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Discover What Customers Really Think — UserTesting Gathers Real-Time Reactions from a Chosen Panel of 1M+ Consumers
UserTesting Gathers Real-Time Reactions from a Panel of 1M+ Consumers

Most user questions don’t come up in a survey, focus group, or during the research and development phases of building a...

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Know What’s Next: WGSN Facilitates Fashion Trendsetting with Advanced Analytics and an International Network of Experts
1.13.17 Business Solutions

Know What’s Next: WGSN Facilitates Fashion Trendsetting

Fashion designers and retail companies are expected to be trendsetters, but how do they know what’s going to be popular before it hits the market? Manufacturing large...

Ustream + IBM’s Watson™ — Video Tools with Advanced Analytics Help Companies Better Engage Consumers and Employees
1.10.17 Business Solutions

Ustream + IBM’s Watson™: Video Tools that Engage Consumers & Employees

Advertising Age Helps Retailers Stay on Top of the Latest News & Trends in Marketing
1.9.17 Personal Development

Advertising Age Helps Retailers Stay on Top of the Latest Trends in Marketing

From Inventory to Marketing: First Data’s Clover POS Platform Provides Small Businesses an All-in-One Operational Solution
1.6.17 Business Solutions

First Data’s Clover POS Platform Provides SMBs an Operational Solution

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What kind of mobile deals does Target offer?

Lauren answered on 1.9.17:

I’m a Target-holic — I get my groceries, my gifts, and my clothes all at my neighborhood store. Over the years, I’ve learned a lot about the savings offered at Target... read more

Lauren Keys

How can I get a discount on a JCPenney purchase?

Anne answered on 12.15.16:

As one of the more affordable department stores, JCPenney remains a great place to shop for home goods as well as for the whole family. In fact, the last time I was at... read more

Anne Copeland

Where can I find a free shipping code for Kohl’s?

Adam answered on 12.9.16:

Let’s face it — we go to Kohl’s for its selection of quality clothes, shoes, and accessories. And because Kohl’s makes it easy to stack deals and save big.... read more

Adam West

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