Advertising Age Helps Retailers Stay on Top of the Latest News & Trends in Marketing
Posted: 1.9.17 Personal Development

Advertising Age Helps Retailers Stay on Top of the Latest News & Trends in Marketing

By: Adam West

The Crunch: The rapid rise of a digitally connected world is changing the face of marketing. Now, more than ever, retailers need to stay on top of the latest developments and trends in marketing if they want to reach consumers and successfully promote their brands. Advertising Age, a world-renowned media group covering the marketing and advertising industry for more than 80 years, delivers award-winning news, analysis, and insights through its print, online, and mobile platforms. The company’s insightful content and editorial integrity have made it the go-to resource for those looking to keep their finger on the pulse of the marketing industry.

With the huge variety of different marketing channels available these days, retailers are likely to find themselves scratching their heads when it comes to choosing the ones that will best serve their businesses.

Most notably, the internet and digital devices have revolutionized the marketing landscape with strategies such as banner ads, search engine optimization, mobile apps, social media campaigns, and proximity beacons. Just keeping up with the latest technology is challenging enough, but figuring out which avenues are best suited for your company — and understanding how to effectively implement them — can be exponentially more difficult.

Traditional marketing platforms, such as TV, radio, direct mail, and billboards, have been vastly overshadowed by digital in recent years, but there’s no one-size-fits-all strategy that works for every business. Now more than ever, retailers must stay dialed into the latest developments and trends in marketing and advertising if they want to build their brand, connect with customers, and turn a profit.

For the past 86 years, Advertising Age has been one of the most trusted voices in marketing and advertising. Starting as a broadsheet newspaper during the height of the Great Depression, AdAge has responded to trends in industry evolution by turning itself into a global media powerhouse, offering award-winning news, analysis, and insights across multiple platforms, including print, digital, and video.

Screenshot of the Advertising Age homepage

Advertising Age has a long history of providing marketing and advertising analysis across multiple platforms.

The brand also hosts major industry events, such as its annual Digital Conference, which brings together marketing masters from around the globe to discuss the latest developments and strategies that are transforming the business.

Given this lengthy record of success and innovation, AdAge remains the ultimate resource for retailers looking to stay on top of the marketing industry’s latest news, trends, and technology.

Articles & Resources Provide Deeper Insights into Current Trends

G.D. Crain Jr. founded Advertising Age in 1930 as a broadsheet trade journal based in Chicago. From its inception, AdAge’s editorial focus has been to provide hard news, investigative reporting, and informative analysis of the most important topics in advertising and marketing. These high standards continue to drive AdAge in the digital era.

AdAge has grown into a world-renowned media group that reaches a global audience through a wide array of publishing platforms, including its print magazine, website, e-newsletters, videos, podcasts, mobile apps, and social media. This diverse selection of content and channels are closely followed by the biggest names in marketing and media. AdAge’s flagship print publication, which boasted nearly 62,000 subscribers in 2016, is still a foundational part of the brand’s publishing products.

“Print still serves a very important role for our readers. That’s especially true for the senior executives and the marketers,” said Allison P. Arden, vice president and publisher of Advertising Age, in an interview with the New York Times.

Image of an Advertising Age magazine cover

While its website has additional news stories, Advertising Age in its print form features more in-depth features.

At the heart of the AdAge website, which had 1.9 million unique monthly users in 2016, is its massive collection of informative articles, blogs, and videos. The content is written by AdAge’s team of award-winning journalists, along with a number of expert guest columnists from across the industry.

These editorial offerings provide a wealth of helpful advice and information for retailers looking to enhance their marketing efforts.

For example, skimming through posts, you’ll find articles and videos discussing how retailers can lose business by loading their websites with too much ad tech and tips for ways retailers can use Snapchat to increase sales and combat “showrooming.”

Outside of this rich variety of content, the website features other valuable resources and research to add to your marketing toolbox. Users can sign up for eight different e-newsletters and download a collection of webcasts and podcasts.

The site also offers a well-stocked library of professional resources, including white papers, research reports, market guides, and company profiles, aimed at educating marketers and advertisers on the hottest topics, trends, and technology impacting the business.

Tiered Subscription Plans Provide Access to Webcasts & Events

While the AdAge website allows users to read seven online articles a month for free, those looking for more extensive access will need to sign up for one of three subscription plans: Basic, Premier, and Premier Plus. All three subscriptions offer 24 issues of the print magazine, unlimited access to the AdAge website and digital edition, two free research reports, and access to AdAge’s sister website, Creativity.

Subscribers to each of the three plans also receive invitations to some of the live, member-only events held across the country. AdAge hosts roughly 10 different conferences and award ceremonies each year, and these events attract the most creative minds in marketing, media, technology, and entertainment. Some of the brand’s most popular events include the Ad Age Brand Summit, Digital Conference, A-List & Creativity Awards, and Data Conference.

Photo from Advertising Age's Digital Conference

Advertising Age’s Digital Conference brings together industry professionals to discuss the future of marketing.

Premier and Premier Plus subscribers enjoy several additional benefits. Both plans receive access to monthly case studies and premium webcasts, while Premier Plus members also receive quarterly trend reports, the ability to live stream and download videos of AdAge events, as well as complete access to all research reports.

AdAge Evolves Alongside the Industry to Keep Readers in the Know

The marketing world has undergone a massive transformation in recent years as the industry continues to evolve to keep pace with the latest advances in technology and strategy. The proliferation of digital media and mobile devices has changed the very nature of marketing, and consumers now expect brands to connect and communicate with them in entirely new ways.

To effectively reach today’s consumers, marketing professionals must shift their thinking from conventional ad campaigns to focus more on providing engaging and interactive experiences and conversations.

Fortunately, AdAge’s growth and evolution have paralleled the changes in the overall industry. From broadsheet to broadband, AdAge has adapted its business model and publishing platforms to meet the ever-changing demands in marketing and advertising. What’s more, AdAge has done all of this while maintaining the brand’s original dedication to superior journalistic integrity.

While there are numerous media outlets for today’s marketing professionals to choose from, AdAge’s comprehensive collection of resources available online, in print, and in person make it the clear choice for retailers hoping to take their marketing and advertising efforts to the next level.