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Did You Know?
The retail industry employs more people than any other industry, with over 28 million retail jobs in the U.S. — (Source: National Retail Federation)
Total retail sales now top $22 trillion globally, with that number growing more than 4.5% annually — (Source:
Almost 20% of U.S. retail sales come during the period between the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays — (Source: eMarketer)
76 of the 100 largest retailing companies in the world are based in the United States — (Source: Global Powers of Retailing Report)
About two-thirds of the total U.S. gross national product (GDP) comes from retail consumption — (Source:

Featured This Week

The American Herbal Products Association Sets Botanical Industry Standards to Ensure Quality and Consistency
3.23.18 Social Responsibility

AHPA Sets the Standard for Herbal Products and Practices

Consumers in the US are growing more interested in buying products made with natural ingredients. As health care bills increase and people become more conscientious about...

SAVO Empowers Sales Teams with Right-Time Technology Solutions that Capitalize on Personal Connections to Close Deals
3.23.18 Business Solutions

SAVO Solutions Help Sales Teams Optimize Their Resources

Recently, Canon ran into a major obstacle in its sales department. After years of explosive growth in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, the company’s sales systems...

The Environmental Law & Policy Center Delivers Value to Businesses & Consumers by Linking Sustainability to Economic Growth
3.22.18 Social Responsibility

The Environmental Law & Policy Center Links Sustainability & Economic Growth

The Environmental Law & Policy Center (ELPC) is on a mission to find ways to encourage environmental progress and economic development — simultaneously. Since 1993...

Proxmox: Simple, Scalable IT Infrastructure & Email Security Solutions to Decrease Costs & Maximize Continuity for Enterprises
3.22.18 Business Solutions

Proxmox: IT Infrastructure & Email Security Solutions Maximize Continuity

Nielsen-Massey Vanilla: A Family-Owned Business That’s Been Committed to Flavor and Focused on Customer Needs Since 1907
3.21.18 Entrepreneurial Success

Nielsen-Massey Vanilla Has Stayed in the Family Since 1907

3.21.18 Social Responsibility

Appalachian Voices: Unifying Economic Development & Environmental Stewardship

San Juan Islands: A Meeting and Retreat Destination Where Nature Inspires Creative Renewal & Engagement
3.19.18 Travel

San Juan Islands: A Destination for Creative Renewal & Engagement

With pressures to meet quotas, increase conversions, and generate ideas and strategies to stay ahead of the competition, stresses in the modern workplace can quickly lead...

ASG Technologies: Enterprise IT Governance and Compliance Solutions That Deliver Greater Data Visibility and Deeper Insights
3.19.18 Innovative Technologies

ASG Technologies: Tools That Deliver Greater Data Visibility and Deep Insights

With the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) scheduled to go into effect in May 2018, global enterprises are taking a hard look at how they manage the...