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What Is DealCrunch?

DealCrunch.com is three equal parts:

Retail Industry News

Retail Industry News

IndustryCrunch is the only blog of its kind that highlights the retail industry’s movers and shakers, up-and-coming startups,
retail news and more.

5000+ Stores Tracked

5000+ Stores Tracked

DealCrunch follows thousands of key retailers to track and publish their top offerings.
No other site crunches the numbers on
every deal like DealCrunch.com.

Community Q&A

Community Q&A

Our community is home to the most shopping-savvy advice on the planet! Interact with others and get answers to the web’s most-asked retail questions.

Meet The Team

Retail's most passionate editors & writers.

Toby Sembower

Toby is an industry professional with a keen eye for retail trends and a mind for numbers.

PJ Fuller

PJ is a lover of all things Internet, specializing in emerging trends and topics in the online space.

Ryan Frankel

Ryan's executive experience in the B2C and B2B markets lends unique insight to the retail industry.

Hayley Matthews

Hayley is a renowned lifestyle editor who brings a fresh voice and end-user perspective to our team.

Levi Horowitz

Levi is an analytics professional who studies consumer behavior and audience retention in online retail.

Anne Copeland

Anne boasts 22 years experience in retail and banking, with specialization in bulk purchases and data analysis.

Lauren Keys

Lauren's background in retail and service helps her analyze how organizations can better engage online.

Amber Brooks

Amber has a knack for wordsmithing and dollar saving. She researches and explains the latest news and best deals in retail.

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