Eat Your Heart Out: 10 Best Coupon Blogs for Foodies
Updated: 7.21.16 Entertainment

Eat Your Heart Out: 10 Best Coupon Blogs for Foodies

By: Lauren Keys

Have you ever gone out of your way for a good meal? I once drove an hour each way to visit one of my favorite restaurants. When cooking at home, I spend time researching new dishes for a recipe that sounds delicious and has appetizing imagery. It’s safe to say, if you’re nodding along, that you’re also a foodie.

Foodies aren’t ashamed to go overboard on a meal — it’s our passion, after all. However, overspending on food is something we should avoid when there are resources out there to help make our tasty hobby more affordable.

With recipes offering a step-by-step guide for food prep and complex coupon searches indexed by the ingredients you use most, these 10 blogs offer tips and tricks for us foodies looking to save on our next meal.

1. For the Mommas

For the Mommas is a great resource, so after you’ve explored the site for current offers, head to the Recipes section where you will find a huge index of recipes in nearly category, from holiday-themed treats to brunch ideas.

A screenshot of For The Mommas' site

Debbie, who runs For the Mommas, has a background in finance and accounting, which helps her ensure the value of the deals she showcases on her site. Her site also features articles that detail her various grocery store hauls, including a calculation of her savings for readers.

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Foodies will especially appreciate the ideas Debbie generates through her recipe and article posts, and, when coupled with the coupons available on her site, you can rest assured you’ll get a great deal on your next dish.

2. Adventures of a Couponista

The quick search function of this site’s online coupon database comes in handy when you know what you want to cook. However, if you’re in need of inspiration, the Recipes section serves up some great ideas.

A screenshot of Adventures of a Couponista' site

We also loved the Cooking with Coupons section, which offers a new recipe and supplies coupons for the ingredients right on the same page, no searching required.

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Kristy uses her Adventures of a Couponista blog as a platform to share her combined passion for savings and interest in creating recipes and DIY projects with others.

3. Fabulessly Frugal

Addicted to the breadsticks at that small Italian restaurant or the salsa at that local Mexican place? Foodies can unite over the countless copycat recipes on Fabulessly Frugal. In addition to a large catalog of recipes, this site helps teach you how to coupon so you can stock up on the ingredients you’ll need to recreate your favorite dishes. You’ll learn how to get coupons, use them and organize them, as well as find the best store and online deals.

A screenshot of Fabulessly Frugal's site

Cathy and Monica started Fabulessly Frugal back in 2008 as a way to teach others how to save at the grocery store with coupon-stacking deals. Today, the site offers users tips to save online and off as well as plenty of time-saving hacks, from at-home fitness to the dinner table.

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Don’t forget to check out their freezer meal tutorials, which boast mouth-watering pictures that walk you through the entire process. You might just change your mind about prep work.

4. 5 Dollar Dinners

Run by Erin Chase, 5 Dollar Dinners provides lessons on cooking and meal planning. What’s unique about this site, other than the $5 limit on the total meal cost, is the fact that you can search Erin’s recipe index by ingredient, cooking method, and time of day. She takes the foodie-friendly search a step further offering recipe collections by dietary restriction.

A screenshot of 5 Dollar Dinners' site

The site is dedicated to keeping your food costs low — at $5 or less — and Erin groups deals together for easier access of coupons and store specials.

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Going away for the weekend? You can take Five Dollar Dinners offline thanks to Erin’s e-books, which include recipe collections and meal planning guidelines with easy-to-follow steps.

5. Homemaking Mom

Roxanna, the mom behind the blog Homemaking Mom, makes it a point to share the latest and the greatest coupons, so you’ll want to take some time to explore the food categories within the coupon centers on her website.

A screenshot of Homemaking Mom's site

One of the surprising ways Roxanna has found to save on food is to shop at discounted stores like Aldi and Harris Teeter. She shows you her hauls with coupon deals added in so you can easily see just how affordable individual items can be.

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Homemaking Mom will help you maximize your grocery savings, which means you can spend more time picking out recipes to try and less time balancing the budget.

6. Coupon Clipping Cook

Coupon Clipping Cook will help you find recipes and create grocery lists, and we love that you can search by each ingredient in addition to searching by categories like breakfast ideas and appetizers.

A screenshot of Coupon Clipping Cook's site

Nancy’s passion is palpable as you read through her recipes and tip sheets, including pantry basics. She spends time photographing every step of her tutorials with detailed instructions for anyone following along in their own kitchen — something every foodie appreciates.

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Thanks to guidance from the Coupon Clipping Cook, foodies can find great deals on their meals, whether they have time to coupon or not.

7. Sisters Shopping on a Shoestring

Sara Steigerwald started Sisters Shopping on a Shoestring as a way to help others fit couponing into their daily lives. Sara works full time while keeping readers up-to-date on all the latest deals. In addition to a nice recipe gallery, you’ll find a lot of information about meal planning, including a weekly post that plans out a dinner menu for the rest of the week.

A screenshot of Sisters Shopping on a Shoestring's site

The site breaks recipes down by categories, such as main dishes, desserts, and quick meals, to inspire your inner foodie.

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Thanks to a handy sidebar search on Sara’s site, foodies can find coupons for the items they plan to use in their next dish.

8. What is Cooking Now?

The recipes section of What is Cooking Now has step-by-step instructions and pictures of each dish. Categories here include chicken, beef, and pasta, which can help you zero in on what you’re in the mood for. There are also some innovative recipe groupings for healthy options as well as sauces, marinades and rubs.

A screenshot of What is Cooking Now's site

Keep an eye out for the site’s giveaways — you could win gift cards, free samples, and other great, foodie-related prizes.

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As an aspiring chef, James Crowell, who started What is Cooking Now, contributes to other sites, spreading his love for food across the internet.

9. Balancing Beauty and Bedlam

The Food and Cooking section of this frugal lifestyle blog offers a mix of money-saving tips, meal ideas for the entire family, and step-by-step recipes – all of which are displayed in a beautiful photo index.

A screenshot of Balancing Beauty and Bedlam's site

Jennifer Schmidt inspires readers to do it all, including eating well without breaking the bank. Her section on saving money without coupons boasts pages of posts with tips to save big.

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While recipes aren’t categorized, you can easily use the site’s search function to find a new menu idea.

10. Smart Savvy Living

The Money and Recipes tabs of Smart Savvy Living offer readers tips for having your cake, eating it, and saving money, too. Thanks to a well-organized recipe index, the site’s search feature easily calls up exactly what you’re looking for.

A screenshot of Smart Savvy Living's site

Throughout the site, you’ll find cooking tips, full recipe tutorials, and restaurant reviews — a perfect resource for any self-proclaimed foodie.

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Launched in 2011, Smart Savvy Living continues to provide tools for saving money while living your best foodie life.

Don’t Overspend on Your Foodie Obsession

Whether eating out or cooking at home, people who truly love food tend to obsess over every meal, but that doesn’t mean us foodies have to go broke trying the next great dish.

When we are preparing a home-cooked meal, we have more control as to what we spend. And thanks to helpful blogs like these, there will be plenty of inspiration from the recipe indexes to make something new — and save on the next trip to the grocery store with curated coupons for each ingredient.