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Inbound Marketing at its Roots: How HubSpot’s Tools Employ Deep Data Insights to Attract & Convert Prospective Customers
HubSpot’s Tools Employ Data to Attract & Convert Prospective Customers

Loren Padelford joined Shopify as Head of Sales in 2014 and was asked to find ways for the e-commerce platform to improve its...

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Blue Kangaroo’s Personalized Tools Seek to Redefine How Consumers Find the Products They Want
10.24.16 Online Marketplace

Blue Kangaroo’s Tools Connect Consumers to the Products They Want

Not long ago, I got on a kick to start eating healthier and maybe even exercise a bit. Determined to drink at least one smoothie a day, I set off on a quest to find a...

Living Rich With Coupons: Teaching Readers to Make the Most of Their Budgets to Lead a More Fulfilling Life
10.20.16 Savings

Living Rich With Coupons Teaches Readers to Make the Most of Their Budgets

Neighbors Helping Neighbors: Food Lion Connects to Local Communities by Pledging to Donate 500M Meals by 2020
10.19.16 Social Responsibility

Food Lion Connects to Communities by Donating 500M Meals

The NAI Helps Balance Consumer Privacy and the Advantages of Interest-Based Online Advertising
10.11.16 Consumer Awareness

NAI: Balancing Consumer Privacy with Interest-Based Online Advertising

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How do I check my Aeropostale gift card balance?

Anne answered on 10.24.16:

Whenever I receive a gift card, I make sure to put it right into my wallet so I use it. However, a few months later, when I pull it out instead of my ID, I’m always left... read more

Anne Copeland

How does Target’s price matching work?

Rob answered on 10.21.16:

I always set out to get my holiday shopping done by mid-November. Every. Single. Year. But I’m usually still hunting around for deals after Black Friday has come and gone. By... read more

Rob Sanders

Does Banana Republic have a student discount program?

Lauren answered on 10.19.16:

While I mostly wore shorts and T-shirts to my college classes, there were times I needed to “totally look the part” like Elle Woods heading off to law school. Whether for a... read more

Lauren Keys

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