-door.”

Accessibility is a theme at the company level, and also in AWeber’s pricing structure, which is meant to be inclusive for all businesses.

Subscriber-Based Pricing Promotes Growth for Small Businesses

AWeber bases its pricing on the number of email subscribers a business has, and offers its full complement of services to customers in each tier. This structure differentiates AWeber from many other email marketing companies that save premium services for customers at the higher priced tiers.

Each AWeber plan includes customer support, unlimited emails to a subscriber list, automation, and analytics, among a host of other offerings. A business pays a monthly fee and tiers range from zero-500 subscribers all the way up to 25,000-plus.

AWeber pricing structure screenshot

AWeber’s pricing structure is all-inclusive at every level and doesn’t hold back services for premium tiers.

“By pricing our product by the amount of email subscribers you have, we can scale your costs as you scale your email marketing efforts,” Tate said. “None of our email marketing features are hidden behind extra costs. For someone just getting started, our pricing will allow you to take full advantage of our product suite at a reasonable price, using the same tools our high-volume senders also have access to.”

But while AWeber provides small businesses with powerful automation tools and an inclusive pricing structure, it also wants to ensure those businesses have access to the most current strategies and best practices.

AWeber Goes Beyond Support by Promoting Best Practices

Tom Kulzer started AWeber to take the success he produced for a small wireless modem company and replicate it for any small business. Kulzer believes that for his company to grow, his team must keep learning and growing, a belief that extends to AWeber users.

“Our focus on educating customers and helping them achieve success is a differentiator,” Tate said.

The resources available for AWeber customers to learn more about making the perfect email campaign shows that commitment. Its online customer support includes a knowledge base section with answers to questions on just about every facet of the AWeber software and how it can be useful to a business. But the education goes well beyond just answering a few questions; AWeber offers webinars to teach users about the software plus video guides to introduce users to best practices and email campaign implementation techniques.

Education is one of AWeber’s core principles, which are all aimed at improving the end-user experience. More than 100,000 businesses use the platform to grow their own customer bases, and that trust is fitting for AWeber, which is not just a leader in email marketing, but the inventor of its automation.