How Aptiv’s Innovative Automotive Software and Technology Creates a Personalized Driving Experience for Consumers
Updated: 12.15.17 Software

How Aptiv’s Innovative Automotive Software and Technology Creates a Personalized Driving Experience for Consumers

By: Levi Horowitz

The Crunch: Juggling a cellphone to find the weather forecast or choose a detour to avoid a traffic accident up ahead are difficult tasks to manage while driving. Identifying the limitations of  vehicle technology and the need for increased mobility in the automotive industry, Aptiv is spinning out its digital development platform to focus on transforming the vehicle into a smart device that operates with the driver in mind. With the ability to connect to a user’s favorite apps, collect environmental data through sensor technology, and determine routes for automated driving, Aptiv’s software increases efficiency for both consumers and businesses on the road.

The notion of a cellphone having the capacity to perform more than a call was once incomprehensible — until the smartphone revolution that began with the iPhone and left the limitations of the flip phone far behind. Smartphones now carry a variety of digital apps and features, and have become the industry standard for cellular devices today.

A photo of Jada Tapley VP of Advanced Engineering at Delphi

Aptiv VP Jada Tapley spoke with us about how Aptiv transforms vehicles into digital platforms.

Similarly on the brink of an industry revolution, Aptiv is focused on transforming the automobile beyond simply a method of transportation and into a personalized driving experience through its software platform.

“When you think of mobility in the past, you think of cars,”said Jada Tapley, the VP of Advanced Engineering at Aptiv. “As we look ahead it’s more than that — it’s in tech, and Aptiv is an integral part.”

By developing software with the capacity for app integration, safety features, autonomous driving, and more, Aptiv connects the vehicle to the driver’s digital footprint and expands its capabilities.

Digitally Syncing the Vehicle to a Driver’s Lifestyle

Enhanced mobility and connectivity with other technologies is what defines Aptiv’s software as a game changer in the automotive industry.

Aptiv enables users to integrate their favorite apps into their vehicle, extending time or energy-saving solutions from their phones or computers into their daily drive. For example, Aptiv software can alert a user with the Starbucks app on their phone where the nearest Starbucks — or their favorite Starbucks location — is as they drive.

A photo of Aptiv's self-driving car

Aptivi’s automated vehicles include features such as route memorization and self driving.

Route memorization and autonomous driving are among Aptiv’s standout features simplifying the driver’s transportation process based on data aggregated from their driving habits. Automated driving allows users to comfortably ride in their vehicle with no hands on the steering wheel and with the assurance the technology will deliver an optimized and safe drive.

Among the advantages of Aptiv’s software is its capability to communicate with the prevalent ecosystem of technology. Aptiv gathers information not just from smartphones, but from social media news, kitchen appliances, and even safety alerts from local authorities and stores it in one centralized place — the vehicle.

A Software Revolution Seeking to Change Product Distribution

The benefits of Aptiv go beyond the automobile; retailers can refine their delivery processes to transform distribution.

Aptiv’s automated driving software connects to a technology ecosystem called Smart Cities, that shares current data on local governments, environments, parking, and emergency alerts with the vehicle’s operating software intelligence. Not only does the technology improve passenger safety, it also leaves a smaller carbon footprint by opting for more efficient routes reducing traffic in the process.

With the software, the consumer journey can revamp into a more personalized process by providing the data necessary to transport products directly into a buyer’s home, or to the stores closer to a buyer’s frequented locations. Several companies are currently using similar technology, including Amazon Key, an in-home package delivery service by Amazon, and automated pizza delivery cars Domino’s and Ford are testing in pilot programs.

At the core of Aptiv’s mission is making implementation affordable, which is essential to the development of solutions, Jada said.

“It’s all about making innovations real to help the consumer solve problems because until you actually make it real, it’s not impactful,“ Jada said. “We’re dreamers that do.”

The powerful technology behind Aptiv gives companies the data they need to remove unnecessary operating costs in the product distribution process, which opens opportunities for small businesses to reach consumers on a scale previously unimaginable and increase selection in the marketplace for consumers.

Bridging the Driver-Vehicle Relationship Gap to Enhance Efficiency

Aptiv is shifting the capabilities of a vehicle from just a mode of transportation to a digital solution that optimizes the time people spend driving.

The software is designed to learn the driver’s preferences and layer on features such as app integration, sensory data collection, and automated driving.

According to the Aptiv team, the technology they’re developing speaks to the effects of auto activity throughout the world. Vehicles have a major impact on society, and Aptiv works to address hot-button issues such as safety, congestion, affordability, the environment, and energy usage every day.

Aptiv is establishing automation as the norm for the automotive industry with its digital development platform. The technology Aptiv is rolling out saves time, money, and convenience for consumers — and is impacting how countless industries interact with their customers now and in the future.