How AppsFlyer Lets You Precisely Measure Marketing ROI By Tracking Real-Time Mobile In-App Events
Posted: 4.20.17 Marketing

How AppsFlyer Lets You Precisely Measure Marketing ROI By Tracking Real-Time Mobile In-App Events

By: Jon McDonald

The Crunch: Efficiently tracking app installations and marketing impact is a vital, yet challenging, component of the retail industry, especially when it requires integrating data from multiple channels. AppsFlyer, a mobile attribution and marketing analytics platform, helps businesses in all industries quickly assess the effectiveness of campaigns by monitoring app installs, in-app engagement, and ROI across multiple ad networks. With access to more than 2,000 integrated ad partners within AppsFlyer’s secure, independent platform, retailers can quickly and accurately optimize marketing efforts to make the most out of multichannel customer engagement.

One of the most challenging business focuses for a large e-commerce retailer like is tracking and attributing its marketing efforts, especially when its operations are spread out across many different channels. Since more than half the company’s traffic comes from mobile devices, it’s particularly important for the company to do everything it can to create a best-in-class experience.

“The key considerations we thought about when we were choosing an attribution partner were method, scale (how many integrated suppliers were on the platform), and, finally, support,” said Associate Marketing Director Lauren Picasso. “We’re growing quickly, and we really wanted to make sure we had a team who would grow with us.”

AppsFlyer logo found a partner in AppsFlyer, the mobile attribution and marketing analytics platform that launched in 2011. AppsFlyer enables retailers to link application installs to specific marketing campaigns, gather detailed analytics, and integrate their efforts with thousands of ad suppliers across multiple networks.

AppsFlyer’s platform allows to get up and running on a new network within a few hours, launch a campaign, and quickly assess what’s working best so it can continue to optimize its marketing for the best ROI. With AppsFlyer, can test out multiple networks at one time, quickly learn which ones are driving the most conversions, and make fast, data-driven decisions that will most benefit the company’s business.

Robust Reports Give Retailers Insight Into Every Mobile Click

Mobile marketing feedback about where, when, and how consumers turn from browsers into customers is vital for retailers. This feedback includes everything from the first impression (ad view) to the eventual purchase, as well as the cost-to-return analysis of advertising through various channels.

AppsFlyer’s marketing analytics product integrates with key networks so retailers can receive real-time data on impressions, cost analysis, and ROI. This data is compiled into reports that are relayed into an overview, or custom dashboard. From there, businesses assess this information to adjust their marketing strategies to maximize impact.

As a multi-platform company, once found tracking attributions across multiple devices challenging. With the help of AppsFlyer, and other retailers can perform omnichannel measurement by syncing mobile analytics with other systems such as inventory or a customer database. This allows an even more detailed connection of marketing techniques with customer profiles and shopping habits.

“AppsFlyer spent months integrating with our web attribution partner to help us have a complete view of our customer, not only on the device level but the user level,” Lauren said.

The AppsFlyer Platform is Independent, Unbiased, and Secure

Because it provides customers with data that influences the revenue of its ad partners, an attribution platform needs to have a rock-solid reputation for unbiased reporting and a lack of financial interest in any of its partnerships. For this reason, AppsFlyer fully discloses that it does not offer paid products for ad or affiliate networks, receive funding from media companies, or extend preferred status. The company’s mission is to deliver clean data to businesses for performance measuring and marketing purposes.

Ad fraud is a growing problem that plagues the mobile environment, diverting revenue from many businesses while skewing performance analytics.

“The biggest challenge for most companies now is that fraud is a postmortem analysis,” AppsFlyer Vice President of Sales Sunil Bhagwan told “You run the campaigns, and you look at the data to see what percentage appears fraudulent.”

Screenshot of AppsFlyer services

AppsFlyer’s mission is to provide clean and unbiased data, which is why the company prides itself on transparency.

To help mobile marketers with this continuing challenge, AppsFlyer has engineered an Active Fraud Suite. As its title implies, this comprehensive tool uses mobile marketing databases, algorithms, and real-time machine learning to actively identify fraudulent marketing so retailers can deal with it quickly and decisively. Because of the program’s nature, AppsFlyer doesn’t publicly disclose details about how it works.

With the knowledge that AppsFlyer is a neutral arbiter of attribution data and the added security of AppsFlyer’s fraud-detection suite, partner companies have peace of mind their brands, marketing efforts, and income streams are safe over every network and medium.

Attributing Installs Through More Than 2,000 Integrated Ad Partners

AppsFlyer credits its position as a trusted, unbiased authority in mobile attribution for its connection with over 2,000 ad partners in the mobile ecosystem. With this scale, AppsFlyer can support companies, like, with a platform capable of integrating with multiple major media sources such as Facebook, Google, and Twitter.

Before AppsFlyer, using multiple media sources posed problems for mobile marketers. With so many overlapping channels, there were increased instances of duplicate or wrongful attribution. Since each source also required its own SDK to be installed, using multiple sources frequently caused system lag and affected user experience.

Screenshot of AppsFlyer integration partners

The integrations AppsFlyer has with major ad networks help expand a retailer’s reach immediately.

AppsFlyer’s universal SDK integrates its ad-partner systems with its customers for a faster, more accurate transfer of marketing analytics and attribution data. Marketing automation enables push notifications, in-app messaging, and personalization for more targeted connections with customers. Many of AppsFlyer’s partners also offer retargeting capabilities for following up with previous app users based on their activity.

With AppsFlyer’s integration technology, retailers have an expansive ad network and marketing options within one platform, giving them the tools and connections they need to expand their reach.

Helping Optimize Campaigns Quickly Based on Actionable Metrics

If a company wants to keep a competitive edge, gaining real-time feedback on the effectiveness of advertising campaigns across multiple networks is crucial. It’s also a fundamental challenge in the age of multiple mobile platforms and apps. AppsFlyer’s partnership with is an example of how its mobile attribution software can address these challenges.

With mobile attribution and marketing analytics software that is fully integrated with over 2,000 ad partners, AppsFlyer allows retailers to connect every app install to a particular campaign, test customer engagement on each network, and make fast decisions about what works and what doesn’t.

“AppsFlyer has allowed us to test a number of different networks and see what works; as we launch new partners, we see which partners are driving conversions for us, which is the metric we’re after,” Lauren said.

And, in the ever-shifting, fast-paced retail environment, speed is also important. “The great thing about AppsFlyer is that we’re able to test and learn really quickly,” Lauren said.

As an unbiased arbiter of secure, accurate marketing data, the AppsFlyer platform makes it easier to launch, track, and optimize marketing efforts in a way that meets the needs of the emerging mobile retail environment.