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PromGirl: A Global Formalwear E-Commerce Pioneer Helping Bring Trends to Life Since 1998
PromGirl: A Formalwear E-Commerce Pioneer Bringing Trends to Life

Prom is such an entrenched rite of passage for high schoolers that it has supported an entire subset of the retail...

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How Oracle Marketing Cloud Helps Fashion Retailer ModCloth Drive Engagement Through Personalized Messaging
5.26.17 Marketing

How Oracle Marketing Cloud™ Helps ModCloth Drive Engagement

From email and e-commerce to in-store and mobile, modern retail customers have numerous opportunities to interact with their favorite brands. As a result, marketers must...

Axis Communications® Video Solutions: Helping Retailers Monitor Operations to Optimize Stores and Prevent Losses
5.25.17 Business Solutions

Axis Communications Video Solutions Help Retailers Optimize Stores

How Dell EMC Helps Retailers Realize the Value of Their Data by Analyzing It to Predict Business Outcomes and Improve ROI
5.24.17 Business Solutions

Dell EMC Helps Retailers Realize the Economic Value of Their Data

Jobvite’s Comprehensive Recruiting and Onboarding Platform — How Businesses Boost Candidate Engagement and Time-to-Productivity
5.24.17 Human Resources

Jobvite: A Recruiting Platform That Boosts Engagement

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Does Staples have specials on printer ink and toner?

Anne answered on 5.25.17:

Working in an online-based company, you’d be surprised how much printer ink this office goes through. Between tax documents and stacks of paperwork for onboarding new hires, let... read more

Anne Copeland

Can I get free shipping at Finish Line?

Adam answered on 5.23.17:

As an avid bargain hunter and basketball shoe fanatic, Finish Line is a favorite of mine for saving money while growing my kicks collection.... read more

Adam West

What kind of deals does JCPenney offer on jewelry?

Jon answered on 5.18.17:

Buying a piece of jewelry can take a lot of thought, and the bigger the price tag the more pressure there is to get the decision right. As someone who has been through the process... read more

Jon McDonald

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